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Nicknames: Queen of Hell, Devil, Jigsaw, Mira-nee, Mylady

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 166cm

Time right now: 9:43am

Last thing you googled: how my new shedule should look like xD

Song stuck in my head: Believe by Cher (but why omg..)

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What im wearing right now: black sleeping shirt 

When i created this blog: Uhh… like almost 2 years ago? Idk

The kind of stuff i post: Music, Anime & Manga, Psychology, Cats, Memes, Aesthetic, Hair… uhhh… a lot

Do i gets asks regularly?: Nah (but I would love it)

Why did i choose my url: well “theblueunicorn” was already taken… and apparently “thebluefuckingunicorn” was taken too… so tumblr added the “blr”

Gender?: Female

Favorite color: Blue

Average hours of sleep: somewhere between 5 and 14

Lucky number: 4, 7, 3 (in that order!)

Favorite characters: Omg a lot.. Karou (Dosab), Issa (Dosab), Liraz (Dosab), Eileen Belserion, Juvia, Mirajane, Flare Corona, Shiro (Dmwl), Fox Sin Ban, Laxus Dreyar, … SO MANY MORE, PLEASE ASK FOR A FANDOM THANK

Dream job: Psychologist

Number of blankets i sleep with: 1-3

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armadsmuses replied to your post: Is poro! Is adorable. And snuggly! Yes, clearly…

The poro meeped when he was caught! But, seeing as she didn’t seem to be trying to harm him, the poro didn’t scatter. The offer of food helped. Poros loved food. When she presented her hand, he snuggled up too it, clearly approving of this.

She smiled when the creature snuggled up to her hand as she gently petted it. “ I’ll make you something really yummy and tasty. I wish I can take you home, but I don’t know if Mira-nee and Elf nii-chan will let me keep pets.” She says before slowly standing up and walking over to the stove. Thanks to her older sister she had expertise on how to cook. As she began to cook something for the small creature. When she was all done, Lisanna poured all the food onto a plate and placed it in front of the creature. “ Here you go little go dig in, be careful though it’s fresh off the oven.” She announced

Strauss family house, late at night.
  • *Lisanna wakes up, goes to the bathroom and sees light in Mirajane's room."
  • Lisanna: Mira-nee, are you still awake?
  • Mirajane: What's the matter? Can't go to sleep?
  • Lisanna: I was going to the bathroom, what are you still doing this late at night?
  • Mirajane: Oh, nothing important really, just updating my blog.
  • Lisanna: You run a blog? I never knew about that.
  • Mirajane: Why yes, haven't I shown it to you before?
  • Lisanna: No, I don't recall you showing me... Wait, are those Natsu and Lucy?!
  • Mirajane: Yes, It's a blog about NaLu.
  • Lisanna: NaLu? Does it mean what I think it does?
  • Mirajane: It's about Natsu and Lucy's relationship.
  • Lisanna: You run a blog about two people you know?! And they're not even a couple!
  • Mirajane: Yet.
  • Lisanna: Is that fanart of them?! And... did you draw this one yourself?!
  • Mirajane: Yes, I've been practicing.
  • Lisanna: Mira-nee you need help!
  • Mirajane: What I need is NaLu to be canon!
  • Lisanna: Mira-nee, go to sleep!
  • Mirajane: Who has time to sleep when there's NaLu fanart to reblog?!
The Wanderer’s Luck

Summary: The ladies of FT stage an intervention for Lucy’s love life (Nalu from Lisanna’s P.O.V, basically). 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or does it…

“Lisanna.” Mirajane touched her younger sister’s arm affectionately. “What are you daydreaming about?” She had been staring into the pot of rose tea she was brewing with a glazed expression.

“Nothing, Mira-nee,” she assured immediately. “I just got distracted.” She quickly placed the teapot and eight delicately painted cups onto her tray.

A rare, devious smirk adorned Mira’s angelic features. “Don’t tell me you’re in love.”

“Not you too,” Cana complained from where she sat crosslegged on the couch, guzzling down a bottle of whiskey. “One intervention per day is enough.”

“Yes. Juvia does not need any more love rivals,” the water mage chimed in.

At this, Levy smiled awkwardly. “Juvia, I don’t think you understand the situation. This is about Lu-chan and Natsu.”

Since the guild was revived, there seemed to be something wrong between them. They still went through the motions of being partners and best friends, but the tension between them was nearly a tangible thing. They didn’t stand as close to each other anymore. When he gave his pep-talks about bonds and family, there was always a hesitation, a pregnant pause before she smiled. And even when she did, it never quite reached her eyes.

“I personally think they should just fuck and get over it,” Cana chimed in. “But no one listens to onesan.”

Juvia nodded her agreement as Mira and Lisanna brought in the tea and cookies. “Love rival must realize how much Natsu loves her so she’ll remove her sights from Gray-sama.”

“I think Natsu-san mainly brought the guild back together, but she’s still very angry with him,” Wendy weighed in, feeling very much like a child intruding upon an adult conversation.

“As she should be,” Carla said haughtily. “A year is a very long time to leave someone important to you all alone. And with minimal notice, at that.”

“I can’t say I disagree.” Lisanna sighed wistfully, glancing out of the window. She supposed two years was even longer.

Besides those twenty-four months, seven hundred thirty days, or seventeen thousand five hundred and twenty hours, how much time did that anima really steal from her? How much of her future?

“Juvia doesn’t see what the big deal is,” the water mage lamented. “He apologized, right? If the flames of passion still burn, rival should just forgive him. Juvia forgave Gray-sama.”

“He didn’t apologize to her, Juvia,” Mirajane explained. “That’s why she’s upset.”

“Unforgivable,” Erza decided. A frightening and punitive aura wafted from the armor clad wizard.

“What is?” Lucy asked as she came in, finally back from her latest solo mission. “Besides all of you being in my room.”

The mages all glanced around uncomfortably. “Lu-chan, take a seat,” Levy finally said.

“Okay.” She perched herself on the arm of the couch. “I just hope this isn’t about-”

“It is,” Cana said without preamble. “Natsu is stupid, and prideful so the passive-aggressive shit really isn’t gonna work. The way we see it, you have three options.”

“You could talk to him,” Mirajane offered with a smile.

“Tried that. Several times.”

The Sorcerer model was unfazed. “What if we tie him up first?”

“Next idea.”

“You can administer divine punishment,” Erza cracked her knuckles menacingly as she said this. “I can show you a few methods that are rather effective.”

“Tempting,” the celestial spirit mage admitted. However, she doubted that it would actually solve the problem between them.

“Or,” Lisanna started, “you can get even.” She pulled a small envelope out of her purse and held it out to Lucy.

Dear Natsu, 
I am leaving on a journey to train under a great celestial spirit mage. I will be back in about eight months. Please watch over everyone while I’m gone.


“Leave this in his bedroom and then go on a job,” the take over mage prescribed. “He’ll flip. And then he’ll probably get it.”

“You’re a genius, Lisanna!” Lucy declared.

Lisanna shook her head. “I just know how his mind works.” Nearly a decade of friendship and casual pining was known to do that to a person. She had long since mapped out his every idiosyncratic defense mechanism. It was how she knew her time with him had passed. There was no way they could just restart after he spent two years trying to let her go, flinching at even the mention of her name.

“Thank you so much.”

Then the pale haired girl gave a genuine smile. “If that doesn’t work I have another plan.”

Lucky Lucy in the right place at the right time had caught his wandering heart without even trying. And while another type of girl might have resented her, Lisanna was truly glad she met him. Because two years were longer than one, and aphorisms were to be applied to lives on a case by case basis.

Notes: So I originally wanted to post this for day one of Nalu week, but it became way too Lisanna-centric so I decided to wait. Thanks for reading, everyone!