minute sketch

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Heya could I ask about your brush settings?? :) what's your usual faves for sketching?

I talked about the brushes I use for doing lineart a while back, so def check those out!

as for sketching uhhh I don’t really have a preference? I usually just use photoshop’s default round brush with opacity turned on, but any big brush with a lot of opacity variation will do. idk i tend to only spend like 5 minutes on my sketches so i just use whatever’s at hand

prompt: trc/teen wolf crossover - stiles and derek at one of kavinsky’s substance parties, having the time of their lives under the glow of the neon lights. suggested by @yourlovelyalpha

(aka a perfect excuse for me to attempt blacklight coloring, it was fun, 10/10 would/will do again)


puts off drawing a Hamilton animatic by drawing more Hamilton rip

there’s an awful lack of Jasper & Carnelian content and i seek to change that

( … after i finish commissions & real life issues, until then here’s a very quick sketchbook thingy. She’s an excited lil’ cub and jasper’s gotta keep an eye on her )

i mentioned the recent confusion about my intimidating guns and the clever solution that i solved it with to steve, and he helpfully illustrated my success. 

i knit that sweater myself you guys, im very proud.