Our good friend Minx is an artist in every sense of the word. She continues to surprise me with her creative skills and this picture reveals no less of her artistic capabilities.

Taken from her blog, she posted before, during, and after photos of her DIY project w/ a pair of wedges she rocked but wanted to shake up afterwards.

I love seeing what this girl will come out with next and what’s dope is that most of the time she makes the cutest things to wear herself!

Check out the rest of the photos & more of her blog here: minxinx


Lately I’ve been Snapchatting my life away. Wait, is that even a word?

I decided to form these clips together and share them with you guys. Feel free to follow me —> minxinx

I’ll be posting more videos soon.  I’ve actually been getting comments about the videos I have been posting and people want to see me vlog. Something that I’ve been trying to get into slowly. Let’s see how all of that works…

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