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Some Mystic Messenger character doodles in the (attempted) style of Studio Mir (Avatar: Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Voltron, Lego Elves).

Yes, I often play Mystic Messenger and few other otome games, but my question for you all is this:
do you think Studio Mir can create an adaptation to Mystic Messenger?



Work from Mir, an architecture visualization studio

“Natural visualisation is our way of honouring each architect and each piece of architecture. Our design process is based on four guiding principles.

1.Natural light
A sensible relationship between light and shadow is the foundation of every Mir image. Architecture “becomes itself” when lit naturally.

2.Unforced process
All our best work has started with the freedom to explore and invent. The industry standard of ordering specific viewpoints with mood references does not take into account the interdependence of lighting, composition and colour.

3.Unstaged entourage
Staged and unnatural-looking people can reduce art to kitsch in an instant. We believe that entourage should be an integral and unimposing part of the story in the image.

4. Natural setting
Nature provides a sense of time and place. Natural elements from the specific location sets the scene for the architecture. -A rugged urban street in soft morning fog. -Heatwaves from a scorching sun in the desert.”

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‘Crown Green Square’ Landmark tower designed by Koichi Takada Architects proposed for Green Square town centre in Sydney.
Architect: Koichi Takada
Location: Sydney, Australia
Visualization: Mir
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