Seungho: "We existed as MBLAQ because of you guys."

G.O.: "We will meet you with better music."

Joon: "Thank you for loving MBLAQ and being our fan since 2009 till 2014 despite all the other groups out there."

Thunder: "Thank you for taking care of us till now. I hope we keep seeing each other in the future."

Mir: "Don't worry because MBLAQ will not end like this."

To MBLAQ, our irreplaceable OT5, our beloved village idiots: thank you for the past five years. Thank you for the amazing repertoire of songs, those eight albums that proved how universal music is as a language. Thank you for the stellar choreographies and performances you always managed to pull off, even if you were sick and injured at times. Thank you for the endless laughs and silly antics during your shows and appearances, for never failing to put smiles on our faces, especially when we needed them most. Thank you for the unwavering dedication, for demonstrating to us that it is possible to achieve our dreams despite the obstacles in our way. Though you may never have been at the top, you are the only MBLAQ for us and nothing could ever change that.

No matter what you do and no matter how far from us you are — whether you stay together or go your separate ways — your A+ will be right here, supporting you like we have been doing for the last few years. We might have become fans at different times, but our hearts are just the same — we will always be there to lift you up with our words and actions, just like how you have lifted us up with yours.

We are not saying, “Goodbye.” We are only saying, “See you later.” Until the time A+ can be with all of you again, take care and we love you.

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