Miquoe and Midnight Rotation present Fall Playlist 2013:

Dark Star

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Miquoe.com and MidnightRotation.com bring you a mega list of must hear tracks old and new. Some of these have only been floating around for a few days while others have been on rotation for many years and have made a comeback for the mood of this list. Quite a few of these songs are not available to buy but I highly encourage you to support the artists and producers by purchasing available high quality versions of the songs you enjoy.

This next week I will be mixing a live and uncut version of select songs from the Dark Star playlist in real time with live video and chat on my channel Justin.TV/Miquoe. Be sure to like the midnight rotation playlist page and my Miquoe DJ/Artist Page for exact times so you can participate!

Track List:
Angels (Kids WIth Weapons Just Chill and Relax Edit) - The XX Black Tin Box (ft Lykke Li) - Miike Snow
Boy From School (Hot Chip Cover) - Grizzly Bear
Breath (Strobe Hypnoticz Remix) - Skrillex
BTSTU - Niia
Burn (At Dawn We Rage Light It Up Remix) - Ellie Goulding
Candles - Jez Dior
Cheyah (CloZee Remix) - Mr. Bill
Cholla (Betatraxx Remix) - The Joy Formidable
Clarity (THE LIGHT remix) - Zedd ft Foxes
Crazy (Monsieur Adi Remix) - Seal
Crosses (Dinner Date Remix) - Jose Gonzalez
Dark Star (Kiely Rich Remix) - Jaymes Young
Days To Come - Seven Lions
Deja Vú [Oliver Nelson Remix] - Urban Cone
Derezzed (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix) - Daft Punk
DREAMS - Bastille
Dust Clears - Clean Bandit
Easy Now - Sir Sly
Eclipse/Blue (feat. Kazu Makino) - Nosaj Thing
Electric Fist Digitalism
Fall Into The Sky [Extended Mix] - Zedd & Lucky Date feat Ellie Goulding
Feed Me Diamonds (Oliver Nelson Remix) - MNDR
Flume (Kulkid Remix) Bon Iver
fuck u all the time (Shlohmo Remix) - Jeremih
Ghost - Sir Sly
Gold - Sir Sly
Gold feat Yuna - Adventure Club
Hanging On ft Ellie Goulding (Miquoe Edit) - Active Child
The Healing (Born Electric) - James Zabiela
HeartBeat (feat  Two Guyz) - ChiddyBang
Here Now (Original Mix) - Ummet Ozcan
Hold On (Vicetone Extended Edit) - Nervo
How Did I Get Here - ODESZA
Human Man - Johnny Stimson
Hurricane (Yeasayer Remix) - MS MR
HyperParadise (Flume Remix) - Hermitude
If There’s Time - ODESZA
Impossible (Studio Version) - James Arthur
Keep It Together - Mystery Skulls
Know You (SuperVision Remix) - Bonobo
Let’s Go Home - Carousel
Lies - Marina and the Diamonds
Live For (feat Drake) - The Weeknd
Love Lost (Daughter Edit) - Ta-ku
Love Pain (Ta-ku Remix) - JMSN
Maybe You [Montauk Remix] - Saint Lou Lou
Minnesota, WI (Oliver Nelson Remix) - Bon Iver
Miracle - Sir Sly
Nolita by Gilbere Forte ft. Active Child (Prod. RAAK) - Gilbere & Active Child & RAAK
Nothing Here - Holy Other
Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfør) - M83
Odd Look - Kavinsky
Pretender (Deniz Koyu Remix) - Miike Snow
Prituri se planinata - Stellamara
Reunion (The Naked And Famous Remix) - M83
Running to the Sea - Röyksopp Feat. Susanne Sundfør
Seconds - Ghost Loft
Shining Through The Light ft. Emily Underhill (Culture Code Remix) - Neutralize
So High - Ghost Loft
StarLight (Mully Remix) - Flux Pavilion
Still With Me ft Cristina Soto - Tritonal
Still With Me ft Cristina Soto (Seven Lions Remix) - Tritonal
Summerlong - Xylos
Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix) - Lana Del Rey
Sweet Talk - Kito & Reija Lee
Team - Lorde
This Head I Hold - Electric Guest
Three White Horses - Andrew Bird
Tonight - Felix Cartal
Too Insistent (Trentemoller Remix) - The Do
Trembling Hands - The Temper Trap
The Veldt [8 Minute Edit] - Deadmau5
We Are ft. Crywolf - PRFFTT & Svyable
Where I m Going - Sir Sly
White Foxes - Susanne Sundfør
Wicked Games (The Weeknd cover) - Coeur de Pirate
Winter Is All Over You (Baauer Remix) - First Aid Kit
You & Me (Flume Remix) - Disclosure
You Make Me Like Charity (Cry Wolf Remix) - The Knife
Young And Beautiful - Lana Del Rey
Young And Beautiful (Kaskade Mix) - Lana Del Rey

2/5: "Lifted Wednesdays" featuring Miquoe with DJs Katabolic, Shwann, Miss Genafire, Kise-1, Sloth, Fatgürl and Crias @ Greenhouse



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Tagged By: @sugisxiv

Full Name:
Cody Texas

Gender and Sexuality:


Miquo’te/Seeker of the Sun

Birthplace and Birthdate:
Ul'dah / 3rd Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon

Guilty Pleasures:

  •  Finding a new outfit to glamour (normally it is provocative)
  •  Checking out all the people around him. 


  • Has the fear of being forgotten. 
  • Has the fear of not being “good enough” for something. 

What They Would Be Famous For:

Touching butts. :3

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: 

If anything, there’s a chance that the GC’s would arrest him for not having clothes on. 

OC(s) You Ship Them With:  

I’d say a friend that he(she at the time) met while grinding crystals. 

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:
My FC leader when he hugs him with his swimsuit on. 

Favorite Book Genre:
Does the magical ones that the arcanist use count? 

Least Favorite Book Cliche:

Talents and/or Powers:
He has rich knowledge in healing, yet he does have experience with swords and daggers. He is great at fishing and loves weaving. 

Why Someone Might Love Them:
He is a kind-hearted catboy. Whenever he talks with someone, it is normally to help or compliment the other. He rarely gets angry, but he does get frustrated at times (mainly when he crafts a NQ item with 95% HQ possibility). 

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
He doesn’t feel like anyone would hate him, but rather he may push people away for reasons he doesn’t understand. Unfortunately this has happened, and it breaks his spirit when it does however he moves forward from it stronger. 

I feel like everyone that I’ve chatted with has already done this. So uh, if you haven’t do it. 

(I’ll post a better picture next time I swear…)

Full Name:

Darius Kinkaid

Gender and Sexuality:






Birthplace and Birthdate:

On the high seas near Limsa Lominsa/10th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon

Guilty Pleasures:

  • Uninhibited Miquo’te women
  • Botany
  • Food and drink
  • Scientific projects conducted by the Ironworks
  • poking and then smashing mimics


  • His FC leader’s wyvernling
  • Gaelicats
  • His (possibly) inevitable fate
  • People recognizing him as his past identity, Klaus Woehor

What They Would Be Famous For:

  • Landing a full on headbutt on The Elder Primal Odin, freeing a piece of his mantle.
  • Fighting fourteen men while partially intoxicated in the drowning wench without spilling the remaining contents of his tankard.
  • standing beside the warrior of light in countless battles, knowing he would more than likely end up being killed by the same man.

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:

  • The fighting fourteen men while drunk thing…

-”It started at about…nine men…then Merlwyb’s cronies got involved. It took five of em to realize they weren’t bringing me down…but then the captain showed up herself and ordered me to stop. Not a situation where I’m not going to listen; I grew up around the woman. Locked me up for a night, saw my mother in my face…freed me, dropped the charges, even bought me my next drink. Told me my mother would’ve beaten twenty seven of them before she actually stopped. Merlwyb is good people.”

OC(s) You Ship Them With:  

N/A- Darius himself has not found someone he feels he could pursue romantically. Although many of the working girls, especially of the more feline variatey, know him by name, Darius feels because of what may happen to him down the line forbids him from having a romantic relationship. The last thing he wants to do is to bring heartbreak into someone’s life on that scale…

Although…there’s always talk of a “ Roegadyn queen” when Darius and romance occupy the same sentence.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:

Honestly, I cannot think of one companion who would want to kill Dari- Oh…yeah…I forgot…

  • Fell Krieger: Due to the manner in which the two of them met, for throwing his wife into the maw of a chimera when Dantin yelled; “Dairy, throw me!”, and other general tom foolery.

Favorite Book Genre:

Fiction and Self Help. Most recent read: “Are you a Mander-Mander-Manderville man?” by Hildibrand Manderville

Least Favorite Book Cliche:

The villain telling the hero his whole plan or why defeating him won’t solve anything in one long-winded paragraph

-”In that time, I would’ve closed the gap and knocked the man unconscious or opened his throat. These announcements by the villain are so useless!”

Talents and/or Powers:

  • Beyond human amount of strength
  • Can assemble things easily just from a basic schematic
  • Odin’s power keeps him alive in most hairy situations
  • snazzy dresser
  • snazzy dancer

Why Someone Might Love Them:

Darius has gone on through life trying to reinvent himself from a darkened past. This task has changed him on many levels and has turned him into a genuinely good person. He’s willing to give someone the gil from his coffers and the armor off of his back if need be. The need he feels to protect the ones close to him and even more so any person around him makes him out to be a wannabe hero, but he’s just trying to do the right thing.

Why Someone Might Hate Them:

When approached by new people, Darius doesn’t speak much. He communicates in shrugs and expressions, only saying the occasional word. Breaking down this wall is the first step to him becoming comfortable and opening up. At the end of the day, this is a defense mechanism to keep people from getting attached to someone who could lose control of a very dark power and possibly slaughter them. Most people Darius encounters considers this ‘wall’ to be too much of a chore to get over, which usually leaves Darius feeling quite isolated and lonely.

How They Changed:

Upon casting away the name “Klaus Woehor”, as well as the associated title and allegiance to the Garleans, Darius closely followed the teachings of Oschon, as well as joined up with a group of people who were genuinely wanting to help Eorzea. Although his exterior was hard to get through, Darius felt purpose while in their company. He eagerly wanted to make a new name for himself, which lead to becoming a decent human being as well as motivate him to better himself vocationally. Although Odin’s power is slowly eating away at Darius’s soul, he feels that the people he is currently with shall help him stave off that transformation.

Why You Love Them:

I’ve never really liked MMOS…but once my friends goaded me into trying Final Fantasy and then into building up my character, I’ve come to adore Darius. He’s everything I wish to be and more.In terms of tagging? I don’t have many watchers on tumblr…ha ha. I barely know how it works!


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                      “I can’t tell if your habits are terrible, or if you’re looking for something. Either way, isn’t staring rude? 

Yeah, she called out the Sharlayan Miquo’te on her behaviour, but then, given the fact Orbiel probably gave off the vibe she wasn’t what she really was, it probably was a good thing Orbiel didn’t have any of her minions around at the time. 

Character Sheet


Full Name: Rennley Aster

Nickname: Renn

Visual Age: 27 (actual age is unknown)

Gender: Female

Race: Miquo'te, Seeker of the Sun


Height: 5'5"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Body Type: Lean, perhaps slightly thinner than she should be; overall athletic build

Eye Color: Right eye is peridot, left is grey

Hair Color/Style: Sleek, straight, dusty beige; she commonly wears it in a “half-up, half-down” style, pulled back and held in place by a carved silver hair clip

Fur Color: (Ears & tail only) Dusty beige like her hair; her ears are slightly darker at the ends, and her tail is tipped with dark, russet fringe

Skin Tone/Type: Deeply tanned, faint freckles around her shoulders & upper back; occasionally prone to dryness

Favored Clothing Style: Well-crafted leather/furs; practical, and flexible, allowing her agility and mobility when traveling; in colder climates she is often seen with a wool oilskin cloak draped around her shoulders

Accessories: Silver hair clip, silver thumb ring

Tattoos: Elaborate jackal, inked at the back of her neck

Piercing(s): Both ears, each twice; small nose ring

Scar(s): A small ‘z’ shaped scar along the inside of her right thumb; a faint three-inch scar on the left side of her collarbone

Predominant Features: Partial-heterochromia, large ears, long tail, rounded face, high cheekbones, angular eyes, graceful posture


Alignment: True Neutral; she generally only assists others if it will benefit her survival (be it food, coin, or a dry place to sleep) – she is independent and does not gush with patriotism for her city-state, preferring to make her own lot in life utilizing the skills she has learned and the natural bounties of the land.

Occupation: Archer (combat) – trained from a very young age, purely for survival purposes in the beginning; she still mainly specializes in hunting beasts, but her tracking skills lend her a useful advantage in her mercenary work as well.

Leatherworker (trade) – something she has taken up recently (within the past year) to make better use of the hides, bone, and furs she collects on her travels; previously she sold these as raw materials to merchants, but has since seen more profitability and practicality in crafting her own wares.

Food: Despite the amount of hunting & tracking she engages in, she rarely eats meat, out of respect for the beasts she slays. Instead, she prefers vegetation, fruits, rare fungi, and her favorite, fish. Berries and herbs are a favorite of hers as well, and she commonly blends her own tea mixtures for her enjoyment. Literature: She is an avid reader, though prefers mostly historically accurate texts, maps, and biographies when she can find them.She carries a small worn journal as well, documenting her travels, botany findings, and logs information on various beasts and hunts.


Strengths: Agile, accurate, level-headed, skilled in tracking

Weaknesses: Her slitted pupils make it difficult for her to track & travel under the cover of darkness. She dislikes large expanses of water, preferring rocky, dry terrain & forests.

Weapons: Commonly equipped with one of her two bows, a slender white bow carved from a length of birch, or her more practical, hardy composite bow

Habits: Draws her arrows as far back as her temple; flicks her right ear just before shooting for the first time in a fight

Familiars/Summons/Pets: Often travels with a large tawny gryphon named Riska; when not astride him, he is usually close at hand, whether flying high above, or watching cautiously nearby. He is summoned to her side by a quick, sharp whistle.

Fighting Style: Generally prefers immobilizing targets as much as possible rather than outright killing them. She’ll aim for legs, shoulders, & feet if her targets are human. Otherwise, if hunting, her accuracy in shooting for the throat & hard is second-to-none.

Old Injuries: She was injured quite severely a few years passed beneath a staunch blow to her collarbone. Though it has not caused many visible problems since the incident, she very nearly lost her life. Will occasionally experience severe aches in her chest and throat area due to the aforementioned collar injury, but these incidents have become fewer in recent days.

Speed: She is quite fast, though by no means uncatchable; she prefers using height, vantage points, and distance to her advantage.

Agility: Agile, but she is not flashy or acrobatic. She has good evasion where needed, but generally is a long-range combatant.

Strength: Due to her propensity with the bow, her sheer power is more on the weaker side.

Stamina: She is used to running long distances over long periods of time, but is ill-equipped for short bursts of speed. She lasts fairly long in a fight.

Defensive Ability: When fighting powerful opponents, she is usually at a disadvantage; one well-placed, cleaving blow would be plenty enough to severely disable her. She relies primarily on her evasion abilities to stay out of close rang combat.

Magical Ability: Currently she has no skill with the arcane arts.


Character Flaws: Blunt, relatively anti-social to certain types of people (wealthy, gossips, etc.)

Mannerisms: Meets the eyes of all she speaks to, almost intensely so; often rubs the side of her nose with her thumb when speaking; folds her arms across her chest in a guarded position

Personal Triggers: Deep water, darkness, rape

Love Interest(s): None currently.

Likes: Being in nature; the challenge of survival; herbalism, botany, alchemy, leatherworking; alcohol; the occasional clean inn/tavern

Dislikes: The overly wealthy; large bodies of water; loud noises; large cities; crowds of people

Fears: Untrustworthy individuals; unclear motives; made generally uncomfortable by the fall of darkness

Personality: Calm, slightly distant. Relatively serious, straight-forward; she is calculating, logical, has no patience for idle gossip, drama, or pettiness.


Family Members: Aiala Jak'ah - Mother; botanist (deceased) – Caiz'o Jak'ah - Father; archer (deceased)

History: Rennley Aster was raised in the arid, barren deserts surrounding Ul'dah. She was but a small girl, happy enough assisting her mother in gathering herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and helping tend her father’s hunting hawks. However, her parents died tragically in a Garlean assault, just prior to the Calamity. Orphaned and displaced from her clan, she struggled for her life until she was found, close to death, by a small group of male Mi'quote, seeking to establish a clan. They helped her gradually, providing her with food and shelter, though she was woefully ignorant to their true motives. Over time, the males began to quarrel, their nerves fraying, and several began bouts of bloody combat, until but a few remained. They turned on her, seeing her as an immediate chance for their survival, and against her will, she became a breeding female for several of them. Many moons passed, and when it was clear that she would sire them no heirs, perhaps due to her young age, the males began to resent her, and came very near to murdering her and leaving her for the carrion crows. However, one of the males, disgusted by the actions of his peers, turned against them, and together, the two fled. Both grievously wounded, they took shelter at the very edge of Thanalan, within the rocky caves of Wellwick Wood. Rennley was abhorrently distrustful of Nhazo, the male who had rescued her, and for decidedly good reasons. It took him nearly four moons to fully gain her trust, though despite this, he kept the two of them alive. Gradually, as Rennley came to fear him less, he taught her many things of survival, particularly archery. She became powerful, agile, and above all, deadly. Owing much to Nhazo, they eventually travelled as far south as the Sagoli desert. By this time, the two had spent nearly four years together; Rennley began even to love him, though she never voiced these feelings. She was never given the chance, as during their foray into the desert, Nhazo was brutally murdered–by the self-same Miquo'te that had caused Rennley so much torment. In turn, she slew every last one in a blind, catastrophic rage. Their blood soaked the sand in rivers, and she could not wash it clean for nearly a week. Grieving for her lost companion, she steeled herself against the elements, and left the desert behind; she did not return to the dunes for many years. Her blind, meandering path brought her to the gates of Little Ala Migho, where refugees were beginning to gather in their tatters and woes. She stayed with them for a time, though absently, distracted, and distrustful. They eventually cast her out as they had too many problems of their own, and she became a traveler once again. Much time passed, many aspects of her character hardened, and still many others fell away. She became a strong, resilient pillar against the desert climate, and finally found herself at Ul'dah’s gates, just outside Stonesthrow. Drastically different from her time in Little Ala Migho, here she worked to assist the displaced refugees, providing them with leather, furs, food, and protection where required. She very much championed these downtrodden souls, until the Brass Blades began to take notice. After a time, and after she saw that the refugees eventually found suitable work within Uldah’s walls, she left the rocky desert lands behind, making for the shaded boughs of the Black Shroud. It is here where she has ultimately found solace. Working with the leatherworkers of Gridania, and their infamous botanists, she has learned valuable aspects to her chosen trades, and has even learned a trick or two with archery. Now she roams as she pleases, traversing the obscure wilds of Eorzea in search of great beasts, peculiar herbs, and ultimately…she wishes to do honorably in Nhazo’s name.

Watch on voirmoi.tumblr.com

[Tracks include: Purity Ring, Ellie Goulding Justice, Sleigh Bells, Rhianna, Marina and the Diamonds, Kavinsky, Mikki Ekko, Capital Cities, Miike Snow, etc]

I’m DJ in real life when I’m not Tumblin!
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(Dubstep, Indie, NuDisco, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro, Dance)

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