minutes like ours

omg someone from my mysticism and modernity seminar just messaged me on grindr like 1 minute after our first session let out. he was like “you look familiar do i know you from somewhere?” but and i was like *thinking emoji face* as a joke but he really wasn’t joking.

When Jack discovers what the little “x"s at the end of Bitty’s text messages mean, he starts using them constantly when he texts Bitty. 

A conversation they have once during one of the long, painful stretches of time during which they are apart:

Jack: "miss you" 
Jack: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
Jack: “that’s 16 kisses”
Jack: “15+1″

*ten minutes later*

Jack: "like our hockey #s” 
Jack: "added together" 
Bitty: "omg yes I got it, sweetheart" 
Bitty: “you’re too sweet, jack zimmermann 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 ”
Bitty: "love you, miss you too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

I was just talking to my sister about My Little Pony and I meant to say “Diamond Tiara” but I accidentally said “Yellow Diamond” instead, and… That would be a very different situation for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, wouldn’t it

Okay, okay, calming down.  Ahem.

Okay, so this deserves a proper episode wrap-up but my mother is picking me up in, like, ten minutes for our family’s belated Thanksgiving get-together and I gotta go.  I’m gonna charge the Patreon now, so that I can actually have money for next month, but I’ll do the full wrap-up when I get home tomorrow!  See you then!

y’know what no i think i already know the answer to my previous rambling. it’s okay. it’s okay to want to express yourself. it’s okay to want people to see you and to understand you. fucking hell that is part of what life is. it’s creating yourself and sharing that personal creation with others and connecting because they see something beautiful in this self you’ve created and you see something beautiful in them. and filling out profiles and answering questions about yourself? that’s just helping you figure out who you are. it’s helping you think critically about the kind of person you want to be and what you might have to do to be that person. figuring out and taking pride in your personal aesthetic, be it the clothes you want to wear to express yourself, or the music that you feel in your soul, or the settings and decor that inspire you… that’s part of cultivating yourself and your style. it’s forming and taking pride and comfort in your identity. what could ever be wrong with that.

now i mean if all i ever did was talk about myself, what i like and whatnot, and didn’t show any concern for or interest in others and what they have to share about themselves, then yeah i’d be a self-absorbed asshole. but wanting to know myself better and wanting to share that self with the world? that’s life. that’s beautiful. that’s important. i’m gonna make a point to express myself more and more every day, to share my uniqueness with the world and appreciate others’ uniqueness in return. that’s part of life, and it’s part of what makes it beautiful.

so yeah. i’m gonna keep tagging things “ME” and “same”. i’m gonna keep adding to my pinterest boards when i see things that fit my aesthetic. i’m gonna keep creating and learning about and sharing myself, because my identity is all i’ve really got at the end of the day, and i’ll be damned if i don’t take pride in it.


EZRA DUDE!!!!!!!

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that was a perfect shot, too.

I love my kidlets, I do. They are awesome wee humans, and v. talented. But I fear the fact that they placed third in 2 competitions with barely any prep will only make them *less* likely to train for the big tournament next week.


Raw talent can only take you so far kids.

yesterday the vice president asked me to make a list of all the invoices i had sent out and he said to make it simple for him to read and tbh it took literally less than five minutes because our program has an “export to excel” feature so like i just had to slap a filter on it and format it and that’s it. But I wasn’t sure what the guy’s name or title was. I ended up lurking our president’s linkedin page until i saw the dude’s picture so i could send it to his work email.

I’m at that point in my two weeks of sloth holiday where I’m all energized to think about EXERCISE and BEING BETTER AT LIFE and I’m just really grateful for the voice I can hear in the back of my head reminding me that 3 hours into Monday I’m going to be the tiredest human being in existence and also that on an average weeknight I get max 1 hour of relaxation time and I am not going to use that to do yoga, I’m going to be checking this blue hellscape for the life updates of people I love and the meme fuckery that my brain requires to force itself to function the next day, like

stop browsing the gym website it’s literally not going to happen dude