I find that Gray make jokes and that Jay is the friend who is always supporting because he make jokes like that and be like shit why didn’t I think of it first. Loco would be the friend who is already immune to all his jokes and would just smile while everyone laugh and be nodding his head like this is what I have to put up with everyday. Simon though is the embarrassed friend like he gets secondhand embarrassment from gray’s jokes and he would be groaning internally and outernally? but he’ll be like damnit fuck this guy why is he like this but would laugh because fuck this guy is so stupid i love him so much you stupid fuckhead and everyone else is just amused the first few lame jokes and would be like wtf gray-hyung stop if we’ve had enough for today go sit in the corner and think about what you;ve done.


m.a.p.6 cuties visiting j.jun at the hospital on his birthday ;u;