Yeah guys, my pen and me, we are alive! :D

Here you see PURE CANON.
Because Mippt and Izzou this is just… i mean… it’s so much hate that it just HAS to turn, right? You know what i mean! x’D

…Mippt doesnt seem to feel comfortable with Izzou touching da booty.

Also i suck at drawing comics i guess. I just dont have the guts to really really try. Maybe i should…

Top to bottom left to right:
8g Cocaine (3 baggies)
8g 4-FA (2 baggies)
1g 2c-b
17 MDMA presses (2.5 yellow UPS, 2 red UPS, 4 Heisenberg’s, 4 middle fingers, 1.5 purple dominos, 3 orange Lego men)
30 40mg 2-FMA (3 baggies)
5 20mg 2c-b
5 5mg moxy and 4 12-16mg 4-aco-dmt (one baggie)
8 2mg Xanax and 6 Etizolam (2.5 mg I think)
16g shrooms


Rolanberry Lassi & Mint Lassi, by Mipije Papije

(Rolanberries, otherwise known in our world as Strawberries, and Mint both come into season traditionally towards the end of May, however, with new farming technology we can Enjoy Strawberries and Mint almost all year round! With the summer months just around the corner, try some refreshing and cool “Rolanberry” Lassi and Mint Lassi. Yes indeedie!)

Serves 2 of each

Ingredients and Instructions:

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Spinach Quiche, by Mip Map

(I was asked by a friend: “Since you’re a Certified Chef, do you still eat packaged pizzas, or buy pre-made food at the grocery store?” And I replied: “What?! Are you crazy?! Of Course I do!” I’m a firm believer that we should never ever be snooty of where we get our foods as long as the quality is there. It’s all about reading the labels and knowing your skill level and allotted time in the kitchen. If you are short on time, an easy to cook meal can save the day. Here’s a simple, yet elegant Spinach Quiche Lorraine made from pre-packaged foods. It will also increase your Gathering and Perception.)

Serves 4 to 6

Ingredients and Instructions:

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