Minwoo & Hong Suk Chun’s Instagram Updates:

With my hyung after a long while~😊✌
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Hong Suk Chun: [same pic] 
#이태원 #마이스윗 내 귀엽고 멋있는 #신화 #민우 오랜만에 옥상테라스 데이트 곧 새로나올 신화 앨범 기대기대 전설의 아이돌 신화컴백 응원응원

[161023] @BF_JPN To those who came to the release event in Niku Party, thank you🍖 We enjoyed the atmosphere that was different from usual 😋 Tomorrow at around 12:30, they’ll be on KpopStarz by AWA, and at 18:00 there will be a release event at TOKYO-BAY! See you tomorrow👋

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30 Days Shinhwa Challenge


This is definitely my favorite Shinhwa performance. It’s from the day they forced Shinhwa to lipsync and as they didn’t want to they went up to stage without mics (Minwoo, Jun Jin) and switched parts (Hyesung, Jun Jin, Minwoo). I think this is something most idols wouldn’t do so I find it really amazing. And it seems to me that they are really having fun doing what they want and that makes me extremely happy. Plus the fanchants were really loud and I love it <3

The only pity is that there is no Andy;(


[CONFIRMED] Jungkook spotted shooting for “Flower Bromance” by the Han river *OMG* *can’t wait*

Jungkook will be on the show with Shinhwa’s Minwoo sunbae. They were filming at the ‘Team S Area Fitness Centre’ earlier today (160616)

Seem like fansite masternim(s) are at the shooting spot now 

First was V and now is Kookie!!! I’m expecting another reaction video from the hyungs!!! *ahhhhh* *their age-gap is 18years* 

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