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The naughty little minx in the collar wears the collar in public, complete with a tag of who he belongs to. He is VERY into pleasing the master, at her beckon call, giving into her EVERY need, no matter what it may be. A very pleasing minx he is.

Holy hell I haven’t even thought of this. What a delicious thought. Maybe your name burned into the side of the leather - or your initials at least. He goes out in public ONCE with it on, at a club, sorta hid behind a leather jacket collar. And people speculate what it means - and have figured it out, and start to wonder what happens in the bedroom.

Controversy- chaos- explosion- just like Harry likes his press.

So today is September 20th, 2016. This is a remake of my icon that I did back on April 20th, 2016. I’m honestly amazed at the major difference between then and now. Just how comfortable I am drawing backgrounds more and more as well as getting a little adventurous with the tools I use. Also the shading and textures I make look so much better. So just for comparison, here is the old image. I may not keep the minx image as my icon for too long, but I just wanted to draw this to see how I have improved. I’m pretty pleased with the progress in five months!