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“Unlike me, Morena is a social butterfly. She’s clever and expressive. People and dogs love meeting her as much as she loves meeting… and jumping on them. Walking with Morena is probably the most social part of my day; she strolls confidently through the neighborhood, hips swerving, as she introduces me to her pals. Watching her go, I sometimes wonder what life would be like if I jumped up and down, shook my butt, and kissed all over every stranger that greeted me… I digress.”

So, hey. 

Luna doing her Oracle stuff was what was holding back the Scourge, right? So her dying is what made the whole eternal night thing happen. 

We’re also told that making these pacts with the gods is wrecking her physically, with her telling Ravus she doesn’t know how long she can hold out. The “I know the price of the covenant” implies making one with Leviathan is going to finish her off. 

My question is: did Ardyn a) just make the eternal night look like his fault by b) half-assing his Sephiroth impression by murdering somebody who was dying anyway?

So many snails to eat…

Penny the pea puffer settles into her new home. If she eradicates these snails, there are three more tanks full of them. We’ll be good: besides there are plenty of frozen foods to round out her diet!

Mob Psycho 100 theory (current arc spoilers)

the recent update’s got everyone wondering what exactly Reigen wants to tell Mob. and i’m seeing a lot of Reigen being fully honest with Mob about what he means to him, or doing something that gives Mob strength to fight back against Shigeo/???%. and those are all good but what if it’s not that?

what if Reigen just simply gives Mob advice on how to confess to Tsubomi?

it could be actually good advice, or it could be comedically terrible, but it doesn’t matter as long as it’s genuine advice. no acknowledging the situation, no trying to reach for Mob. he says his piece, and then walks away or collapses because that poor man has a lot of internal injuries right now damn

because how has Shigeo/???% characterized Reigen so far? as someone who only sees Mob and his powers as a tool, who keeps him around only to keep his business afloat and doesn’t truly care about him. because i feel like if Reigen, ironically enough, was actually honest about his feelings, Shigeo would just brush it off as Reigen bullshitting to keep his “tool” under control.

but Reigen just giving him genuine advice and then leaving? helping with the goal that he’s been working on single-mindedly without judgement? that turns Shigeo/???%’s view of him completely on its head. and i think that would be the first thing that Shigeo/???% has faced in this arc that would slow him down.

and then, ideally, Mob uses this as an opening to talk further with Shigeo/???%, and they decide to work together to confess to Tsubomi, with less city-wide destruction.

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How many asks are you getting defending dep's 100% hetero friendship at the mo? Because you know planning next years mince pies is something I do with all my besties

Z E R O 

Which is beautiful. 


“THERE’S TWO BAGS IN HERE!! I thought these were almost gone but there’s another bag in the box!”

Lauren getting excited about finding a hidden bag of crackers is the purest thing ☺️

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"Oh, you're Jewish! Oh... oh no, I have no idea what to do for the holidays now... what do you even do for Hanukkah?"

Translation: oh boy a Jew!!! Gotta make sure they don’t feel left out in our celebrations of Jesus’s birth! Boy howdy, I know Jews must have some important celebrations of their own but I can’t for the life of me figure out what they are! Well google.com/this-site-is-antisemetic tells me that Jews don’t have real holidays and just mimic Christians by having a pseudo-Christmas. I wonder what strange animalistic rituals they follow for Hannukkah? Hanukah? Chanikanha? Whatever, I bet they just wait around for Santa like the rest of us.

Challenged myself to draw something in under 6 minutes!! Here’s King George the Third ~~ (ノ*゜▽゜*)