miodegg text

Thank you so much for your kind messag es!! Im f eeling a bit better ac tually! Im sorry i did nt reply right a way, i was sle eping! Oh gos h you guys… i don t deserve such kindn ess! Seriou sly! I los t it at toms message it was just so swee t and i really lov e my brother/best friend hh and oh my go sh just ,,,, the anons and sukka anD LARA!!! LARA SENT ME A BUNCH OF CUTE MESSAGES ABOUT TOGAMI AND LEON AND PENGUINDRUM AND ALOT OF THINGS!!!! I just really love you guys alot and katie thank you for listening to me!!! It was nice to get out my feelings!! So thank you everyone!!!

ahh h ev ery one,,,,,
y our al l so kind!!!! i gu ess due to an o verwhelming amou nt of pe ople that do l ike my quirk it w ill stay! ho wever i don t want the o thers who don t lik e it to be uncomfortab le so i will tag my text po sts with “miodegg text” bu t if that s still no t enough im so rry but ple ase unfollow me b ecause i dont w an t to cause an yone discomfort!