“That was really fun. Who knew you knew how to choose?” Serena smiles, licking her ice cream like a child.
“Yeah, I’m bushed.” Quinn answers, smiling sincerely at the other blonde.
“I like you.”
“Pardon?” Quinn almost choked.
“..for Nate, of course.” She chuckles at the fact she even considered Quinn was… gay.
“Oh, of course.”

Writing Their Own Happy Ending

George: Once upon a time or more specifically at the dawn of time, god, lower case g was getting busy with creation as the kids these days are saying. He gave toad a clay jar and said “be careful with this, it’s got Death inside.”
Pleased as punch and oblivious to the fact that he was to become god’s fall guy on the whole death issue, toad promised to guard the jar. But then one day toad met frog “let me hold the jar of death” or whatever you call it frog bag. With a nod to Nancy Reagan’s pro of wisdom, toad just said no. But frog was determined and after much whining toad finally gave in. 
“You can hold it but just for a second” he said. In his excitement frog began to hop around and juggle the death jar from one foot to the other. Frog was an asshole.
“Stop” toad cried out but it was too late, frog dropped the jar and it shattered to the ground. When it broke open Death got out and ever since all living things have to die. Makes you wonder how much better the world would be if frog had stuck to hocking beer. So there you have it, the mystery of death finally revealed, we all die, some of us sooner than later, for me, it’s going to be much sooner but that’s only the beginning of my story.