Have you ever felt hell on earth?,
Is it a strange question?
We all know that hell exists,
but how is it a hell on earth?,
Well, it is a hell on earth,
while you live in your paradise,
others are in hell.
When the dark night,
becomes light as the day.
The military torches are lit
hight above in the sky.
The noisy sounds of killer planes,
hover over our heads.

The hell is on earth for Gaza,
when the bombs kill innocent children,
turning little bodies to ash.
The huge bombs attack Gaza,
which destroyed our homes,
and kill parents and children alike.

The hell is on earth for Gaza,
when the terrified leave their homes,
and reside in the schools.
They leave all their properties,
escaping barely with their lives.
Neighbours give them food and water.
They await on others to give them shelter,

The hell is on earth for Gaza,
when you are unable
to protect your family,
from the intense bombing
that aim to destroy us all.
The children are afraid,
they are crying and screaming,
holding on to you for dear life.
They think you have
the power to protect them,
But they don’t know,
you will die before them,
while trying, and protecting
their innocent lives.

The hell is on earth for Gaza,
when the beds in the hospital are filled,
and the wounded are forced to lay on the ground.
They plead for more blood,
it seems the donations are not enough,
to save lives of the wounded,
as they also start to attack
the hospitals and clinics.
The innocent die,
While in treatment.

The hell is on earth for Gaza,
when the family is at home,
and suddenly one of your children
Gets injured.
The ambulance is unable to reach him on time,
you have a feeling it won’t make it,
due to heavy shelling outside.
You look at your son,
while he is bleeding,
and you are helpless,
as you witness him,
take his last breath.

The hell is on earth for Gaza,
when thousands of tons of weapons,
falls down in a small and crowded area,
under continuous siege.
Yet the world watches on in silence,
while Gaza is burning and people are dying.
Your silence doesn’t help good people,
for the creators of hell
are the ones that are silent.

Written by Ahmed Miqdad From Gaza

And his horse was called Sabhah.

We may hear a lot of things about this particular sahabi, but I wanted to point out one of the most noteworthy contributions he had given to Islam, and this was during the Battle of Badr.

But first, let me tell you something about Al Miqdad Radiyallahu Anhu, he wasn’t a native of Makkah. He suffered continuous torture from the hands of the Quraish yet he never renounced his Islam.

He was the seventh person to openly proclaim his Islam, but that doesn’t mean he was the seventh person to accept Islam. He was among the few companions who made both migrations, to Al Habashah and to Al Madinah.

These are just brief things about Al Miqdad but what makes his name stand out is of this incident that happened during the Battle of Badr.

With a Makkan caravan headed by Abu Sufyan, the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam set out of Al Madinah with more than 300 of his Companions but Abu Sufyan was able to flee, but the people of Makkah had already set out in order to defend their caravan.

This unexpected turn of events called for an imprtant decision and quick resolve, for the Muslims had not come out to fight.

The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam consulted his Companions, saying “O people, give me your counsel.”

Abu Bakr Radiyallahu Anhu stood and spoke well, and then ‘Umar Ibn Al Khattab Radiyallahu Anhu stood and spoke well. The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam then repeated his request, saying, “O people, give me your counsel.”

This is when Al Miqdad Ibn 'Amr came forth, and he was the only Companion who was riding a horse at the time.

He then said: “O Messenger of Allah, execute that (plan) which Allah has shown to you, for we are with you. By Allah, we will not say to you as the children of Israel said to Musa: "So go you and your Lord and fight you two, we are sitting right here.” Instead, we say to you, 'Go you and your Lord and fight: we are with you and will fight.’ And by the One Who sent you with the truth, if you led us to Birkul-Ghimad (a place on the outlying regions of Yemen)- we would fight alongside with you against those who come before it (and there were many tribes separating Al Madinah and Birkul-Ghimad), until you reached it. And we will indeed fight from your right, from your left, from before you, and from behind you - until Allah makes you victorious.“

On this firm and brave stance, the eminent Comapnion, 'Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud Radiyallahu Anhu said, "I witnessed a situation with Al Miqdad Radiyallahu Anhu which made his companionship more beloved to me than anything similar to it.” -it was that speech of his.

According to come narrations, that speech made the Prophet’s Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam face shine, so pleased was he with Miqdad’s words. 

Indeed, in speaking such words, he showed not only his bravery, but his wisdom as well, for his speech prompted others to express similar commitments of loyalty and bravery, which were especially wanted from the Ansar, who had pledged to protect the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam from attacking enemies, but not to go out and initiate battle.

As soon as Al Miqdad finished speaking, one of the leaders of the Ansar came forth and expressed similar sentiments on behalf of his people.

Allahu'akbar! This incident never fails to make me cry. Just look at the sincerity, love and bravery of Al Miqdad! There is so much assurance in his speech that in situations like that, such assurance were needed. Indeed, the companions were handpicked by Allah Azza Wa Jall. such people embodied such qualities that are just right and perfectly qualified for them to be called the Companions of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

At times, where Muslims are now divided into so many groups, disunited with so many “misunderstandings”, such stories of this kind are needed, look at how united the Muslims were during the days of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

How encouraging the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum were, how the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam who could just give the command would still sit and talk and ask for the counsel of his people. Allahu'akbar.

I still pray for the Ummah of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam to reunite and disregard the differences of each other, rather unite and regard the blessings, guidance and brotherhood that Allah Azza Wa Jall has gifted them.

I still hope for an Ummah so strong, an Ummah united, not fighting each other but fighting for each other.

I still believe in this Ummah.

And we pray that Allah Azza Wa Jall helps us reconnect with our brothers and sisters in deen in a way that we do not regard our tribe or our race more than our worship or deen. 




Story was taken from:

• pp. 12-15 وزراء حول الرسول 
• Sahih Bukhari: 3952
• Ahmad 5/259

“Hopeless Faces”
When you look to us,
you will recognize,
the meaning of tiredness,
the meaning of loss and killing,
the meaning of refuge and homeless.
We are the hopeless faces,
remember, we are not one,
but we are several faces,
I am the face of the father,
who lost his sons,
the heart is still bleeding,
and the sadness does not abandon us,
with every day and night,
you came to the minds,
although you live in the hearts,
I remember the hour of your death,
wait you to knock the door,
your smell comes out of your room,
I wake up in the night,
carry your blanket,
between my hands to cover you,
I find your bed is empty,
I will keep it for you,
with hope you come back,
even if I know,
the dead will never be alive,
but it is my sympathy,
try to deceive my heart,
and lets it wait your coming.
I am the face of the mother,
who found her baby killed,
in his soft bed,
I remember the scene of that moment,
when the shrapnel cut your head,
and the blood comes out,
like a fountain of red water,
I fainted and fell down in your blood,
my breast is calling you,
it is still giving milk,
I cuddle your toys,
it caught some of your blood,
you reside in my heart.
I am the face of widow,
they killed my husband,
during the dark night,
when he went to bring medicine,
to the young child,
who has fever,
but the drone targeted him,
I waited him to be back,
till the morning,
I opened the door,
to find him in the street,
as a martyr was bleeding,
until he reached near the home,
then his soul left his body.
I am the face of the homeless,
bring me a pencil and a red color,
I will draw the image,
I will draw the plane hovering,
the rocket is falling,
and the home is destroyed,
then, I will pain the house,
with red color,
it is strange little a bit,
but it will mean a lot,
I want deliver a message,
that dead are better than us,
at least, they find tombs to live in,
but we have nothing,
we are the hopeless faces.

Written by Ahmed Miqdad From Gaza