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Here’s a preview for SHADE ELEVEN:

I shoved him towards the wall and took his mouth. He moaned and carried me to his bedroom. Slowly, he laid me on the bed and smiled. 
“Let’s take it slow señorita. We want your first time to be special. I will not do any of my favorite things to you just yet. In time, we will do the craziest things, but for tonight we will take it vainilla.” 

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“¿¡QUÉ?!” My three friends shouted. We were in my room the day after the horrible date, discussing how the night went.
“¿¡What’s wrong with you puta?!” Regiña screamed. 
“No me diga,” I sighed. “I wanted him, but I was too scared. I’m not ready for this!! My body is not ready!”
“Make it ready!” said Kareña. 
“I’m too scared! Everything was going well and I wanted it all to happen, but I don’t know if he is the one true vato for me! I want my first time to be with the vato who has the key to mi corazón, just like Cinderella!” 
“This is too much! Here have some bacon,” Gretcheña ordered as she shoved a piece of bacon in my mouth. 
“You have to call him,” Regiña said. 
“I don’t even know his number!” I realized. “If the stars are aligned and we meet again, I will give him everything. It will be up to fate and the Vato Gods to put us together.” 
“Go find him!” Kareña suggested. 
“No, I have to go shopping for mi mama. Thanks guys.” We walked out of my house and went our separate ways. 
At the supermarket, I filled my basket with vegetables, nuts, and meat. I walked into the chip aisle and retreated back to where I was before. IT WAS HIM!! IT WAS MIGUEL!!! THE VATO GODS HAVE SPOKEN AND THEY WANT US TO BE TOGETHER! My heart began beating again. I was at a lost. Was I suppose to go up to him or wait for him to come to me? 
Not knowing what to do, I quickly went in line to pay for my things. 
“Trang?” I heard a voice behind me. My heart stopped. Fear rose in me, I didn’t want to see him so soon. I turned around and stared into his eyes. 
“I-I’m sorry about last night,” I said quietly. 
“No, no, no Trang.” He caressed my face and smiled down.
The Vato Gods had brought this ángel to me and I was muy grateful.

One upside to not having Internet was that I wasn’t too distracted to watch the anime I’ve had on my drive for an eternity. So I watched a LOT of anime. (Okay, only four episodes of anime in two days, but for me, that’s a lot of anime.) I think one of these days, I should spend the whole day binging Futari wa Precure. I love both girls, always important for my magical girl binging, but Nagisa in particular is my child. It’s really cheesy, but hey, it’s a kids’ show - me enjoying it despite that says more about me than about anything wrong the show itself has done.

…Mipple and Mepple annoy the crap out of me, though. I know, I know, children’s show, but I don’t think child-me would have liked those two, either. I hope every mascot in this franchise isn’t as annoying, because yikes. A mascot is not supposed to openly antagonize the magical girl, you annoying little critters! =P

But I shall continue to watch for Nagisa, because Nagisa~