11 Love Lessons from Soap Operas (no particular order) | Gossip Girl edition

11. Don’t Keep Secrets
It’s never a good idea to withhold information from your loved ones, even with the purest of motives. As we see in soaps, people often think they’re doing someone else a favor by going it alone, or protecting them from unpleasant truths, but it always blows up in their faces. In real life, secrets isolate us, make us miserable, and sometimes ruin relationships completely. Besides, isn’t it more respectful to allow your loved one to decide what to do with the facts, rather than taking away their power?

Garrett: Okay, you know, let’s go out, I’ll get you something now.
Amy: It is not about the god-damn gift!
Garrett: What if it was about the gift? What if we forgot about the gift?
Amy: No, it’s bigger than this! It’s a combination of a lot of things. I’ve invested so much of myself in this relationship and I don’t feel like you’re doing the same. I don’t even know if you’re into this. Are you?
Garrett: hesitates Sure.
Amy: Oh my god!
Garrett: Amy, come on!
Amy: Don’t even think about calling me again. hits him with the door
Garrett: Oh Jesus! Amy, w-wait, so I should not call you or I should want to call you? she leaves Okay, so it means what it means. Good.