{THE FINAL} Update: "Black sun"

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Anyways, very long chapter this time, but TURNING POINT -insert dramatic music- 
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In this chapter of The Final…

Ken and Russ entered the dim area, and made their way towards the counter against the retro, flowery wallpaper. They signaled the others once they got into place, and Minx led the others in through the left. 

As the two walkers at the counter turned to face the sound, a bullet dove through the first’s brain, and left it in a mess on the tiled kitchen floor. The other turned in alarm, only to face an axe to the face. Ken pulled out his weapon with some force, and looked up to meet Minx’s eyes.

Minx gave him a puzzled look as his reassuring smile grimaced into a frightful yell. She turned to see what was causing the alarm.


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