Realised I forgot to publish the entries I managed to get done before the end of october here ;;;;
Saldy this year I didnt manage to do all my 31 entries during the month of october… I hope to correct that next year!!!!

edit : somehow picture captions dont seem to be working, so I’m just gonna give credit here
Character of days 18-19-20 belong to @shuuzaar and they’re called Rhithin <3
Character on the right of day 22 belongs to a friend of mine and is called Yiye o/


My entry for the caster challenge didn’t get into finalist! ; w ; so i’ll just post it here cause i just want to say all i wanted was WoL Carving raid strats across his arm muttering “ITS A CIRCLE. ITS A CIRCLE”. Admitted the rendering could have been more polished, i rushed this like the 3 work days i had after returning from fanfest frankfurt ww