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“What’s so funny? Why don’t you share with me, Bixlow..?”

“Mira-nee! If you keep doing this to every guy I talk to I would never get married—!”

What a fun idea!! I think Mira’s the sweetest, with her loving everyone in the guild. But when it comes to the people her siblings would date she morphs into the most critical demon ever. Poor Bixlow and Evergreen…..

They should get Laxus to soothe Mira. ;)

Oh and a baby bonus of Lily. I thought that I just HAD to draw him with his favourite kiwi fruit, and of course spending some quality time with Levy as they wait for Gajeel to come back from a mission. ;)

October 5 Sentence Challenge, Day 6

Pairing: Canajane (Cana x Mirajane)

Characters: Cana Alberona, Lisanna Strauss, Mirajane Strauss

Prompt: Trick or Treat

Rating: K+

“Trick or treat!” ~

Lisanna blinked when she opened the door. Cana was leaning against the door frame, clad in a kinda revealing outfit and a flirty grin on her face- which cracked just a little as soon as the youngest Strauss had opened the door.

“Oh uh- hey Lis. Is uh… Mira not at home?”

Figuring what was happening Lisanna giggled after they both broke from their short moment of staring and turned her head, shouting a moment later. “Mira-nee, I think this is for you.”~ She left another giggle and then gave Cana a short wink before leaving the door, making way for her big sister.

The barmaid smiled when she spotted her girlfriend and admittedly she couldn’t keep her gaze from wandering form Cana’s face down to her cleavage and sexy outfit she was wearing. The card mage noticed this with satisfaction and could finally let her grin return to its full force. “Hey babe. Like what you see?”

Mirajane blushed softly but when she met Cana’s gaze she smirked lovingly. “Very much so. But I think you didn’t expect Lisanna to be home, did you?”

“… no really.”

“Well I’ll happily let you in anyway.”~

Thanks for everything / Pg 2.

Part 1: Thanks for everything

Summary: Lucy had saved Natsu who had turned into END; but as everything comes with a price, it costed her life. Before dying, she spoke in the minds of her friends who were lying breathless in the floor, she made them promise they wouldn’t tell Natsu anything about her since she would erase herself from his mind. And so she did. Natsu doesn’t know who is Lucy.

2. Out of memory.

It’s been two years since Lucy Heartfilia made her sacrifice in order to save everyone, in order to save Natsu. As she wished, everyone decided to keep it in silence by not mentiong her name when Natsu is around them. Everytime Natsu was around them, they couldn’t help imagining her walking next to him.

Although everyone were crying inside; even if he forgot about her, they couldn’t. They all blame themselves. Especially, Gray. He would never forgive himself for letting her sacrifice herself for them. There wasn’t a day where they didn’t think about her, even her last words still in their minds as if it was yesterday. Nothing is the same. Everything was a mess, and the worst; they had to hide it all from Natsu.

Today, it was the anniversary of her death and they were all at the quiet guild. They had made her a tomb next to the first master’s at the Tenrou Island. Natsu was gone. They made him take a mission of two days, so they could speak it all loud.

— I..It’s been two years.. Already.. — Mira started behind the bar drinks pressing the cloth she had in her hands.

— Although… It feels like it was yesterday.. — Lisanna added while sitting in front of her sister and giving a look to the sad faces behind her.

The guild was in a complete silence. Nobody said a word. The tough men were trying to hide their pain, holding their tears back even if their sobbings were betraying them. No girl could hold their tears. They were all crying around, sobbing and crying out loud. The pain they felt when they lost her was there yet.

— I.. I couldn’t.. — Gray sobbed with tears in his eyes. — D..Do anything.. — He said while pressing his fits.

— N..None of us.. could.. — Erza said staring at the floor while Jellal had his arm in her shoulder.

— S..She wouldn’t be happy seeing us like this.. — The little Wendy said pressing Charle against her chest. — B..But even so.. I just can’t help it.. — Said in tears.

— I..I miss her so.. much.. — The blue cat flew and hid his wet face in Erza’s chest who passed a hand in his little back and pressed him against her, while crying.

— W..We all do.. Happy.. — She then said to him.

— Hey everyon.. — Natsu kicked the door of the guild with his noisy greeting, but after noticing the mood of the guild he stopped. — I..I’m back.. — He said walking slowly towards them. — W..What’s happening? — He asked confused when no one said a word to him, they all were avoiding his eyes.

— W..What about the mission? — Mira tried to fix everything by cleaning her face and showing a fake smile to him. — Why did you come back so fast? — Asked again.

— I haven’t taken the train.. —He said scratching his hair. — I forgot to tell something to.. H..Happy? — Natsu noticed the blue cat in Erza’s chest, crying.

— … — The little cat couldn’t face his friend.

— H..Hey, buddy.. — Natsu walked towards him, confused. — W..What’s wrong? — He asked. Gray bit his lip and closed his fist.

— I..I can’t stand this anymore.. — He said softly.

— G..Gray.. — Natsu turned his face to him. — W..What’s happening?.. — The fire mage asked to him. — W..Why is everyone.. — He couldn’t finish.

— Leave it, Gray. — Erza told him, denying with her face.

— W..We know how you feel Gray, but.. — Mira was about to say.

— I can’t help it! — He cried. — I can’t carry this.. It’s destroying us! — He said again. — I..I’m sorry..Natsu.. — Gray told him while crying. — I..I couldn’t save her.. — He apologized.

— S..Save her? — Natsu looked at him, confused. — W..What do you mean? — He asked again.

— G..Gray.. — Juvia put his hand on Gray’s shoulder.

— I know.. T..This is not what Lucy wants but.. — Gray squeezed the hand of the water mage. — I..I can’t.. — He said staring at the floor.

— Guys.. Stop acting so strange.. — Natsu said nervious. — I don’t undestand a single word. Who is her? — He asked. — W..Who is Lucy? — The fire mage asked again.

— D..Did you really forget about her? — Gray suddenly looked at him in tears.

— G..Gray.. — Lissana couldn’t see Gray’s face.

— That’s what i’m saying, who is her?! — He asked again.

— Y..You told me you feel like you’ve lost something, didn’t you? — Gray asked him

— Y..Yes.. But.. — He stared at the floor.

— Don’t you ever wondered what is missing in your life, Natsu?! — Gray yelled, leaving Juvia’s hand in the air.

— Gray! — Erza shut him.

— I..I don’t.. know.. I just.. — Natsu was confused.

— I..It’s her. — Mira said unable to keep watching this, she showed a photograph where Lucy is standing next to Natsu, his arm around her shoulders, along with all the members, in joy.

— Mira! What are you doing?! — Erza yelled.

— Erza! — Mira yelled in tears. — Stop acting like the strongest one while you’re broken.. None of us can watch this.. He needs to know already.. — She kept talking while crying. — D..Don’t you think he has the right? — She asked while walking towards Natsu.

— M..Mira..nee.. — Elfman looked at her surprised.

— … — Erza stared at the floor without nothing to say.

— Is it her? — Natsu asked while staring at the blonde girl next to him.

— D..Don’t you recognize her? — Asked Cana time.

— E..Eh? — Natsu looked at Cana. — I’ve have never seen her before.. I’m sorry.. — He told her.

— Yes, you did. — Erza spoke after her long silence and looked at Mira. — She gave her life, for you. — Finally confessed.

— G..Gave her life?.. — He looked at Erza confused. — W..What are you.. I don’t even know her! T..This girl i have never.. — He couldn’t finish.

— Don’t you know her?! — Gray was angry at the comment and grabbed Natsu’s neck against a wall. — Don’t make me laugh! — He yelled at him with tears in his face. — You know her more than anyone else here, so shut the fuck off! — He cried angrly and pressed his hand against Natsu’s neck, causing it to make a crack in the wall.

— Gray-san! — The little Wendy called him.

— Let him go, Gray. — Erza said quiet.

— G..Gray.. You bastard.. — Natsu said fighting back.

— Come on, Gray.. — Gajeel stood next to him. — It’s not his fault, let him go.. — He put a hand in the arm who was pressing Natsu.

— Of course it’s his fault! — Gray explode against Gajeel. — If he hadn’t become that monster.. — He yelled in tears. — If only he.. — Gray kept talking angrily — S..She were here.. — He said with tears running down his face.

— Gray. — The strongest voice in the guild appeared upstairs. — Let him go. — He told him.

— M..Master.. — Gray looked at him crying.

— Gray. — Gajeel took his arm and pressed it.

— Let me go! — Gray told him. — It’s his fault! — He cried. — It’s his.. — Gray faced Natsu who was looking at him with eyes of pity. Gray slowly let him go and Natsu fell in the floor.

— Forgive him, Natsu. — Wendy said faking a smile. — Gray-san.. He’s suffering so.. please.. — She avoided his eyes.

— You really don’t remember her, right? — Erza said helping him to stand.

— W..Who is.. Lucy? — Natsu asked with fear to his friends.

— She was.. — Mira looked at the sky. — The girl you loved the most. — She smiled with tears.

— T..The one i loved.. the most? — Natsu looked at Mira surprised. — I..If that so.. How could i forget about her? — He asked again.

—It was her. — Erza said. — She erased every memory you had about her. — She looked at him.

— W..Why? — He asked unable to believe.

— You had become.. END. — Gray told him seeing that no one was going to say it. — The demon we all were looking for over years. — He said clenching his fits.

— W..Wait.. Now i’m END? — He asked pointing out himself with his index finger. — Have you heard what he just said?! — Natsu asked Wendy who was next to him. — I..It’s insane… Isn’t.. it? — Natsu stopped short when no one said a word and Wendy looked at him.

— Once you were him.. — Wendy nodded.

— Y..You gotta be kidding.. — Natsu stepped back and looked at everyone. — I’m not a demon.. I’m.. — He said desesperate. — ..You guys are lying.. R..Right? — He said looking at his friends who were avoiding eye contact with him.

— W..Why would be us lying to you? — Lissana asked.

— ..N..No.. way.. — Natsu looked at his hands. — I’m.. — He said shaking. — ..A demon? — He couldn’t believe it.

— Not anymore.. — Erza said. — Thanks to her. — Then she looked at him.

— W..Why did she sacrifice herself for me..? — Natsu looked at his friends. — W..What did i do..? — He asked one more time and everyone was in silence.

— N..Natsu.. — Happy looked at him with pity.

— Tell me.. — He asked. — W..WHAT DID I DO?! — He cried.

— N..None of us think it’s your fault, Natsu-san.. — Wendy told him and Gray looked at the floor.

— D..Did i.. — Natsu looked at Gray. — Did i hurt someone, Gray? — He asked and Gray clenched his fist.

— It wasn’t you. — He opened his fist. — I..It was the demon inside you.. — He said trying to fix what he had said before.

— Y..You guys weren’t wounded because of the war.. — He realized. — It was me.. — Natsu looked at his hands, shaking.

— END took your body. — Erza said trying to make him feel better.

— W..What did he.. — He was about to ask and Laxus sighed.

— We were on the war indeed… But by the time we found you.. It wasn’t you anymore.. — The lightning mage told him.

—He.. Started beating us mercilessly… —Elfman said. —We didn’t have a chance against him. — Clenched his fist.

— T..Then.. Lucy said she knew how to stop him. — Levy continued. — She was by herself against him.. — She hugged her body.

— W..We didn’t know what she was about to do.. — Wendy kept narrating. — She..Just.. — She couldnt continue and Charle hugged her

— She said goodbye to us.. — Cana said crying. Everbody was reliving the moment.

— She asked us to take care of you and… — Juvia continued. — S..She said she would erase herself from your memories… — She cried.

— Suddenly everything went black and we didn’t know anything after that.. — Gajeel said staring at the floor.

— Then i woke up. — Gray walked towards him. — You were on your knees, crying.. — He looked at him and their eyes met.

— S..So.. — Natsu looked at him about to cry.

— You weren’t crying because we won.. — Gray stopped and looked at him with pity. — You were crying because you lost her. — He finally confessed.

Everybody was in silence.

— H..How was her? — He asked with tears coming out his eyes.

— She loved Fairy tail above everthing.. — Erza said hugging Jellal unable to keep talking.

— S..She was .. Kind.. — Wendy said remembering Lucy smiling at her.

— W..We used to break into her room just to bother her.. — Happy said looking at Natsu. — W..We were a team.. — He said crying.

— Lu-chan loved us.. — Levy cried in Gajeel’s arms. — She saved our lifes.. — She said again.

— Y..You were the one who brought her here.. — Gray said. — You brought her to Fairy tail… Natsu.. — He said again in tears.

— D..Do you.. — Happy flew to him. — D..Do you really forgot her, Natsu? — The blue cat asked in tears.

— I..I’m… sorry.. — Natsu fell in his knees. — I…I’m sorry i can’t.. I .. — He was crying. — I can’t remember her! — He screamed hitting the floor with his fist — I can’t! — He screamed again in tears.

*  *  *  *

Part 3: http://lucy-heartflawless.tumblr.com/post/149050205342/thanks-for-everything-final [final]

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Hello! I really love WAY! Lisanna is my favorite character and her part in the story was sad but also very beautiful so thank you for writing her in the story! I know you're pretty neutral about this ship but I really love Bixanna and I can't help but wonder what is Bixlow and Lisanna's relationship in WAY when Lisanna was still alive?

I’m happy you love WAY, and I always say this but Lisanna’s chapter is one of my faves.

For your question: Bix didn’t get to spend as much time with her because the band was just starting out and he was still getting used to having friends when Lisanna died.

They got along really well, though. Lisanna would hang around the band practicing whenever they let her because she thought they were really cool (nevermind that Mira-nee says it’s lame). And Bix is a really sweet guy, he taught her some drum stuff whenever the others were… busy.

Fairy Tail characters being asked who their best friend is
  • Natus: Well of course it's Happy.
  • Lucy: Levy-chan is a good friend of mine, but there's also Erza, Cana and Juvia.
  • Gray: I don't know... everyone is my friend... but best friend... *coughnatsucough* can't think of anyone specific.
  • Erza: Natsu and Gray are my childhood friends, and I also get along pretty well with Lucy and Wendy.
  • Wendy: Carla, but I try to be best friends with everyone.
  • Mirajane: My brother and sister are the most important people in my life.
  • Elfman: My sisters.
  • Lisanna: Definitely Mira-nee and Elf-niichan.
  • Cana: I'm not sure... I get along with Lucy and Wendy but I'm not sure if they feel the same towards me.
  • Levy: Lu-cahn is my best friend!
  • Freed: Laxus!
  • Bickslow: Laxus.
  • Evergreen: Laxus.
  • Laxus: The raijinshuu... Don't tell anyone I said that.
  • Gajeel: I don't need any friends......... Lily.
  • Juvia: Juvia is friends with everyone but she doesn't have a best friend since they're all love rivals trying to win Gray-sama's affection.

Bixanna Week Day 6: Future.Last one! Let’s end this week on a happy note, shall we?

“Hey, Natsu.” Lisanna smiled at the pink haired young man excitedly when he looked up at her. 

“Do you remember how I asked you to marry me when we were younger?”


“Well, I will have to go back on that offer.” 

Amusement shone from his face, but more so he seemed confused, not sure where she was going with this.

“Well, I think Bixlow will be glad to hear that.” 

She chuckled softly. “Oh, he already knows.” She paused, and took a deep breath. The look on her face could only be described as absolute exhilaration: her eyes were beaming with joy, and the corners of her mouth seemed unable to turn in any direction but upwards. “He asked me to marry him.” 

“Whaaaaat?”  The blonde on the bench beside Natsu jumped up and shoved him out of the way roughly.

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Strauss family house, late at night.
  • *Lisanna wakes up, goes to the bathroom and sees light in Mirajane's room."
  • Lisanna: Mira-nee, are you still awake?
  • Mirajane: What's the matter? Can't go to sleep?
  • Lisanna: I was going to the bathroom, what are you still doing this late at night?
  • Mirajane: Oh, nothing important really, just updating my blog.
  • Lisanna: You run a blog? I never knew about that.
  • Mirajane: Why yes, haven't I shown it to you before?
  • Lisanna: No, I don't recall you showing me... Wait, are those Natsu and Lucy?!
  • Mirajane: Yes, It's a blog about NaLu.
  • Lisanna: NaLu? Does it mean what I think it does?
  • Mirajane: It's about Natsu and Lucy's relationship.
  • Lisanna: You run a blog about two people you know?! And they're not even a couple!
  • Mirajane: Yet.
  • Lisanna: Is that fanart of them?! And... did you draw this one yourself?!
  • Mirajane: Yes, I've been practicing.
  • Lisanna: Mira-nee you need help!
  • Mirajane: What I need is NaLu to be canon!
  • Lisanna: Mira-nee, go to sleep!
  • Mirajane: Who has time to sleep when there's NaLu fanart to reblog?!
Transform My Soul

Bixanna Week Day 5: Soul.So this is me jumping on the Bixanna Week bandwagon! Late but better than never;) You can expect more from me the next days:)


The young boy watched as a pair of hands grabbed the edge of the table he was sitting at, and right after a tuft of white hair appeared from behind the rough wood.

“You know about souls, right?” 

“I guess.” He yawned. This day had to be the most boring one of his whole life. And it was only midday.

“Well, I don’t know if you know, but I also have souls!” She paused. “Actually, just one. That’s why I’m here though! I want more, so I can be a great mage like Mira-nee!” 

She beamed at him, and now he finally looked at her. “Don’t you usually hang out with that Natsu guy?” 

“Well.” The young girl stemmed her hands onto her hips. “First, I have many friends. Second, he’s been fighting Gray for the last at least fifty days.” She made a hand gesture to accompany her exaggerated statement. “And third! He doesn’t know about souls. But you do. So, what do you say? Help me? Pleaseeee?”

She did her puppy eyes, the ones that always made her brother melt on the spot. They didn’t seem to have exactly the same effect on Bixlow, but at least now he laughed.

“Okay, I’ll help ya! Nothing else to do, anyway. So what do you wanna know?”

Her face lit up. “Come on!!” 

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Graylu - ear

A/N: GrayLu it is! Hope you enjoy this anon! I’m not that experienced in writing GrayLu so please forgive me if it’s bad. TvT

Title: Whisper Into Your Ear

Lucy Heartfilia was officially sick of Gray Fullbuster. She hated him with every fiber in her body. With his dark blue eyes and dark, dark hair and tanned muscles and playful smile, ugh! He could just go die!

Lucy banged her head against the table. She definitely sick of him.

“Lucy?” A soft voice called her name.

Lucy looked up to see bright blue eyes looking at her with concern. She smiled at her friend.

“Hi Lisanna.”

“What’s wrong?” Lisanna questioned as she took a seat next to her.

“It’s nothing. It’s just” Lucy sighed.

Lisanna smiled, “Gray problems?”

“That guy is a huge jerk!” Lucy huffed, crossing her arms.

Lisanna laughed, “Aw, Lucy. He’s just teasing.”

Lucy frowned. She knew Gray was teasing. He was always teasing her, trying to make her blush and always succeeded. It was like a little game they had. Gray was always able to make her blush but Lucy never once could make Gray blush, despite all her efforts. It was like he was immune to it.

“But it’s not fair!” Lucy whined. “Why is it do hard to make him blush?!”

Lisanna giggled again, “He’s probably very use to you by now. Knows all your tricks so he’s immune.”

“That’s not fair! How come he knows all my tricks but I don’t know any of his!” Lucy faceplanted on the table.

Lisanna smiled at her friend. Lucy was so cute sometimes. “Well, maybe you need a new trick?”

Lucy’s head quickly shot up, “Do you know any?”

Lisanna held up her hands, waving them back and forth, “Oh no. I’m the one who always blushes, not the one who makes another people blush. But Mira-nee is an expert at that!”

Lucy sweatdropped. Sure, Mirajane probably did have some good tricks up her sleeve but then again, it was Mirajane.

“I don’t know…”

“Oh, come on! Don’t you want to get back at Gray? Besides, I’ll tell be right with you in case Mira-nee goes overboard.”

Lucy thought about for a moment. She really did want to get back at Gray. She guessed she had no other option. She gave a sigh.

“Fine. I’ll do it.” Lucy smiled.

“Yay! Come on!” Lisanna grabbed Lucy’s arm and dragged her towards the counter to where Mirajane was.

Lucy’s face was deep red as she waited for Gray. Mirajane really was good at making people blush on purpose. Lucy’s face couldn’t stop blushing after that coaching session. Even Lisanna’s face turned tomato red. Mirajane was so direct and blunt with it all too.

Lucy shook her face. She had to stop blushing or else she would never get back at Gray. Taking a few deep breathes and thinking happy thoughts, Lucy was finally able to compose herself. A tip from Mirajane.

She looked around the park. She still didn’t see Gray anywhere…

“Hey Lucy.”

“Eep!” Lucy squeaked as she spun around to face the dark haired ice mage. “Don’t scare me like that!”

Gray simply chuckled, “You’re so jumpy sometimes.”

“Be quiet.” Lucy crossed her arms. She was trying with all her might to keep her mind on something else so she wouldn’t blush.

Gray smiled, “And you’re really cute when you’re grumpy.”

He was making it so difficult. Curse his good looks and charm.

“Shut uuuuup.” Lucy whined with closed eyes. “Let’s just go already.”

“Okay. Okay.” Gray laughed. He took Lucy’s hand into his own and began walking through the town.

It was quiet between them for a moment. Not the awkward silence type but the type of silence where their presence was just enough for them. No words, just the two of them. Lucy loved that she could have those moments with Gray. It was one of her favorite things about her relationship with him.

After a few minutes of silence, Gray spoke up.

“So, what did you have in mind for tonight?”

“Lunch at a restaurant. Maybe a romantic walk.”

“Romantic walk?” Gray smirked. “Romantic how?”

“Well, we walk through the street, holding hands. Maybe talk about things.”

“Like we’re doing right now?”

“Yeah, but the romantic walk would be different.”

“How so?”

Lucy bit her lip, “Well, on this walk we’re walking to lunch. But on the romantic walk…” Lucy stopped walking, stopping Gray with her.

Gray raised an eyebrow in confusion. He was about to ask why she stopped when Lucy leaned over. Her lips came close to his ear. So close that they were only an inch away from each other. Gray caught his breathe. He could feel hers.

“We would walk to my house to have a little fun in my bedroom.”

Gray’s entire face turned deep, deep red. He was blushing profusely as his head snapped back and turned to face Lucy who had a devilish smirk on her face.

“W-what?!” Gray sputtered. He completely lost his whole “cool guy” exposure.

To his surprise, Lucy laughed. In fact, she was dying from it. She had to let go of his hand as she clutched her stomach. Gray was too shocked to say or do anything except look at his girlfriend with utter disbelief.

“I-I meant reading some books, you pervert!” Lucy choked out.

Gray blinked. He blinked again. Then it all sunk in.

“You set me up!”

Lucy wiped the tears from her eyes when she finally stopped laughing and gave Gray the most innocent smile she could fake.

“I have no idea what you’re taking about.”

Gray gave her a look and turned his head away, blush still visible on his face.

“Tch, whatever.” He started to walk towards the restaurant.

Lucy made a mental note to thank Lisanna and Mira tomorrow before catching up with Gray and entwining their hands together. Gray didn’t look at her but he didn’t complain.

She smiled at him, “You’re really cute when you’re grumpy.”

“Shut up.”

One Year

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Nalu

Summary:  Natsu leaves on a six month mission, but ends up being gone for a whole year after finding what he thinks are Dragon Footprints, leaving Lucy to feel lonely without her best friend. 365 days leaves them both a lot of time to miss one another. Takes place pre-Tartaros.

So I wrote this like a million years ago during the Tartaros arc and then like literally two weeks later the whole one year skip happened and I was a little annoyed cause I felt like posting it then would have been weird, but here it is now, months later hitting the internet. I haven’t written and lot of Nalu so bear with me.

One year.

               It had been one year since she had last seen him. It wasn’t until he was gone for a month that she realized how much he belonged in her life.  

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The Wanderer’s Luck

Summary: The ladies of FT stage an intervention for Lucy’s love life (Nalu from Lisanna’s P.O.V, basically). 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or does it…

“Lisanna.” Mirajane touched her younger sister’s arm affectionately. “What are you daydreaming about?” She had been staring into the pot of rose tea she was brewing with a glazed expression.

“Nothing, Mira-nee,” she assured immediately. “I just got distracted.” She quickly placed the teapot and eight delicately painted cups onto her tray.

A rare, devious smirk adorned Mira’s angelic features. “Don’t tell me you’re in love.”

“Not you too,” Cana complained from where she sat crosslegged on the couch, guzzling down a bottle of whiskey. “One intervention per day is enough.”

“Yes. Juvia does not need any more love rivals,” the water mage chimed in.

At this, Levy smiled awkwardly. “Juvia, I don’t think you understand the situation. This is about Lu-chan and Natsu.”

Since the guild was revived, there seemed to be something wrong between them. They still went through the motions of being partners and best friends, but the tension between them was nearly a tangible thing. They didn’t stand as close to each other anymore. When he gave his pep-talks about bonds and family, there was always a hesitation, a pregnant pause before she smiled. And even when she did, it never quite reached her eyes.

“I personally think they should just fuck and get over it,” Cana chimed in. “But no one listens to onesan.”

Juvia nodded her agreement as Mira and Lisanna brought in the tea and cookies. “Love rival must realize how much Natsu loves her so she’ll remove her sights from Gray-sama.”

“I think Natsu-san mainly brought the guild back together, but she’s still very angry with him,” Wendy weighed in, feeling very much like a child intruding upon an adult conversation.

“As she should be,” Carla said haughtily. “A year is a very long time to leave someone important to you all alone. And with minimal notice, at that.”

“I can’t say I disagree.” Lisanna sighed wistfully, glancing out of the window. She supposed two years was even longer.

Besides those twenty-four months, seven hundred thirty days, or seventeen thousand five hundred and twenty hours, how much time did that anima really steal from her? How much of her future?

“Juvia doesn’t see what the big deal is,” the water mage lamented. “He apologized, right? If the flames of passion still burn, rival should just forgive him. Juvia forgave Gray-sama.”

“He didn’t apologize to her, Juvia,” Mirajane explained. “That’s why she’s upset.”

“Unforgivable,” Erza decided. A frightening and punitive aura wafted from the armor clad wizard.

“What is?” Lucy asked as she came in, finally back from her latest solo mission. “Besides all of you being in my room.”

The mages all glanced around uncomfortably. “Lu-chan, take a seat,” Levy finally said.

“Okay.” She perched herself on the arm of the couch. “I just hope this isn’t about-”

“It is,” Cana said without preamble. “Natsu is stupid, and prideful so the passive-aggressive shit really isn’t gonna work. The way we see it, you have three options.”

“You could talk to him,” Mirajane offered with a smile.

“Tried that. Several times.”

The Sorcerer model was unfazed. “What if we tie him up first?”

“Next idea.”

“You can administer divine punishment,” Erza cracked her knuckles menacingly as she said this. “I can show you a few methods that are rather effective.”

“Tempting,” the celestial spirit mage admitted. However, she doubted that it would actually solve the problem between them.

“Or,” Lisanna started, “you can get even.” She pulled a small envelope out of her purse and held it out to Lucy.

Dear Natsu, 
I am leaving on a journey to train under a great celestial spirit mage. I will be back in about eight months. Please watch over everyone while I’m gone.


“Leave this in his bedroom and then go on a job,” the take over mage prescribed. “He’ll flip. And then he’ll probably get it.”

“You’re a genius, Lisanna!” Lucy declared.

Lisanna shook her head. “I just know how his mind works.” Nearly a decade of friendship and casual pining was known to do that to a person. She had long since mapped out his every idiosyncratic defense mechanism. It was how she knew her time with him had passed. There was no way they could just restart after he spent two years trying to let her go, flinching at even the mention of her name.

“Thank you so much.”

Then the pale haired girl gave a genuine smile. “If that doesn’t work I have another plan.”

Lucky Lucy in the right place at the right time had caught his wandering heart without even trying. And while another type of girl might have resented her, Lisanna was truly glad she met him. Because two years were longer than one, and aphorisms were to be applied to lives on a case by case basis.

Notes: So I originally wanted to post this for day one of Nalu week, but it became way too Lisanna-centric so I decided to wait. Thanks for reading, everyone! 

Beyond the Field (part 7)

My fingers are gonna be aching this week hahahaha. Well, you get three more fanfics from me this week! My poor fingers…

Summary: To him, football met everything. Nothing else was more important, but that day he picked his little sister up from the hospital and saw her blonde haired patient, everything changed.

Read more chapters here!

“Were here!” Grandeeny said, opening up the passenger side door. Everyone followed suit, opening their door. Lucy decided to crawl out on Natsu’s side, when she tried to get out her foot got caught on the car mat causing her to fall. Expecting to be face first in the cement, instead her face hit something warm, but hard.

“We can’t take you anywhere can we?” Lucy looked up to see Natsu’s teasing grin. His hands firmly around her small waist that caught her from the fall. Her face instantaneously turned red.

“I guess not.” She shyly said, recovering from her trip as Natsu dropped his hands. They turned back to the other three, seeing their knowing smiles.

Oh, they were going to get hell later for that.

Lucy looked up at the sign, seeing the restaurant’s name was ‘Fairy Tail’. Lucy thought it was an odd name for a restaurant.

Walking inside, Lucy thought that she might be in a palace of some sort, not use to anything quite as exquisite since hospitalized. Looking around there were booth seats and tables everywhere. Little kids ran rampant for the arcade machines set up in the corner of the room. The servers were constantly back and forth to the kitchen area and out to the public to serve them food, trying to get them good tips.

“Ahh, welcome Dragneel family!” A hostess came up to greet them. She was short, not shorter than Lucy, only just a few inches taller. She had white hair cut in a pixie style. She was wearing a long black sleeve button down shirt, accompanied with black pants. Her black shoes squeaked against the tiled floor every time she took a step.

“Yo Lisanna!” Natsu greeted the girl. “Whats up with your outfit?” Lisanna rubbed the back of her head.

“Well, Mira-nee wanted to try to look like a more ‘classy’ restaurant so shes making a dress code for every week until she decides on the one she likes.” She confessed. “Anyway, usual seats?”

Lucy seen the family nod their heads as Lisanna smile, beginning to walk towards the back corner of the room. Lucy followed behind, watching the family interact with the young hostess.

“Natsu, didn’t you have practice today?” Lisanna asked the football player.

“Nope. We won yesterday and Gramps let us off the hook for today… but only if we have an extended practice tomorrow.” Natsu sighed out, already feeling exhausted. “Good timing too. If I wasn’t off today there was no way I could’ve went and got Lucy today.”

“Lucy?” She questioned, watching Natsu nod his head and turn around eyes landing on the blonde. “Lisanna this is Lucy, Lucy this is Lisanna.” He said introducing the two females. Lisanna blinked her eyes, eyes glistening with happiness.

“Ahh! So you’re the Lucy Natsu tells me so much about!” Lucy’s face heated up, she glanced over to Natsu seeing that his face matched the color of his hair. “Hes right, you are beautiful.” The blonde swore her once pale complexion resembled one of a tomato right now.

Natsu coughed awkwardly, standing besides the booth. “Uh, you can go ahead and get in before me Luce.” Lucy walked over to the booth and slid in right next to Wendy, face still aflame.

“Alright! Elf-nii will be with you guys shortly, nice seeing you all again!” Lisanna looked over at Lucy once more. “And it was a pleasure meeting you as well Lucy.” She said before walking away, an awkward silence lumed over the table.

“So Lucy, what do you think of the place so far?” Grandeeny asked, breaking the silence. Lucy propped an elbow on the table, resting her cheek in her hand.

“Well, the staff seems very friendly and it has stuff to do for all age. Its not that I don’t like it, I’m just not use to it.” She answered truthfully. Before she was admitted, she had to go to all these fancy restaurants with her father, one where half a portion of food cost fifty dollars. Also there was nothing to do but to just sit there and be ogled at by the son of the businessman your father was trying to establish a deal with.

“You just gotta get used to being on the outside of the walls now.” Natsu spoke for the first time since Lisanna was here. Lucy sighed into her palm.

“I’m hoping that I get adjusted rather quickly.”

“Man, is it good to see you guys!” A new voice boomed. Lucy looked up, eyes about to pop out of her head at the new figure in front of them. He was in the same attire as Lisanna was, his hair was also white but was in spiky strands all around his head. He was much taller than anyone sitting at the table, Lucy swore he had to be seven feet tall of not taller.His muscles expanded out pretty far, showing that lifting was one of his favorite things to do. He seen his black eyes look over at Lucy. “Whos this?”

“This is Lucy. Lucy, this is Elfman.” Natsu introduced the blonde to the tall gentleman.

“I-Its nice to meet you Elfman.” Lucy said politely.

“It is man to meet you as well Lucy.” Lucy’s eye twitched. Man? Her breath hitched as she felt Natsu’s warm breath impaling her ear.

“He’s obsessed with the word man he says it all the time, he doesn’t mean anything by it.” He explained before pulling away. They heard Elfman chuckle, they looked at him confusion in their expressions.

“Lisanna-nee was right, you two are a little friendly with each other.” Natsu and Lucy’s faces heated up again at the thought of yet another person thinking that they were in a relationship. Another laugh was heard, but this time it was Igneel’s.

“Oh Elfman, you don’t know the half of it. You see, the boy-”

“Igneel you better not finish that sentence.” Natsu threatened him. He just scoffed.

“I would love to hear your story Igneel, but I do have other tables to attend too. And making people wait is not what a man does.” The family just sweatdropped. “But I’ll put in your usual orders, what would you like Lucy?”

“Uh…” Lucy muttered, she’d been too busy to even pick up the menu and look. “I don’t know what should I get?”

“Anything, Mirajane is the best cook in town.” Natsu boasted. Lucy frowned at his inability to help her.

“Thats not helping.”

“Well Lucy-nee don’t get anything too big, try to get a salad or something small to try to get your digestive system back on track with eating this kind of food again.” Wendy told the blonde. Lucy looked down at her and smiled.

“Alright thank you Wendy.” She looked back at Elfman. “I guess a water and a chicken salad would be fine thank you.” She watched as Elfman scribbled it on his pad.

“Coming right up, have a man day.” He said before walking off.

“Are these the kind of people you’re friends with?” Lucy looked over to Natsu, he shrugged.

“Well, Lisanna’s been my best friend since childhood. She’s the nicest out of the bunch. Then you got Gray and Gajeel who are total assholes. Erza is just… Erza. Levy, Juvia, and Cana…” Natsu looked to the blondes face seeing that she was losing track of the amount of friends that Natsu had. He just waved her off. “You’ll meet everyone Sunday. They always come support me the the asshole brothers at our games.”

“Ahh, I thought I heard a familiar voice.” A sweet voice sounded to the group of five. There stood a woman who looked almost like Lisanna. Her crystal blue eyes and white hair were the same except for the length. Unlike Lisanna, this woman’s hair went down to her mid back and her bangs were tied up out of her face. She wore the same attire, but instead of her button up shirt being black, it was white. She tilted her head and smiled generously at them. “How are you all doing today?”

“Hey Mira!” Natsu greeted. Mira looked over the pink haired man’s direction, seeing the company next to him. “Oh Natsu is this Lucy?” Lucy swore she could have groaned that or smacked Natsu upside the head, just how much did he talk about her? Lucy couldn’t help but think it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“Uh, yep! This is Lucy.” His voice became more monotone with every word he spoke. Mirajane offered the girl a pleasant smile.

“Its an honor to meet you Lucy! Lisanna told me you were finally here in the flesh, so I had to come and meet you for myself.”

“H-Hello.” Lucy stuttered out, not use to all this attention.

“Sorry it is short lived, but I have to go back to work. I’ll see you when I bring your food out!” She beamed, waving her hand at the family and disappearing back into the kitchen doors.

“Geez boy, didn’t know your friends we’re interested in meeting Lucy this badly.” Igneel said striking up a conversation.

“Its Lisanna and Mira dad, they tend to intertwine themselves in others personal lives.” Natsu grumbled into his signature scarf. “Especially their love lives.” He said so quietly that Lucy couldn’t hear.

“What did you say Natsu?”

“Nothing.” Natsu said quickly, turning his gaze towards the game machines. “If you weren’t going to be so tired from shopping I’d go over and kick your ass at skeeball.”

Lucy looked at him warily. “What do you mean tired from shopping?”

“Oh Lucy, were going to be at the clothing store for about four hours with Grandeeny there with us.” Igneel chirped in, playing on his phone.

“Both of you boys need to behave. We need to make our guest as comfortable as possible.” Grandeeny said trying to defend herself.

Lucy was a shopaholic, but after being on bedrest for a year… she was sort of scared at what Grandeeny had in store for her.

“My arms are about to fall off!” Natsu complained as they made their way into yet another store.

“Stop complaining boy.” Igneel said, having at least six bags hanging off his arms as well. Grandeeny looked back at the so called men.

“Oh hush up. One more store and we can go home.”

“You said that four stores ago!” Natsu shouted at the girl.

“I know, but Lucy is starting to get tired so I promise this is our last store.” Natsu looked worryingly over at Lucy. He seen that she was more sluggish than usual, her breathing coming slightly ragged. Natsu knew they shouldn’t have been out this long with Lucy’s condition. She needed rest.

“Ahh here it is!” Grandeeny said walking into a store of nothing but dresses. Natsu and Igneel groaned, knowing that they were going to be here for at least another hour.

Natsu looked as Grandeeny, Wendy and Lucy looked through the racks of dresses, him and Igneel taking a seat just letting the girls do their thing.

Natsu observed Lucy. Seeing the smile on her face as she examined each article of clothing she picked out and what his mom and sister picked out for her. In just the few short hours that she has been out of the hospital, he could tell that Lucy was happier being out than being confined in that room. Natsu’s lips uplifted into a small smile.

He would always make sure she smiled like this.

“Alright Lucy, ready to try the last set of clothes on?” Grandeeny said the magic words that left the two boys heart race with excitement. They watched Lucy take three dresses back to the dressing rooms. A few minutes later, Lucy came out in her first dress.

She descended on the little walkway the store provided, giving her new family a clear viewing of her dress.

Natsu had to lock his jaw shut to keep it from dropping. She wore a light pink spaghetti strap dress that came down just above the knee. It showed a little too much cleavage for his liking, but he didn’t voice his concern. It wasn’t that he didn’t necessarily like it… he just didn’t want other boys to see it.

“Looks great Lucy-nee! It goes so well with your hair.” Wendy commented, and Grandeeny gave a nod of approval.

“Alright dear, lets go try on your last two.” Grandeeny instructed. Lucy smile, turning around and walking back to her dressing room but not without stealing a look to Nastu first. Her smile took his breath away, thanking Mavis that she went back in her room before she caught him staring at her.

Lucy came out with her second dress. It was a strapless black one that came down to mid thigh. Though Lucy could definitely pull the attire off, they all agreed that revealed too much skin for their liking.

“Alright, how do I look?” Lucy came out with her third dress on. This time, Natsu was unable to stop his mouth from dropping open.

The dress was light blue with one shoulder strap going around her right shoulder. The skirt of the dress flowed longer in the back ending nearly at the middle of her calf while the front ended just barely above her knees. The blue popped out more with the dark brown belt inscribed with light brown tribal designs that snugged her waist perfectly. Natsu’s breath hitched.

Oh Mavis, she was beautiful Natsu thought to himself. The way her golden hair flowed in loose waves and the way her chocolate brown eyes popped naturally with the light color of the dress. He couldn’t find his speaking voice, Lucy looked like an angel.

“Lucy, you look beautiful.” Grandeeny spoke clasping her hands together. “That dress is a defiant, and quite a high note to stop shopping on.” Lucy looked up smiling at the older female.

“Thank you very much for doing this for me Grandeeny.”

Grandeeny offered a smile back at her. “Its what family does Lucy.”

Lucy heart constricted. Family. She now had another family. The thought alone made the tears burn the back of her eyes. She looked over to the pink haired male whose onyx eyes haven’t been able to leave her body since she stepped out in this dress. She smiled lovingly at him.

She turned around, going to change into her ‘normal’ attire.

The Dragneel family arrived home at nine at night. Igneel and Grandeeny stretched their tired muscles.

“Alright kids, Grandeeny and I have to work early tomorrow. We trust you’ll show Lucy everything?” Igneel inquired. His two kids nodded their heads.

“Yes daddy.” Wendy said as her adoptive father went over and kissed her forehead.

“Goodnight Angel.” Igneel told Wendy. He looked over at Natsu. “Night boy.” Finally, he turned around to look at the blonde. “Goodnight Lucy, I hope you find your room comfortable.”

Lucy nodded. “I’m sure I will thank you Igneel-san.” With that he walked up the staircase. Lucy examined the decent sized house. It looked way too big to only house four people.

“Goodnight my little darling.” Grandeeny said coming behind Wendy, planting a kiss on the crown of her head. “And goodnight to you too, Natsu, Lucy. I hope you have a comfortable first night.”

“Thank you Grandeeny, I ensure you I will.” Lucy said with a polite smile, watching as the woman headed upstairs.

“I think I’m going to bed as well. I have a test tomorrow.” Wendy yawned going over to Lucy to give her a hug. “Goodnight Lucy-nee! I hope your first nights stay in enjoyable for you.”

Lucy gave a loving gaze to the shorter girl. “I’m sure I will Wendy, thank you.” She bent over kissing her forehead. “Go get some rest.”

“I will!” She beamed going from Lucy to hug her older brother. “Goodnight Natsu-nii.” Natsu crouched down, returning his short sister’s hug.

“Night Squirt, ace that test alright?”

“Sure thing.” She said with a smile, before taking her own course upstairs. Lucy let out a yawn, making Natsu chuckle.

“Whats so funny?”

“You. Tired from today?” He asked, knowing the answer. He seen Lucy pout, which he had to admit was cute.

“You try being on bedrest for a year then go on one of Grandeeny’s shopping trips and see how you like it.”

“I wouldn’t have survived it like you did.” Natsu complimented her, stifling his own yawn with the back of his hand. “I didn’t know if you wanted the tour today or tomorrow since you’re exhausted and I have practice tomorrow.”

“I’ll be fine just knowing where my room was for now.”

Natsu nodded, walking over to the staircase in which Lucy followed closely behind. The staircase twisted a bit, giving a vintage effect. There was a hallway with six doors, then a little bridge that descended in the air with no walls around it, giving a clear view of the large living room, dining room and kitchen. On the other side of the fixture was a lone door that stood all by itself.

“This is your room.” Natsu led her to the door that was the last one on the right. “My door is right across the hall.” Natsu noticed her curious gaze towards the door at the end of the hallway. “Whatever you do, don’t go near that room. Its… Zeref’s room.” Natsu said sorrowfully. Lucy could tell that he was a touchy subject for Natsu, so instead of asking more she just nodded her head in understanding.

“Night Luce.” Natsu gave her a smile, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. She was surprised to say the least, but eventually wrapped her arms around his muscular torso.

“Thank you, Natsu.” Lucy whispered into his chest. She felt his chest vibrate in a questioning sound. She looked up at his, their arms still entangled with each other. “Thank you, for giving me the chance of having a family again.”

Natsu’s expression turned soft. “They gave me a second chance of having a family too Lucy. I’m… glad they could for you too.” Lucy felt so much emotion she couldn’t help herself anymore. She lifted herself on her tip toes, pressing her soft lips against his tanned cheek.

“Goodnight Natsu.” She said before entering her new bedroom, leaving an awestruck Natsu. His mouth hung open, raising a hand to his cheek where she had kissed him. His grin turned silly, excited that his first cheek kiss was from Lucy.

And just maybe, his first everything would be from Lucy.

Lucy opened her room and shut it behind her as she leaned against the door. As soon as the overwhelming emotion went away, Lucy couldn’t believe what she had done.

She kissed Natsu, albeit it being on the cheek but still.

Her lips touched Natsu’s skin.

She sighed out, knowing she would just deal with the consequences in the morning. She flipped up the light switch and gasped at the view she seen. The room was painted blue, her favorite color. In the corner of the room was a desk with a stack of new books that Lucy had told Natsu and Wendy she wanted to read. The closet had all of her new purchases of the night, but what really got her was the bed. Well, what was on the bed.

What was on the new pink comforter was a bouquet of flowers, with a stuffed white teddy bear there holding it, a card lying limp on it. Finally able to regain control of herself again, Lucy walked over to the bed and picked up the card, reading its contents.


We’re so excited to have you staying with us! You’ve been such an influence of both Natsu and Wendy. They’re we’re so lucky to find someone as strong and special as you, and we are so very blessed to have someone like you join our family.

Welcome to the family!!

-The Dragneel’s

Each member signed their own names in the card, the overwhelming emotion struck Lucy tenfold this time. She couldn’t help the joyous tears that rushed down her face or the soft smile that was on her lips.

Lucy was so lucky to be part of this new family.

She moved her welcome package over to her desk, before sliding into some shorts and a tank top to sleep in. She scurried over to the bed, beyond excited to not sleep on the uncomfortable hospital bed.

As soon as her body his the soft mattress and her head the fluffy pillow, Lucy was out like a light. Thoughts of her new family occupying her mind.

Juvia’s many BrOTPs: Lisanna

When Lisanna returns from Edolas, everyone was in a pool of feelz and tears. As we get to the S-Class exam/Tenrou Island arc though, she reveals an interesting info:

SHE WAS FRIENDS WITH EDO! JUVIA and finds Juvia Lockser cute (but who doesn’t hey ;D).

I love that it was Lisanna who initiated/wanted to be partners (and friends) with Juvia. Edo!Juvia and Juvia Lockser are two very different people, but she wants to be friends with Earthland!Juvia anyway because who can say they are friends with two Juvia’s right? ;)

Anyway, back to Juvia and Lisanna,

They had teeny moments on the boat reaching the island:

I love the manga and anime moment of fish!Lisanna and Juvia in her water form. It illustrates how they’re getting along and also shows off their powers very well :D

It also took me a reaallly long time to figure out the girl on the cover with Juvia here is Lisanna

I thought it was a taller Mavis Vermillion at first but that didn’t make any sense, and then I read the text, “her future dream is to be a bride” and realisation hit. OH. OHHHHHH. (I’m slow like that sometimes)

Pairing them together was interesting because from the get-go I didn’t know how Lisanna’s takeover and Juvia’s water powers would work together, but they figured out a way. Unfortunately Erza got too into it and they didn’t pass the first round, bummer~

Lisanna and Juvia didn’t interact or were seen together during the GMG or Dragon Invasion. Sun Village was focused on Team Natsu, so it was the Tartarus prologue that we got a Juvia-Lisanna moment (kinda) through the cute Gruvia Juvi-bread X)))

In which she scolds Elfman for eating a Juvi-bread(s???) before Gray does XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

And Juvia, suggestive comment much!? Though at least that made Gray eat one,

…..even if it was a Gray-bread LOL.

(Couldn’t help including a little Gruvia, #sorrynotsorry)

That’s also all I could find of Juvia-Lisanna actually. Like Cana, she’s also a character that’s sidelined a lot, plus her being a Strauss sibling means Lisanna will be with her Elf-niichan and Mira-nee more, so Juvia-Lisanna moments are pretty far in between.