Prompt -  “I’m your daughter.” “Am I supposed to be scared of you?”

Relationship: Father

Fandom: DC Comic

Character: Bruce


“What are you doing young lady?” Bruce say in his Batman voice, as you turned and looked around to see him in his costume.

“Am I supposed to be scared of you?” You turned back to the ice cream and got you another scoop in your bowl before closing the top.
“Scared no. In bed and not eating ice cream yes.” Bruce said as he took the bowl from your hands.
“Hey!” You looked to him glaring at him.
“Glare all you want.”
“I’m your daughter so I can!” You and Bruce stood their for a good full minute glaring at each other till he finally blinked.
“I win!” You yelled and quickly grab the bowl from him and headed for your room.
“You could have put the ice cream up!” He yelled towards the stairs as he sighed and put the ice cream back in the freezer.
“Ah she is very much like you sir.” Alfred said standing in the doorway to the kitchen. Bruce sighed but smiled lightly.
“She has all my good traits and only a few of my bad traits. Guess we got off lucky Alfred.”
“That we did sir.”

anonymous asked:

hey idk how common knowledge this is but it's still possible to get the Scarab Heart emblem from going 9-0+ AND it's possible to get that emblem or Vigilant Disciple on your 9-0 win! (i cried for a solid minute when it happened to me)

I would say it is uncommon knowledge since not everyone plays Trials (or plays a lot of it). 

However, this is something I was not aware of! And after doing a little searching, I am happy this is still the case!

Also, to my followers, this does not refer to the emblem you receive at the Lighthouse! Anon is referring to your 9th win on the card (with 0 losses) has a chance to reward you one of these two emblems (or both if you are extremely lucky) at the end of the match similarly to armor dropping at 5 wins and a weapon at 7 (but you don’t have to have a flawless card to get these)

And for those wondering which emblems anon is referring to, here they are:

Scarab Heart:

and Vigilant Disciple

Minute to Win it

Watched a few minutes of Minute to Win It tonight. Gross, I know. There were people on there crying over not being able to throw a cd at a watermelon and make it stick. I’m talking rivers of tears. To top that nonsense off, Guy Fieri (ughhhhhh) was just slumped over with his head in his hands, trying to act completely devastated. COME ON! 

That show is the worst, and this dude is even worse somehow. 

All the Small Things by kitundercover

AU. Harry is five inches tall and can’t remember how he got that way, but maybe with Louis’ help they can work it out.

Chestnuts Roasting…And All That by elsi_bee

Louis is apparently the only person at his new job who is single as can be. It’s not a big deal to just tell his new colleagues that he has a boyfriend, right? Until he has to make this imaginary boyfriend magically appear at the office holiday party. Cue fake relationship antics with a certain someone who is more than willing to play along.

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Why Yoi is a great sports anime/ S2 expectations (Yurio perspective)

1. How many sports anime are not set in High School? Not many, most of the popular anime is about school competitions or national competitions, so Yuri on Ice being an anime with International level of competitions is a very nice niche (and is’t it funny that international competition is a niche in sports anime?). Besides that, it also shows a side of sports I don’t think we see a lot - sport is a short career. We don’t see it, because most sports anime is about high-schoolers and they don’t have to consider it much. (Well, I haven’t watched many sports anime, but I don’t think that’s something they consider, speaking from personal experience as someone who did swimming for 6 years)

More than once during the show the characters say that they have to focus on the current moment because at any moment they could have an accident and their career would be done. It’s this edge that makes every performance even better because it always could be the last one in a way that they might never be able to do some of the jumps and not in a ‘if I lose this I might not get a chance at this again’ which is 2 different thing. In the first you have to literally stop doing what you’re passionate about because you’re body no longer allows it, in second you can still do what you love, even if it’s not competition.

2. Yurio is the perfect main character. I don’t know who said it and where I read/heard this, but I feel like this is very important. Yurio would have been perfect for a typical sports anime. He’s young, hard headed, talented has like ~12 years of competitive skating ahead of him, his development through the show is very nicely done. Besides that the next 3 years are going to be a struggle for him, Yurio is 15, he’s about to be hit by the puberty train and he’s aware of it. In ep 4 he thinks about it as he skates. 

he’s going to struggle with his body and it’s debatable if he will be able to win gold in next GPF. Have you seen his grandpa?

He’s at least 20 cm (~8 inches) higher than Yurio currently (Yurio is 163 cm (5′4) high, he’s freaking tiny), so if Yurio shots up to Nikolai’s (confirmed grandpa’s name) height it’s gonna be so hard for him to get used to his awkward limbs, the new balance centre and relearning to do stuff because his body is suddenly different. 

3. Season 2 could be about Yurio and we would love it. If season 2 happened I somehow doubt it would as focused about Yuuri as season 1 was. I love if it was, but would it be a good decision? it could be, but I feel like if Yurio became the main character, we would still see plenty of Viktor and Yuuri and their cute relationship, so it would be okay for our little Victuuri hearts. What is more Yurio would be struggling more than usual, so drama there - perfect plot for an anime.

Since ep 12 came out I have probably read ~50 fics about possible competitive future with different views of who and how many competitions would win, honestly it’s all mixed up in my head, but the recurring theme is either Yurio and Otabek always struggling for gold, with an occasional JJ appearance, or Yuuri acing his future competitions with Viktor by his side. And I feel like that very unrealistic? There’s Chris who is definitely able to win gold, there’s all these skaters we’ve seen in competitions with Yuuri who are still very young (Emil, Pitchit, Guang Hong, Leo, Seung-gil, JJ, Otabek - they’re all in 17 - 20 age group) and who can definitely step up their game, there’s also many skaters who competed in Grandprix but were never shown - they could also fall onto our heads and surprise us.

Sure, we all know Viktor aced everything in last 5 years, but Yuuri started following him when Viktor was 16, that means Viktor started his consecutive wins only when he was ~21, that means for about 5 years there was definitely someone who would beat him to gold at least every other year. Besides that there’s a reason Viktor’s called a living legend - he’s one of a kind. It’s debatable if even Yurio will be able to follow his steps, it’s possible, but debatable.