So yes, long story short, Mio loves all the Zola Project designs, but the one problem is that her particular favorites for each voice bank don’t belong to any one set. Mix-mash of styles, anyone?

It’s funny–I was just doodling to try to figure out Ideolo Kyo’s hair when I stopped and said to myself, no, I can do better than this! And so I opened a new file and really had at it. Too bad the determination didn’t carry over to Wil, the awkward looking little bugger.

But there you have it. Dorks. Dorks as far as the eye can see.

Megalovania - VY2 Acapella
Megalovania - VY2 Acapella

i tuned this thing at one million miles per hour

i told you it would be dumb

MIDI transcription by Manel Návola

help i found a new brush i like and i can’t stop myself

So I’ve got this new VocaAU where everyone is some kind of monster or demon (Big Al’s the Frankenstein monster, don’t worry) or something of the sort and everything was going great until I made VY1 and VY2 into tsukumogami and now I have these adorable little buggers skittering around and playing pranks on everyone.

Though I must say, drawing their box art designs sure is fun.

so this old thing’s probably almost a year old–i was originally going to try to make a lipsync model to go along with that cover of sususususuki daisuki i made a while back but just couldn’t make the deadline and especially couldn’t finish the actual lipsync video in time

either way enjoy the tiny roro

please do not approach the shapeshifter

So after years of not touching Flash for anything more than quick doodles, I decided to actually animate something and man did this spiral out of control.

It was originally going to be a rough sequence sort of thing but before I knew it, I had animated Gumi’s hand and


it just kind of kept on going

Either way, Gumi, you should know better than to bend down to a spirit nearly twice your age. Gakupo warned you about this sort of thing.

Bonetrousle - ZOLA Acapella
Bonetrousle - ZOLA Acapella

i have an exam tomorrow and this is how i choose to spend my time


MIDI Transcription by Jeffrey Zhou

i’m seriously wondering why i ever stopped working with thick dynamic lines because holy heckity heck for once i’m actually satisfied with something i’ve made and i made it in no time at all

i drew boyfriend!yūma because he’s a precious cinnamon roll far too good for this world far too pure [he’s also transparent eheheheh]