mira cosplay

okay so ignore the bad photoshop! Here is Mira as Betty.  Reblog this post if you want Mira to cosplay Betty!  We’re not gonna count likes for this democratic process.  The time limit is not set in stone but we’re gonna say you have until Halloween to vote!  

Here is a link to the other Princesses and the master post:

Master Post  Breakfast Princess  Hot Dog Princess  Jungle Princess 

The thing that makes me more mad about the Trudy situation, ins’t even that she considers herself black, and its cosplaying black people. The thing that makes me really mad is that the fans are saying that she can rapp and that’s what really matters, but they forget that her rapp is 80% a copy of Tasha (Yoo Mirae), the voice, the flow, even the lyrics. She isn’t cosplaying Black people, she is obvious cosplaying Yoo Mirae (who is in fact mixed), she won because of that, and only.

Here’s my favorite shot of my Olivier Armstrong cosplay I have so far from Katsucon. Gotta get that stank face on. Ha ha ha! First time being super blonde! I think it went alright. If only I had an Alex Armstrong!

Photo by Alex Kavalchuk & editing by me!

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