you can’t punch a hologram but you sure can punch len

Megalovania - VY2 Acapella
  • Megalovania - VY2 Acapella

i tuned this thing at one million miles per hour

i told you it would be dumb

MIDI transcription by Manel Návola

help i found a new brush i like and i can’t stop myself

So I’ve got this new VocaAU where everyone is some kind of monster or demon (Big Al’s the Frankenstein monster, don’t worry) or something of the sort and everything was going great until I made VY1 and VY2 into tsukumogami and now I have these adorable little buggers skittering around and playing pranks on everyone.

Though I must say, drawing their box art designs sure is fun.

please do not approach the shapeshifter

So after years of not touching Flash for anything more than quick doodles, I decided to actually animate something and man did this spiral out of control.

It was originally going to be a rough sequence sort of thing but before I knew it, I had animated Gumi’s hand and


it just kind of kept on going

Either way, Gumi, you should know better than to bend down to a spirit nearly twice your age. Gakupo warned you about this sort of thing.


Read the full description on DA.

are you going to stop eating this now tumblr are you

In short, a friend started a Nuzlocke with my AU VY2s and then I was inspired to try my hand at making Pokemon sprite edits. Strange, isn’t it?

i am so out of practice with sprite editing it’s not even funny but according to my friend it turned out well enough?

Meanwhile, Mio retreats back to her hole and braces for the worst.

Bonetrousle - ZOLA Acapella
  • Bonetrousle - ZOLA Acapella

i have an exam tomorrow and this is how i choose to spend my time


MIDI Transcription by Jeffrey Zhou

As part of the Vocaloid Secret Santa this year, Merry Christmas to @ismikuoaninstrument! I heard someone liked Kiyoteru, so what better excuse to draw the new designs than this?

aaa i wish i could have incorporated more into this but i hope you like it!! i can send you the higher res version anytime you’d like ;w;

It’s late and I’ve been doodling stylized Vocaloids because I can. Don’t mind me and my headcanon that VY2 is in fact Gakupo’s sword and therefore I call their bromance “Swordsmanship.”

Good night.