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September 2007, San Myshuno: California

“We’re talking about…”

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Ft 60

Request: Reveal of FT’s mysteries!
In one of Magnolia’s cafe:
Lucy: Hello everyone!
Mira: Puru puru pupipiiiin!
L: What?! What are you doing?!
M: Imitating one of your Spirits - Plue!
L: No no no, you don’t sound like it at all!
M: Ok then, let’s do our best today too!
L: O-ok, let’s start with the first question.

Q: I love Brandish-chan! Please, make her happy!
M: Brandish from Spriggan 12 is very popular, isn’t she?
L: Irene or DiMaria, who was so cruel for me, are popular too.
M: Whole females’ party is popular.
L: As for males’ party it’s God Serena.
M: What? But he’s… you know…
L: I wonder if he’s so hopelessly cute.
M: Author is fan of Jacob.
L: Oh yeah, Mira-san, you’re fighting with him right now, aren’t you? Do your best!
M: Sure! But I don’t know why he’s fighting with his eyes closed all the time.
L: What?
M: He’s capable warrior with no doubts, but thanks to that I can fight with him on par.
L: Mira-san, may it be that you’re barely dressed right now?
M: Oh my, shame on me.
L: Let’s… go back to the topic. Brandish, I want you to be happy too!
M: You’re right. It would be wonderful, if everyone could be happy.
L: Yeah… but lately, with this development… I’m not so sure about it.
M: Let’s see next question.

Q: What really happened in chapter 503 in volume 59, when DiMaria was stopping time?
L: Oh, that time… Thanks to that I was saved, but something strange happened with Natsu…
M: And DiMaria was so frightened, it wasn’t normal at all.
L: Natsu was moving although the time was stopped?
M: So, let’s see what happened step by step:
1. DiMaria stopps the time.
2. Natsu wakes up and knocks out DiMaria in the same time.​L: Wait the second! How could he move when time was stopped?!
M: Isn’t it because of END’s power?
L: But Natsu was tied up too.
M: With END’s power something like that is not a big deal.
L: And he was suffering from this tumor. (not sure about this line)
M: END’s power!
L: Very useful…
M: Let’s see what happened next:
3. Natsu notices Lucy (he sees her breasts).​L: Don’t look at them!
M: Now it’s too late…
4. Natsu releases Lucy (he sees her breasts again).​L: You’re looking too much!
M: Natsu is a guy after all.
5. Because Lucy’s not moving, Natsu thinks, that she’s dead.
6. He awakens his END’s powers.
7. He strikes at DiMaria again.
8. And rushes to Zeref’s place.​L: So something like that happened.

M: Natsu is a guy after all.
L: Let’s change the topic.

Q: When will you perform Star Dress: Capricorn Form?
L: Well, maybe I’ll perform it in Fairy Tail Second Film, or maybe not…
M: Hm? So will you or not?
L: I can’t tell you yeeeet!
M: Puru puru pupipiiiin

Gruvia Week - Prompt 3: Growth


Congratulations, Mrs. Fullbuster! You’re pregnant!”

Juvia Fullbuster still couldn’t believe those words, even as she sat on the couch with her hands resting on her currently-flat stomach. It was only eight months ago that she finally got married to the love of her life – the ice-mage Gray – and now a few days ago she found out she was expecting their first child. It was almost too surreal!

“I hope Gray-sama comes home from his mission soon,” Juvia remarked, “Juvia is sure he’ll be really happy to hear that he’s going to be a daddy. At least, she hopes so; she is worried that he may not have wanted to become a dad already.”

Juvia could feel her face heat up at the thought of the day that she supposedly had gotten pregnant, placing a hand on her cheek, “But it was a risk to take! It was so hot that day, and we just couldn’t resist each other. We spent the entire evening in bed, and Gray-sama really made sure he get ALL of Juvia’s good spots… mmm, oh Gray-sama~”

The blunette realized what she was doing and stopped herself, clearing her throat. “Even though you are inside of Juvia’s belly, she probably shouldn’t be saying such things to you. Babies can hear their parents even inside, or so she had heard,” she apologized, rubbing her stomach gently.

She felt it rumble as she did, and she laughed at the sound. “Juvia guesses you’re hungry, huh? How about we head to the guild? She’s sure that Mira-san will be able to make us up something delicious, and maybe Gray-sama is already there!” she exclaimed, standing up and making her way towards the front door.


“Hey there, Raindrop. You alright?”

Juvia turned around and smiled, “Hello, Gajeel-kun. Yes, Juvia is doing alright. She wishes Gray-sama would finally come home though.”

Gajeel chuckled, sitting down next to Juvia as he continued to bite down on a piece of metal, “Could imagine. Have you figured out how to tell him yet?”

“Not quite yet. She wants to surprise him alone, but not sure how yet.”

Juvia smiled at her friend as he shrugged his shoulders. Gajeel was the only one that knew, so far, that Juvia was expecting, although it was by a complete accident. As she was heading home, she was muttering aloud her surprise, something she didn’t think anyone could hear, not realizing that Gajeel was walking by. He stopped her once he heard it, and Juvia swore – and promptly pointed out – that Gajeel’s eyes were as the Moon upon confirmation of the truth. He promised to keep the news a secret until Gray came home and she could tell him herself, something Juvia was very happy for.

“I’m sure you’ll figure out something. In the meantime, I’ve already started to make up a new song. Still workin’ out the lyrics, though,” Gajeel remarked, “Sure I’ll be fixin’ it along the way.”

“Juvia is sure to enjoy it,” the blunette remarked, resting a hand on her stomach, “We both will.”

Suddenly, the door to the guild hall opened up, and their attention turned towards it. Coming through was Natsu and Happy, followed by Gray and Erza. Juvia’s face lit up upon seeing her husband, “Gray-sama’s home!”

“Welcome home, everyone!” Mira exclaimed from her place behind the bar, “Did your mission go well?”

“It’s complete, at least,” Erza commented, “Not much thanks to these two bickering.”

“Aye,” Happy said in agreement.

“Hey, it’s not MY fault that Flame Head got sick because he couldn’t get himself off of that mobile,” Gray remarked with a scarf.

“If you were better at aiming, I wouldn’t have had to jump to dodge and land on it!” Natsu exclaimed angrily, “You’re the one that also allowed the guy to get away because of it, Ice Breath!”

“YOU’RE the one that broke in and pretty much alerted them all to us being there!” Gray responded, stepping close to Natsu and getting in his face.

“Yeah, I did! Because YOU were the one that let yourself been seen and they were all about to get away!” Natsu yelled back, pushing Gray back and knocking him into Erza.

The redheaded mage growled and glared at the two men, smacking them both in the back of their heads and sending them flying into Elfman, entering from the other side of the guild hall, “KNOCK IT OFF, BOTH OF YOU!”

“Hey, what the hell are you two doing!?” Elfman exclaimed, punching both of them unaware that Erza was the one that knocked them into him, prompting Natsu to punch him back in return.

Suddenly the guild hall broke out into a large fight, the original topic of their mission now dropped and gone. Juvia sighed through a smile, “Things never change.”

“They’re all still insane,” Gajeel commented, finishing the metal piece he had, “You best not get involved, Raindop.”

Juvia nodded, going back to her meal with her eyes following her husband as he continued to fight with everyone, trying to hardest not to laugh at what was going on. Gajeel, on the other hand, was apprehensive. While he usually wouldn’t care about the guild in-fighting, and likely would’ve joined in, he didn’t want Juvia getting involved and risking harm to the baby. He considered Juvia the closest person he had to a best friend – something pointed out to him by Levy and Lily many times – and despite the fact that she could easily handle herself, he just wanted to make sure she and the child was safe. Even if it was protecting her from her own husband’s stupid rage.

Suddenly, he caught sight of a chair being thrown in their direction and he quickly turned his arm into metal to deflect it, placing himself in front of Juvia enough to prevent her from getting hit from the debris. Juvia shut her eyes tightly in response, her fork dropping to the floor, opening them a moment later.

“Gajeel-kun, you alright!?” she exclaimed in worry.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he remarked, shaking his arm out as it returned to normal, growling as he turned to look out at the rest of the guild with enraged eyes, “KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF BEFORE YOU HIT THE BABY!!”

That outburst made the entire guild go silent, and suddenly Gajeel realized what he said. “Crap,” he muttered, “I screwed that up.”

“That you did,” Juvia remarked with a bit of sarcasm.

“What baby?” Gray asked, glaring at Gajeel with a confused look, “What are you talking about?”

“Gray-sama,” the blunette said, standing up and turning toward the ice mage with a soft smile, “Juvia’s sorry that this was the way it happened, but… she’s pregnant. We’re going to have a baby. She found out a few days ago.”

Gray was stunned silent; he was going to become a father? He walked over to his wife, his hand hesitantly outstretching to touch her stomach, his eyes lingering on it before looking up at her blue orbs. “You’re pregnant…?” he repeated, feeling his heartbeat speeding up.


“I’m going to be a father?”

“Yes, Gray-sama. We’re going to be parents.”

He couldn’t believe his ears; the last thing he ever thought he’d be would be a father. Granted, in the past, he didn’t think he’d ever want to become one. However, after falling in love with Juvia, he had thought many times about the idea of having a child with her. They had even discussed it once or twice since they had gotten married, but the fact that it was happening now had him excited and scared all at the same time. Still, as he looked at Juvia’s smiling face, he couldn’t help but let the happiness consume him.

She sighed, the smile still lingering on her lips, “Juvia knows it might be hard to believe. She thought so too, but it’s true. We’re–”

She didn’t get the chance to say anything more, her voice cut off by Gray’s lips on her own and his arms wrapping tightly around her. Pulling back, Gray’s smile was ear-to-ear, his eyes brimming with tears, picking up Juvia into his arms. “I’m going to be a dad! I can’t believe it, I’m going to be a dad!” he exclaimed, spinning Juvia around, making her laugh as she wrapped her arms around Gray’s neck.

The guild broke out in loud applause and congratulatory shouts, the couple being patted and hugged as they celebrated. Juvia laughed as she pulled herself a bit closer to her beloved, smiling brightly as tears of happiness fell down her cheeks. Gray looked down at her, returning the same smile as he kissed her again.

“Thank you, Juvia.”

“For what?”

“For giving me such an amazing gift.”

“Juvia should be thanking you for that, Gray-sama.”

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31, Gruvia fluff :) please!

Prompt: “I want to take care of you.”

  Juvia had caught the flu and had been sick for days. The girls had stopped by to check on her throughout the day when they weren’t on jobs and as soon as they returned. Every time they would visit her she would make it very clear to them not to tell Gray.

    “Juvia, he would want to check on you. Sooner or later he’ll stop yelling at Natsu and notice you’re not clinging to him for dear life,” said Lucy said calmly as she changed the cold compress on her forehead.

    “No, Juvia doesn’t want Gray-sama to worry. Juvia will only make things worse.”

    Lucy sighed in resignation and nodded.

    “Okay. But get better soon. Everyone that sees you’re not there misses you!”

    “Juvia will try Lucy. Also, please keep your distance of Gray-sama. I don’t want to have to fight a love rival that took care of me while I was sick.”

    Lucy chuckled uncomfortably. “Alright Juvia. I promise.”

    After Lucy left, there was nothing for Juvia to go except lay in bed thinking of Gray. Her fever was rising and her thoughts were becoming erratic. What if the girls were only visiting her to make her think they weren’t trying to steal her Gray-sama. They wouldn’t dare! Juvia could see it. Levy and Lucy on each of Gray’s arms and Erza on his lap. Those evil conniving…

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y'all like Gruvia? Here's some Gruvia.
  • Juvia: Mira~San and Cana~San? Juvia needs help.
  • Mira: With?
  • Juvia: So Juvia asked Gray on a date and-
  • Cana: Don't be let down, he doesn't deserve you.
  • Mira: CANA HUSH.
  • Cana: I'm preparing her.
  • Mira: NO! Anyways, what did he say.
  • Juvia: Well Juvia did what Cana~San said and he said-
  • Cana: Wait what did i say
  • Juvia: to never ask a man out because girls are better
  • Cana: don't take advice from me when I'm drunk
  • Juvia: you're always drunk
  • Cana : ...exactly
  • Cana: That's how I ended up with you Mira soo.
  • Mira: ... <3
  • Juvia: Gray~Sama asked Juvia out!
  • Mira: *in demonic voice* YESSS
  • Cana: ...
  • Juvia: And Cana~San?
  • Cana: Hmm?
  • Juvia: You might want to help Mira~San.
  • *Mira is literally spazzing out*

awards for the marching band competition @ Mira Mesa High School

Capítulo 39

“¿Sans? ¡Sans! Sans, despierta, por favor, no puedo – no puedo –”

Se despierta porque alguien esta gritando su nombre encima de él. Hay una luz que está siendo tapada por algo, y cuando su vista se aclara, la cara de la humana está encima de él. La mitad superior cubierta por las flores y eso, pero es Frisk, la luz encima de ella actúa como un aureola detrás de su cabeza, mojada y puede que llorando pero no está seguro. Flowey está en su pecho y también suspira de alivio cuando Sans despierta.

“Está despierto,” la flor declara.

Frisk exhala y luego se inclina hacia atrás. Solloza y luego suelta una risa lacrimógena.

“Gracias a Dios.”


Sans intenta levantarse, termina contrayéndose de dolor y luego se tumba otra vez. Undyne no los perseguirá por un tiempo.

Frisk palpa alrededor de su pecho para quitarle a Flowey de encima y ponerlo en la- ¿Cama de flores? Si – la cama de flores en la que han aterrizado. Las cosas eran lo suficientemente gruesas como para parar la caída. Son doradas también. Como las que tiene Frisk. Él piensa que si la niña se tumba,  se mezclarían bien.

“¿Te importa si estamos aquí un rato, honey?” tose débilmente, “Estoy cansado hasta la medula ahora mismo.”

Frisk suelta una risilla y esnifa sin elegancia. Sans sonríe de todas formas. Papyrus raramente se ríe de sus chistes.

“Si. No nos vamos a ninguna parte,” Frisk dice, “No puedo ver sin ti de todas formas.”

El se queda mudo por eso. La mitad de flores que han invadido a la humana son su culpa. Por su propio acto de matarla, traicionarla por decirle donde se encontraba a su hermano, y por descuidar su salud.

No se ha quitado su chaqueta desde que se la dio de todas formas. “¿No estás enferma por el agua otra vez, verdad, niña?”

Frisk niega con su cabeza.

Hace un ruidito de satisfacción y cierra sus ojos, exhalando.

“Gracias,” dice Frisk.

Abre sus ojos otra vez para verla sonreír hacia él

“¿Por qué?”

“Por perdonarla,” dice.

Sans solo mueve su boca en esa curiosidad-confusa otra vez. Frisk levanta una mano lentamente y cuidadosamente intenta ponerla sobre su mejilla. El esqueleto se queda rígido mientras que ella mueve sus dedos por su mejilla y junto a su boca.

Se ríe débilmente, “Desearía poder ver tu cara. Te sientes gracioso ahora mismo.”

Sans mira a donde su ojo derecho estuvo una vez. “Era una monstruosidad de todas maneras, sweetheart,” dice. La humana parece discrepar mientras niega con su cabeza otra vez.

  • Juvia: Erza-san has a child with Natsu-san. Mira-san has a child with Natsu-san. Where's Juvia's child with Natsu-san?! It's not fair, Juvia tells you!!!
  • Meredy: Not that I'm complaining, but why ARE you telling me? ^^;
  • Juvia: Because of everyone, Meldy-chan seems least likely to make a move on Natsu-san. Lucy-love-rival has shown to be indecisive, since she shifted from Natsu-san to Gray-san. Lisanna-chan is nice, but she and Natsu-san have history. Juvia does not need more love rivals!!
  • Meredy: ... Oh.
  • Juvia: -___- Meldy-chan. Tell Juvia you and Natsu-san barely know each other.
  • Meredy: ...... Define "barely".
  • Juvia: At least tell Juvia you two have not gotten PHYSICAL. >.>
  • Meredy: n___n;
  • Juvia: Juvia can trust no one...! >.<
  • Meredy: Hey, he hasn't knocked me up~ **... Yet.**
  • Juvia: Truly?
  • Meredy: Yup.
  • Juvia: Juvia can be next to carry Natsu-san's child?
  • Meredy: Sure! n___n Hey, want an orgy?
  • Juvia: Juvia will not play "prisoner and interrogators", Meldy-chan. >.>
  • Meredy: Well~, either you join in now, or *I* become the next mother~ n___n
  • Juvia: ಠ_ಠ

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Can I request a jealous Gray gruvia one shot? ^.^

Here you go, jealous Gray for your squish xD

“Thank you, Gray-sama!”

“About what?”

“For coming with Juvia to her photoshoot.”

“Yeah, no big deal. Thought you could use some company, since Mira couldn’t come.”

He didn’t have something else to do that morning, that’s all. Lisanna was in bed with a nasty flu and Mira, who had promised to accompany Juvia, stayed home to take care of her, so he offered to go in her place. It could take hours, he wouldn’t want her to be on her own for so long. It’s not like he insisted he would be fine when Lucy suggested she went instead, or that he glared at Cana when she gave him a suspicious smirk. Nor did he worry that the photographer (who had gained a reputation for his boldness) might touch her in inappropriate ways while explaining how she should pose. And he certainly didn’t feel his blood boil at the thought of all these people drooling at her in the revealing pieces she’ll be wearing once the next issue of Sorcerer Magazine would be out.

“I hope Lisanna-san gets better soon.”


“Juvia is nervous that she’s going to pose in a swimsuit though.”

“Then you should have said no. Why did you even agree if it makes you uncomfortable?”

“Well, Mira-san said it’s a nice experience and everything is going to be fine.”

Damn that Mira.

“Besides, Jason-san seemed so happy when he suggested it that Juvia didn’t have the heart to turn him down.”

He stopped walking. “You can still call it off if you want.”

“Juvia doesn’t think she can. We are almost there.” Her lips curved in a giddy smile. “But Gray-sama is so caring Juvia wants to melt!”

Gray chose not to comment as his motives were more selfish than he cared to admit.

A few minutes later, they were at the location where the shoot would take place.

“Juvia-san!” An overly joyous Jason came over. “You weren’t late at all!”

“Juvia is very punctual at her appointments.” She said, shaking his hand, to which he peeped his signature Coooool!

It only took the reporter a moment to notice Gray standing beside her and snap his eyes wide in excitement. “Gray Fullbuster! You came too!” He took a note pad out of his white snatchel and started rolling the edge of his pen on the paper. “Are you two a couple now?”

“We’re not!”

“Gray-sama is just here to keep Juvia company.” she explained.

Jason looked up from his notes, failing to hide his disappointment. “Oh I see. Well Juvia-san, the stylist is waiting for you over there.” He pointed a tent on their left. “Mr Fullbuster, care to give us an interview for our next issue in the meantime?”

“I don’t think so.” he replied sternly.

Gray walked back and forth as he waited, studying the settings of the shoot.


He turned on his foot to be welcomed by a surprising yet undeniably pleasant sight. He knew well –too well for his liking– that Juvia was an attractive woman, but whatever they had done to her, it accentuated the charm of her features manyfold. Her hair was tied in a high ponytail with a pair of bangs framing her face. The liner across her lashes made her gaze oddly captivating, bronzer left a sun kissed shade on her cheeks while her lips, god her pink gloss coated lips looked as though they demanded his attention and much more, luscious and alluring. His eyes roamed lower without his permission. It took every ounce of effort to not stare at the pushed up cleavage that peeked from underneath her robe, trying to keep his gaze distracted by the many bracelets adorning her wrists and ankle.

He realized he had been silent longer than he should. “Ready?”

“Yes.” Her fingers twisted nervously around the ribbon of her robe. “Does Juvia look good?”

He cleared his throat, brushing beneath his nose. “Yes. Yes you do.”

A mild blush spread across her cheeks as she smiled. “Well, Juvia has to go now.”

“’kay, see you later.” He took a seat on a bench nearby, elbows resting on his spead knees.

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