mira gonzales

you lay on the floor of your room
you bite your fingers until they bleed
you feel something motionless at the base of your head
in the morning you can’t feel your arms
nothing to write about, not really
you take drugs alone
and stumble around your house
uncreated, unloved
—  Mira Gonzales, “Infinite Number of Half-distances.”
It's Time to Euthanize Alt-Lit | Jayme K.

The self-destruction of the internet writing scene known as ‘alt-lit’ (short for alternative literature, of course) has arrived in two harrowing swoops.

Over the past two months it has come to light that two prominent figures in indie publishing (Steven Trull of HTML Giant and Plain Wrap Press, Stephen Tully Dierks of Pop Serial) may have been involved in a number of unreported sexual assaults against young women.

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