mira grant life ruination appreciation post

I’m not the type to directly name dragons LifeRuiner but this new pair may end up with a Mira Grant reference in their names.

Mira & Grant. Georgia & Shaun. Buffy & Maggie. (I’ll need to get Circuit for Buffy. And the most dog-like familiar possible for Maggie. not a wolf though. maybe a ferret? or give her my arcane sprite. well. one of them needs the arcane sprite. i need to re-read the books and figure out which one has a stronger preference for smutty fanfic. and they’re both getting breedchanged to Pearlcatchers because every Fictional needs as many backup systems as possible and a pearl is basically dragon backup.)

The trick here is finding the balance between ‘how much did this part of the books ruin my life’ and 'how much did these dragons ruin my treasure count’.