Haven’t done a Follow Friday in ages, so for this follow friday I’ll dedicate it to some hardcore R/E shippers. Follow them yeah?

List of Hardcore R/E shippers (very nice people) you should follow

Tumblr Crushes:

Follow Friday

My very first Follow Friday ever.

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Follow these people. They are all made of WIN!

here’s my follow friday. which I made because I probably won’t be making one for the next few weeks (I’m this lazy) anyway, follow them if you want a nice dash and they are all super nice people. they all either are greats writers or graphic makers. and they all ship R/Hr

ps: I hand wrote this, hopefully you like my penmanship :)

Follow these people: earrelatedhumour / youaremyerised/ mione-weasley/ mionewazlib/ nothinglessthanbeautifultome/ fudge-you/ thirdkingdom/ batangmakata/ magicalromione/ rupelover/ fadingspells/ furyserenity/ deeply-inside/ mumblemess/ potterstreet/ finiteincantatem- /acciograngerweasley/ perksofbeingapotterfan/ oneparliamentofowls/ how-to-get-to-neverland/ whats-with-the-birds 


Hanna - Shoot Your Gun (Official Video) (by dazzleme7)

I guess I never saw it coming…

My school is holding talks and stuff about how untrustworthy the people you meet online are. and I was like " well, you haven't met my friends on Tumblr." just want all of you to know that I am really thankful that I've discovered Tumblr's existence and that I have the honour of meeting such wonderful people.

all of my followers and people I’ve met here

especially : Lynda, Joyce, Trisha, Pet, Nneka, Amelia, Elok, Anu, Katherine, Asmaa

it is fun to fangirl with all of you. you are all really nice people as well :D