Her name: Yahn Akhyra
Her game: Kicking the strange and the preternatural right in the arse so you don’t have to. That’s right, if you’ve got the gil then she’s got the skill…
Alright, enough rhyming.
This Keeper of the Moon Miquo'te is a smart, agile and stubborn gal who makes a living taking care of violent aetheral phenomena that may cause harm to others. Voidsent, hexes, magickally animated skeletons… you name it! Anything can be explained (and consequently eliminated) via science and careful planning. But she is no good samaritan; obviously, the nature of this job can be quite a dangerous and she won’t risk her life for free! Of course there are many ways of… “payment”, but that is something to be discussed at another time.

Jobs: she is a Disciple of Magic but sometimes demons respond better to a good whacking, so there may be times when picking up a sword is necessary.

Now, although she is well-versed in the ways of arcanima, fighting is not her forte as she is still much inexperienced. She took this freelancing way of life from her mother, a highly skilled adventurer from the past. As a result, she finds herself doing odd jobs that scale from breaking up cults that just turn out to be Ether-addicted thaumaturge teenagers to helping bring down a Lalafell stuck in a tree(it happens more often than you think!)

[open to any kind of RP as long as it’s interesting. Add me in game or message me here on tumblr. I have a twitter @yahnakhyra as well. I’m kinda new to MMO roleplaying so I’d like to make friends :^)]