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Can you do a NU'EST reaction to you getting REALLY drunk at a party



I feel like JR would feel worried. He’d be the one who looks after you. The one who would follow you everywhere the whole night, making sure you don’t do something stupid. And yes, he’d even be the one who would hold your hair back while you puke. When you would finally hit your limit, JR would tell you to stop and immediately take you home. 



“Y/N…” he would say. “You’re really drunk and you should just stop drinking.”

You replied with a slurred answer that Aron wouldn’t even understand but when he would see you had another bottle of whatever in your hand; he would rip it out of your hand and tell you enough is enough. He wasn’t angry but he was just frustrated. “Y/N. Stop. Let’s go home.” He would grab your hand and pull you out of the party. You wouldn’t fight back. You would just pass because you were so drunk and Aron would have to give you a piggy bank ride back home. He didn’t leave until he knew you were sleeping.



Baekho would 10/10 laugh at the stupid things you do, like fall down while trying to walk. And he’d even say “I told you so” because before you got overly drunk, he told you that you should watch what you drink and you’ll regret it. And when Baekho said it was time to go home, you regretted drinking. You definitely regretted the next day. During the night, Baekho didn’t leave your side; making sure you were okay and go to bed safe and sound.



By the time you would get extremely drunk, Ren got extremely tired. So he would get a bit angry. He even told not to drink at all that night but you didn’t listen to him. He would be done with you by the end of the night. Not literally but mentally. He would always be beside you no matter when; expect to the bathroom. He would ‘NEVER let you leave his sight. You two were stuck like glue. But deep down, he cared so much about you.



Kind of like a mix of JR and Aron. Minhyun would find it funny how drunk you were. At first, he’d laugh at you for a while but during the night, he would start to more and more worried. He’d always check on you to make sure you’re okay. But eventually, he stopped going back and forth from his friends to you and just stayed with you, making sure you were always safe.



New Beginnings

On your first day of college, you’re introduced to Kim Jonghyun, a kind third-year student. As your time in university progresses, you experience many of your college “firsts” with him, leading you to fall for the junior. 

  • ft. yuehua sprouts as your best friends (pls ignore their ages omg)
  • also if i ever do the frat au series, it will be in the same universe as this fic
  • 4.5 k words
  • warnings for alcohol, drugs, attempted use of date-rape drugs

You sighed, staring at the pamphlet in your slightly shaking hand before glancing around quickly. It was the first day of college, and you were supposed to be meeting your mentor/guide for the first time; he was thirty minutes late.

“Um, excuse me?” A kind voice asked you from behind the student services desk. A tall guy stood there, dressed in a black t-shirt and ripped black jeans. His black ensemble was complimented with, you guessed it, black hair. “Did you need something?”

“Uh, yeah,” you nodded, scrambling to show him the paper with your mentor assignment, “I was supposed to meet my mentor here, like, half an hour ago, but he isn’t here.”

The guy glanced at the paper with a frown. When he saw who your mentor was, he sighed and shook his head, tsk-ing under his breath.

“I can try giving him a call if you’d like?” The guy offered, “I’m pretty close with him. What time’s your first class?”

You checked your timetable first and then your watch, wincing. “Fifteen minutes?”

The guy shook his head again, pulling his phone out and punching something into it, lifting it to his ear.  The phone rang a few times before someone picked up. “Minki, where are you?…No, it’s your first day of mentoring! The poor girl’s been waiting for half an hour, where the hell are you?…. You’re what? How much did you drink last night?….. Minki, really?” He waited for the person to hang up before turning to you with an amused grin.

“Looks like I’ll be taking you to your first class,” he said, walking around the desk that he’d been working at. “Hyung, cover for me!” He yelled to the back, taking your timetable gently. “I’m Kim Jonghyun, a third year student here.”

“(Y/n),” you introduced yourself, “I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but why isn’t my mentor here?”

Jonghyun gave you a crooked smile, “he’s uh, he’s still drunk from the night before. To be honest, I’m surprised he’s even in this mentor program to begin with.”

“Oh,” you’d obviously heard stories about the amount of drinking that happened in college, but to still be drunk the next morning? That was a lot of alcohol.

“Anyways, your first class is in the West Building,” Jonghyun said, heading out of the student services office. You hurried to follow, feeling a bit nervous about your first day at college. “So, are you staying on campus or are you a commuter student?”

“Oh, I’m on campus,” you replied, “I’ve been here for about two weeks getting settled in.”

“How do you like it so far?” Jonghyun asked casually, turning the corner. Someone riding a skateboard at a very high speed was barreling down the sidewalk, so he guided you to the side.

“It’s nice,” you nodded, trying to memorize the way that Jonghyun was taking you, “I like the atmosphere, but the food in the cafeteria sucks.”

“And your roommates?” You appreciated Jonghyun carrying on the conversation—it helped distract you from the fact that this was your first college class.

You shrugged at that question, “they’re nice, but they knew each other from high school, so I’m a bit left out.”

“Ah,” Jonghyun nodded, “Yeah, my first year, I was roommates with Minki and this other super weird guy, Taemin. Taemin, I dunno what the hell happened to him, he’s probably dealing weed to freshmen or something, but Minki and I ended up renting an apartment off-campus with three other guys.”

“That’s cool,” you remarked, impressed. Maybe what people said was true—maybe you did make your closest friends in college.

“Well, here you are,” Jonghyun gestured up at the huge brick building, ivy creeping up its sides, “the lecture hall will be impossible to miss, when you enter, the door is right across the way.”

“Thank you,” you said quickly, accepting your timetable from him, “I know you didn’t have to take me to class, but I appreciate it.”

“It’s no trouble,” Jonghyun smiled at you easily, “and if Minki ever doesn’t show up or anything, you can just ask me for help. Here—“ he produced a pen from his pocket and scrawled his number on the back of your timetable. “Good luck on your first day of classes, (y/n)!”

“Thank you!” You said again, heading inside the lecture hall.

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‘The island of the Dead’ Theory continued 

Part 1 

The soundtrack that was used in Ren’s teaser for ‘Where You At’ is from Rachmaninov’s album “The Isle Of The Dead” 1908 (but in Ren’s teaser it is re-done to be more modern maybe). This piece of music he wrote was inspired by the black and white reproduction of the painting ‘The island of the Dead’ by Arnold Böcklin, which was featured in Ren’s bedroom set. This makes me believe NU’EST W 100% drew inspiration from this painting for ‘Where You At’.

The fact that he was only inspired by the black and white remake of the painting and not the coloured version, makes me remember the lyric “You fill my black and white life with Colour’ From Love Paint. While listening to this piece it fills you with a sense of dread, which is similar to the scary vibe the teasers give, as the members and being hunted down by an unknown force.

 (trans- C)


[Thank you for L.O.ㅅ.E] NU'EST(뉴이스트) - 여보세요(HELLO) 2017ver


[TRANS] Hongkira Hwang Minhyun 10 Points

28 Aug 2017

1. Self-introduction

MH: Hello I’m Wanna One’s Minhyun. For me..

W1: Proportions! Room tidying

MH: For me, cleaning. I’m the best at organizing and am confident in it. And, I guess I have a voice that’s nice to hear before going to bed?

Hongki: Ah I see. Do others confirm this?

W1: Yes we confirm

2. What does 개안즈 (gae-ahn-jeu) mean?

MH: This is a nickname that fans gave to us (MH and Ong), for when we are together. It’s a bit embarrassing for us to say

Hongki: It’s ok it’s ok! Don’t need to be humble

Ong:  In visual aspects, when we’re together, your eyes are opened, they’re improved. It’s that kind of meaning

3. Hwang Minhyun match

Ong: If Woojin had a younger sister, which member would he want to introduce her to?
W1: Minyun?

MH: The action I like to do is?
BJY: Dance

MH: The season I like is?
WJ: Winter

MH: If I was on a deserted island, the member I want to take with me is?
BJY: Jaehwan

MH: The thing I can’t stand?
BJY: Not cleaning

4. It’s ambiguous

MH: But the last question is a bit ambiguous. It’s not that I don’t like a place that hasn’t been cleaned, but I don’t like a place that has been cleaned but is still messy.

5. Action when feeling good

Hongki: What’s the action you like doing when you’re feeling good

W1: Kiss? Chu~

JS: I told you kiss was right

MH: I don’t actually do it but I just pretend like, this.

Hongki: To who?

MH: To members

Hongki: Ah it must be hard

6. Favorite season

Hongki: Minhyun’s favorite season. Even if you said fall you’d be wrong. It’s the beginning of fall

7. The member he’d like to take to a deserted island

Hongki: The member he’d like to take is Daniel. Why is that?

MH: Seems like his survival skills would be good

Daniel: I seem pretty good at cutting trees maybe

MH: He seems like he’d be good at surviving. Calm and composed

8. If you had a vacation

MH: If Wanna One had 1 night and 2 days what is the thing you’d want to do the most? I’d also want to go to my home town, Busan

9. Sweet dreams

DH: (reading a viewer’s request) Minhyun oppa, please say Sung Shikyung’s “sweet dreams” line with your sweet voice so that Wannables can have sweet (honey) dreams

MH: Wannable, sweet dreams

10. Want to be hugged by Minhyun hyung

Jihoon: Minhyun hyung, let’s sleep together today again

W1: Ah? AHHH. No it’s not like that! They’re in the same room

Jihoon: (clarifies) I want to be hugged by Minhyun hyung

Translation by @desertfox_hmh