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What Happens When Junjin Decides To Shoot a Promo Video For His Solo Concert, While Having His Band Mates Around?

Thinking of how to positively contribute to the vid, Alien Eric decides to act as Junjn’s shadow & hides himself behind Jinnie…

Caring Mama Bird aka Hyesungie, assumes his Baby bird must be feeling thirsty, so he decides to serve him water right at the moment…

Thinking of the best way to shoot Junjin, the cameraman aka Dongwan, decides to give the audience a daze good angle & keeps on turning the camera upside down while filming Junjin…

Alien Eric still engrossed in his role as Jin’s shadow, while Dongwan still showing off his awesome shooting skills & giving continuous ambiguous angles of Baby Bird…

Genius Hyesung comes up with a brilliant usage of the fire extinguisher. A camera! ..maybe it will give better angles than Wannie’s… btw, do you smell something burning?!?.. good coz the fire extinguisher is busy right now…

Just like MamaBird, the thoughtful Maknae aka Andy believing that Junjin must be feeling hungry & decides to serve him food right at the moment during the video shooting… 

Andy, still in the distracting thoughtful mode, thinks it’s the a good idea to give Junjin glasses, during shooting, just in case..
p.s.: take note of the red “camera”!

TADAAAAAA… Look who’s got the surprise after all!

ahh Minwoo?!? .. he’s peacefully sitting, watching his mates & enjoying eating some walnuts, thinking he should leave some for his band mates who seemed to be in an urgent need for it!


[120728] [Minwoo’s FB] Dara invited me and I am at the 2ne1 concert right now~ ^^ It started! I’m the best~ opening song ♬ 

Today is my birthday ~ At the 2ne1 concert concert with my family ^ ^ 

[120728] [Minwoo’s Sis]
Olympic Stadium
At the 2ne1 concert  ~~ 
Invited by Hwangssabu (Minwoo’s trainer) and Sandara Park
CL is so cool. I hit the jackpot!!!

[120709] Minwoo's Facebook Update

After getting up and doing a simple stretch, I accidentally came across Kim Yongchul speaking English on TVN’s Star Lecture Talk Show. I love the new look of my dear hyung! I applaud hyung’s suave appearance.

“You must have great desire towards your goals in life and work.” That was hyung’s theory… It really touched my heart^^

During this period, because of the great sense of responsibility, I was very troubled. I felt many feelings of loathing. But hyung’s lecture made me think otherwise. I realized that this isn’t because of loathing but rather eagerness. So I applaud hyung’s lecture. 

To be able to learn is the beauty of life. The lessons that I have learnt during this period are what I should have learned. I realized all of this during his lecture. For that I am very grateful to hyung~ ^^

I am touched by the efforts that hyung puts in and even more so impressed with hyung’s diverse talents.

Nothing is easy in this world, but things will get increasingly difficult if you think it is difficult.

Seeing hyung confidently tackling everything made me gain more self confidence, so I feel very good.

Face life confidently~ There is nothing in this world that cannot be done. People who are diligent, hardworking, and eager to face and do everything, hwaiting!!

Credit: Shinhwa_Updates