For a few years I’ve been testing plants that claim to be winter hardy here in zone 7. This is Mache. For this winter it’s sadly the only clear winner I’ve tested. The only real loser is Minutina. It’s a good thing I saved some seeds to plant come spring. At the first bit of cold it all died. Bok Choi hasn’t made up its mind yet. Some of the plants are doing well but most haven’t made it. Winners from previous years are Egyptian Walking Onions, Austrian Winter Pea, garlic, tree collards, Russian Red Kale, and surprisingly regular collards. Winter Peas are by far the best thing you can plant here for winter greens.
All of my Daikon died and rotted last month. I’m not sure it was the cold though. We have had a very wet winter so far and the plants died before the cold.
If you don’t want buy seed or tend gardens keep your eyes open for chickweed, and dead nettle. It grows great in the microclimates around rocks and other forms of thermal mass. #winter #permaculture by stiller_permaculture https://www.instagram.com/p/BBkr38_FgKq/