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Selfcare tips for smart cookies who are sad

If you want to feel a little better mon amour, i gathered some things i like to do in hopes that it’ll help you!

🌸 go ahead and hop into the shower. take a few minutes to really massage that schampoo into your hair. clean and fresh YAS

🌸 use a body lotion and use one that smells good(i recommend “very sexy” by Victorias Secret) (because it’s very sexy hihi)

🌸 put on a nice parfume, if you don’t have one you can borrow from a family member/friend or you can buy one(i recommend “viva la juicy” by juicy couture and “eternity aqua” by calvin clein) (somewhat expensive but sooo good y'all can come here and i’ll give u you get juicy couture and you get juicy couture and you get juicy couture everyone gets juicy couture

🌸 take a few moments and write a list about things that make you happy(for example: coffee, holding hands with your grandma, all the relationships you’re gonna have in the future, re-reading your favourite book, family dinners, when the leaves turn orange in autumn)

🌸 make yourself or buy your comfort food(s), mine being tortellini, vegan pizza and coffee mmmmmmm coffee

🌸 send out a few sincere compliments to people. tell your friend what you love about her/him/hen, tell your mom you’re thankful for everything she does. alot of times giving love means getting love and nothing bad about good karma am i right

🌸 write down everything that bothers you on a piece of paper, start with “dear maya..” or “dear paul..” write it for a person thats never gonna read it (or if you feel like you want too you can always message me and rant about your whole life I’m all yours)

🌸 if you don’t wanna think about something you can always try to learn a new language via duolingo, it really gets you focused on something else(advice from your coach-my self- i think you should learn swedish or french because they’re both equally hard and beautiful) if thats not something you find intresting you can always pick up a feel-good book, my favourite being “Anna and the french kiss” by Stephanie Perkins! light up some candles, make yourself some tea and cuddle down somewhere

🌸 watch a movie or tv-show!! i was really unhappy at one point but then i somehow started watching Jane The Virgin and it was sooooo funny and soooo good(the hype is real, watch) and it made me feel better

🌸 look up some nice quotes, my faves are
• “And then there’s light, It just takes time”
• “Pleure: les larmes sont les pétales du cœur.” (which is French for “Cry: tears are the heart’s petals.”)
• “Choose to be happy, It feels better”

🌸 listen to happy songs
• Classic by MKTO
• Price Tag by Jessie J(old but always get’s me dancing)
• Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake
• Forget You by CeeLo Green(forreal this is sooo good hahah)

🌸 before you go to bed, moisturize your face with a tiny bit of coconut oil - also put on some chapstick because you’ll wake up with a smooth face and soft lips and you’ll feel like a queen mon chérie

🌸 if you ever feel worthless, read this
• i am so happy you’re here
• i think you’re the cutest person that has ever read this
• i believe that you will reach your dream, whatever it may be, and you will be awesome
• relax, drop your shoulders, breath
• dogs everywhere love you and they get so excited when they see you because they wanna say Hello so badly
• with every breath you take, you help plants and flowers live
• you’re making a difference
• you’re stronger than you think
• you have a great sense of humour that people enjoy
• everything is better when you’re around

  • ~
  • *Molly's flat*
  • John: *knocking*
  • -a few minutes later-
  • Molly: *opens the door, wearing a dressing gown; dishevelled and grinning* Hi, John.
  • John: *blinks* Um...I just wanted to check on you. After...
  • Molly: *dismissive* Euros? Yeah, Sherlock explained everything and I'm fine.
  • John: *raises his eyebrows* You're fine? Just like that?
  • Molly: *nods* I had a drink. I shagged someone.
  • John: ...
  • Sherlock: *standing shirtless in the kitchen* I'm someone *grins*
  • John: ...
  • Molly: *smiles* He loves me.
  • Sherlock: *eating biscuits; pointing* And she loves me.
  • John: *smiles*
Bts reaction to you having panic attacks and anxiety

Request 1:  Hi! Could I request BTS reacting to you having a panic attack? Thank you!

Request 2:  Hello! this is my first time requesting something to someone and I’m new to tumblr so hopefully I’m doing it right. Can you do a bts reaction to them noticing or you telling them you have anxiety? Maybe them seeing you have a panic attack and them comforting you. Sorry if I did this wrong or if its a sensitive topic (aaah, I’m such a worrier)

A/N: I myself had panic attacks on one point. It’s not good if you don’t have anyone to help you. So I’m here for you.


He’ll be above all worried. No matter what you do every thirty minutes you’ll receive a massage from Jin, assuring you that he loves you. It may annoy many people, but for you every massage was one step away from the anxiety and panic attacks and you loved it.

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Yoongi knew the feeling of being afraid and alone. So, when he understood about you, he made sure that even when he isn’t next to you,you’ll feel his presence in forms of small sticky notes in different places around the house and fresh flowers on your work desk every day.

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Namjoon will try everything to help you. By now he knew what made you feel relaxed. Him,his hug,books and drawing. So, he was hugging you whenever he was around and when he was not, Namjoon asked his dear friend Song Mino to help you develop your talent in drawing. This way, you weren’t thinking about how useless you were, instead what to draw in order to surprise Namjoon when he comes back.

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He’ll find new and new ways to make you smile and forget about your problems. You like learning things, so every week you and Hobi went to a new one and learned new things together. Hoseok also never misses an opportunity to tell you he loves you. He wasn’t thinking what to do when you have a painc attack, but how to help you not having such attacks.

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Squishy is being squishy. He’ll hug the shit out of you, constantly will tell you that you are worth every single day and that he loves you and he’l never make you feel bad. Jimin will be your shield from the world.

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Every time he thought of your panic attacks, he’ll suddenly become sad. But boy couldn’t let two people be sad, so instead of being sad, he found a way to cure your anxiety- food. You both put a map of the world and searched deifferent nations restaurants all around Korea and then the world. Food helped you both diggest your problems.

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Jungkookie found a fast and easy way to motivate you - putting up motivational quotes everywhere. Not ones he found on the internet, ones he made himself. “Don’t JungSad, when you can be Kookielicous.” Those were everywhere around the house, helping you laugh and go through bad phases way faster than before.

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3/38 <3

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! This is a slightly edited version of the #DCVDay twitterfic, coming in at 1.2k.  


Dean finds out the hard way that Valentine’s Day is the worst day to decide to show a guy you love him. He gets up early, makes eggs and bacon for everyone. He sets the table, puts out cloth napkins, and lays a flower next to Cas’s plate. Cas sniffs it when he first sits down, then sips his coffee.

He offers no reaction, like Dean gives him flowers on the regular. But he takes it with him once he’s done eating, which is something.

Sam offers to do the dishes since Dean cooked, so Dean leaves him to it and heads to the garage to think.  

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One Of Those Days

When you made your way through the front door, you slammed it behind you.

It had been one of those days. One of those days where nothing really turned out right, no matter how hard you tried—when everything you did wasn’t working out for some reason, and it took everything you had inside to not throw in the towel.

You could feel the anxiety in your body. The muscles in your shoulders were tense and your lungs occasionally gasped for a little more air—on the car ride back home you clenched onto the steering wheel until your knuckles turned white, and not even listening to your favorite song could help you feel better.

You threw your bag onto the floor by the door and slipped your jacket off of your shoulders, letting it fall to the ground carelessly. You knew that Niall wouldn’t be home for another few hours, and the thought made the tears start pricking behind your eyes. You knew that if you called him and told him you needed him he would come running—but you also knew how excited he was for this interview that he had, and you didn’t want to take that away from him.

You had a checklist that you went through in your head when your anxiety started acting up. Food, water, shower. Sometimes when you took care of your body physically, it helped you feel better mentally.

You walked to the kitchen and grabbed an apple in one hand, filling up a cup with water using the other. Once you’d had both items in your hands you walked up the stairs to your bedroom and closed the door behind you using your foot. You set your food and water on your bedside table, taking a sip of the drink before shrugging off your clothes and making your way to the shower.

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19 with reggie and him lying against your chest and u givim kisses on his wet hair (probably sticking to his forehead!!) and slightly massaging his shoulders and his head and I GOT CARRIED AWAY, REGGIE AKA ROSS BUTLER IS THE GENTLIEST GIANT EVER

19: Taking a bath together + Reggie Mantle

The sound of water sloshing around fills the room as Reggie steps into the bath, settling into your embrace. You stay silent, knowing he probably didn’t want to talk about it, anyway. It’s not like he needed to.

You’d already heard the news. Coach Clayton had preferred Archie over your lover for the captain tryouts, only for the redhead to give his spot to Reggie due to personal reasons. But it was too late, and for the millionth time in his short life, Reginald Mantle felt like he wasn’t good enough to be picked first.

Sliding your fingers through his damp hair, you let your lips wander over the exposed skin of his shoulder, holding him to you with tenderness. He lets out a soft sigh, snuggling further into you and leaning his head back onto your chest. You let him play with your fingers for a while until you shift under him, hands splaying over his back, rubbing at the muscles underneath his flesh.

The silence is serene, the only sounds breaking it being the movements of the water as you touch him.

“If it counts as anything, you’ll always be my number one.” you hear yourself whisper after a few more minutes of massaging his back, only stopping when he turns to look at you, a watery smile on his face.

“It counts as everything.” he mumbles back, voice low and raspy from holding back tears and from not using it in a while.

And Reggie really means what he said.

As long as he has you, he feels complete.

And he knows you’ll be here forever.


My baby girl after her day at the spa! 😍 She looks amazing, her fur is crazy soft and she smells amazing! Diva had a bath, had some of her coat blown out with the no heat velocity dryer, she was brushed, got her ears cleaned, had a pad treatment done on the bottoms of her paws and she even got a 25 minute massage! 💅🏻

It didn’t take her long to get her paws all mudded up.. 😂 💜 These photos don’t do justice.. 🐾

Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight for a cheapo half-hour head-and-feet massage to see if that would help the headache. It was great; IDK if trigger-point or reflexology actually work but a super hardcore focused massage definitely does something.

But he was about five minutes into the head massage when he pressed his thumbs down on my jaw and something on the left side of my face BURST. Like, that side’s been sore for a week, but he pressed on it and it was like there was a teeny tiny water balloon in there somewhere. We both felt it pop.

The rooms are not entirely private, because you don’t undress for the massage, so there were two other people also getting massage work done, which meant we had to keep quiet. But he froze, and then leaned over and whispered, “What just happened?” and I was like “I don’t know!” and he was like “Are you okay?” and I was like “I don’t know!” but I wasn’t bleeding or, like, leaking anywhere, so eventually he just kept going.

My headache isn’t gone, but it’s a lot better, and it has shifted around, so I guess there’s that. Also my nose is running like crazy. 

Maybe there was a poltergeist in my face


my third entry for klanceweek! this time, for prompt #3: scars

still debating whether or not to cross-post these entries on ao3 so let me know what you think. again, you can also find these short ficlets on twitter!

day 1 / day 2

Twenty years of protecting the universe can really take a toll on someone.

Two long decades of travelling through space, fighting a tyrannical empire, saving innocent lives, and piloting giant mechanical lions that can only do so much to protect the pilot within. Of course, taking on missions and fighting in hand-to-hand combat is dangerous; there’s no doubt about it. And with great power, comes great responsibility.

Or something along those lines. Lance stares out at the waves, lapping lazily at the shore. The sand glistens, a muted orange under the light of the star duo overhead, like a couple of miniature suns. Although it isn’t exactly like Varadero beach, Lance can’t help but take some comfort from the familiar sounds of the ocean.

At his side, Keith has yet to say a word. He sits a bit hunched over, naked from the waist up. They wear a matching set of red and blue swim trunks that have, according to Coran, been worn by the paladins for centuries. A faint sheen of sweat covers his body, and Lance finds himself mesmerized.

Carefully, Lance closes the gap between them and situates Keith between his legs. He goes willingly, and Lance can’t help but snicker at what his younger self would say if he knew Keith Kogane let him maneuver his body like this.

Well, there are a lot of things young Lance wouldn’t believe about their current relationship.

“Easy, Lance,” Keith warns but his words don’t have much bite. Lance has learned over the years that the heat turns Keith into a pile of moldable mush. “My back is sore.”

“Don’t worry, samurai, I’m just going to reapply some sunscreen so you don’t turn into a lobster. Again.”

“Hey, I didn’t get that red last time.”

“Sure you didn’t,” Lance drawls. He squeezes a generous amount of the Altean equivalent of sunscreen into his palm. “Maybe it’s a Galran thing. I’ve never seen one of those guys hanging out at the beach.”

Keith clicks his tongue but doesn’t protest further. Muscles twitch beneath Lance’s hands as he slowly spreads the crème across Keith’s back. Miles of pale skin stretch out before him, begging to be appreciated. Lance maps out Keith’s body with his fingertips, places he’s touched hundreds of times before. There doesn’t seem to be a single spot Lance doesn’t have committed to memory.

Lance’s fingers skitter up Keith’s spine, brushing over each vertebrae along the way. Once he reaches the base of Keith’s neck, he sweeps his palms down and across his shoulder blades. A mole here and, oh, a birthmark there. And, almost as numerous as the moles, are scars.

Tiny patches where puckered skin hints at past battles. Purple tinges each mark, just slightly off from Keith’s natural skin tone. One jagged scar stretches from the top of Keith’s right shoulder down to the middle of his spine. Another sits at his lower back, a rectangle-shaped mark Lance speculates has been there the longest.

Scars cover Keith’s body, and Lance knows them all by heart.

Lance kneads, pinches, and rubs as he works. His hands settle on Keith’s shoulders, trying to ease every bit of muscle tension. A minute or two of massaging is all it takes to draw pleased sighs and moans from Keith. Lance grins contentedly, glad to know he hasn’t lost his touch.

“Pretty sure I won’t get a sunburn now,” Keith jokes, tone soft and breathy. Lance stops for a moment, and Keith outright whines. “Lance, c’mon.”

This man will be the death of me, Lance decides with a mock exasperated sigh. “Yeah, yeah…”

Lance skims a diamond-shaped scar with his pinky, one he can only ever see at times like this when Keith’s chest is bare and hair tied back. Keith flinches at the contact, as he always does. The origin of this scar is… terrible, to say the least.

About ten years ago, Keith had been kidnapped by Galran soldiers. The skeevy Prince Lotor planned everything, capturing both the red lion and its pilot. His main focus, however, had been Keith. The only paladin with Galra in his blood—Lotor wanted to ensure Keith didn’t have any secret information about the empire tucked inside his brain.

So, until the other paladins could rescue him, Keith was trapped. He rarely discusses it, but, from what Lance has heard, it involved torture.

Lance shudders at the mere thought of Keith being battered and manhandled. Mental scars certainly require greater care—and more time—to mend. And Lance had been there every step of the way to help Keith heal. The scar is a hideous reminder of the torment Keith had experienced but also symbolizes how the two finally came together, gradually progressing from friends to something more.

“Hey… Keith?” Lance worries at his bottom lip.  


“I don’t think I say it enough so… you know that I, uh. That I love you. Right?” Lance’s mouth struggles like it’s stuffed with cotton. This is nothing like when he first confessed his feelings to Keith and yet that’s how it feels. That’s how it always feels.

“What’s gotten into you?” Keith tenses, and Lance draws his arms back against his chest. “Oh.”

“I sometimes forget it’s there.” Lance lightly presses a finger to the lavender little triangle. “But I don’t know how I could forget about…”

“It’s alright. That happened years ago.”

“You know how scared I was,” Lance mumbles. “And you—you weren’t you.”

Don’t cry, Lance silently begs. Please don’t.

“Well, I’m definitely myself now.” As if sensing the tears threatening to spill over, Keith looks over his shoulder. A small smile takes shape on his lips. The skin around his mouth wrinkles, as well as around his eyes, from many hours spent grinning and laughing at Lance’s nonsense. “That’s what matters.”

A weak laugh wrenches its way up Lance’s throat. “Yeah, but…”

“No ‘buts,’” Keith scolds. “You helped me back then. I wouldn’t be here right now if you hadn’t.”


“I’m serious. I could hardly sleep, and I felt like I was going crazy. You were the only one who knew what I needed.” Keith pauses, brow furrowing. “At first, I didn’t care about whether I got any better. But then you… you were doing so much.”

Lance shakes his head; words have totally escaped him. The telltale warmth of a tear gliding down his cheek forces him to curse. Stupid, stupid tear ducts.

“Lance, I— Shit.”

Keith turns all the way around and practically throws himself at Lance. Caught off guard, Lance falls backward, landing with Keith pressed against his chest. For a moment, their eyes meet, and Lance sees the entire universe reflected back at him. Then, just like that, Keith is groaning in embarrassment and burying his face in Lance’s neck.

“I love you so much,” Keith whispers against his skin. “So fucking much.”

Lance wraps his arms around Keith, savoring the vulnerable truth in those words. He never gets tired of this—of having Keith at his side. I love you, too. A memory flickers to life in Lance’s mind, of their first kiss, of the time Keith first thanked him for everything he had done. Keith had been a quivering mess back then, clutching at Lance like a lifeline. More than you’ll ever know.

So Lance holds Keith close, like he never plans to let him go.

(He doesn’t.)


I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but I always forget to take pictures!

My Sweetie Scrub!

Sometimes I wanna feel extra soft and lovely before hopping into bed with my fiance. This is especially true after a whole week at work without a proper bath or a day of intense biking.

So when I’m caked with sweat, dirt… and… uh… actual cake, I whip this up and take a bath.

Honey and sugar for “sweetening” our relationship, coconut oil and Epsom salt for their skin-softening and extra exfoliation properties. Honey is also aaaaamazing for your skin! I can’t stop rubbing my legs and arms after using this, so soft!

- 2 tablespoons Epsom salt
- 2 tablespoons brown sugar (you can use regular sugar, but brown sugar smells SO GOOD)
- ½ tablespoon honey
- 1 teaspoon coconut oil (you can use olive oil instead, but coconut oil makes you smell so yummy! Your partner may want to gobble you up!)

Mix together until everything is well blended. Soak in your bath for at least ten minutes before gently massaging the scrub onto your legs, feet, arms, elbows, etc. Again, be very gentle! This is a pretty heavy duty scrub not for every day use! Don’t use on your face! Or if you want to, replace the Epsom salt with regular table salt.

not only does poison give cool haircuts because of his training as a hairstylist, but he gives fucking amazing scalp massages.

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n y g m o b b l e p o t

who hogs the duvet: Oswald, unless Ed is having a rough night and he gets tangled up in it.
who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Ed sends texts to Oswald throughout the day. However, during days when Ed checks in less frequently or if Ed doesn’t respond quickly Oswald will keep ringing and texting him because he gets nervous something has happened. Ed usually responds to him in under a minute so if he waits five Oz gets nervous and in ten he has a search party ready.
who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Ed, definitely. Sometimes his gifts are a little too much by normal person standards, but Oswald lives for over-the-top and extravagance. Oswald tends to stick to gifts that are expensive and meaningful more so than creative.
who gets up first in the morning: Ed, unless he’s pulled an all-nighter and therefore cannot ‘get up’ because he was never down, or if he was up late. Oswald sticks to a routine and is generally in bed at a certain time and gets up for breakfast which is always served at the same time in the morning. The only time he’s bad about sleep is when he’s in crisis mode and stays up scheming and/or drinking. That usually ends with him passing out on the couch until the afternoon.
who suggests new things in bed: Ed. Oswald just likes to give Ed what he wants, although Ed has pushed him to do some research on his own for things he might like to introduce because Ed feels like he’s always the one trying to spice things up.
who cries at movies: Oswald. Ed won’t cry in public. He barely cries in private. Meanwhile Oswald is a sentimentalist at heart and romantic dramas and the like make him teary. Titanic had him inconsolable for ten minutes.
who gives unprompted massages: Ed. Unless a more pronounced limp counts as prompting from Oswald. Ed gets tension headaches and Oswald will massage his neck, shoulders and upper back to relive that. Ed has taught him how to help him and Oswald will always jump to assist when he notices Ed pressing his temples and eyes in that way he does.
who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Oswald is super fussy and it makes Ed very overwhelmed the first time it happens because Oswald is so… attentive. Not to say that Ed isn’t a great nurse, because he is. He’s just less fussy about it so long as Oswald is cooperating with his instructions.
who gets jealous easiest: Oswald, but only romantically, really. He doesn’t like people coming on to Ed or getting too handsy, but otherwise he’s fine. If someone gets too far he’ll literally kill them though, so there’s that. Ed gets jealous in a strangely… intellectual way? He has to be the most important person to Oswald. If someone encroaches on that romantically, in their business ventures, or even in a platonic sense, Ed is no doubt plotting how to ruin their day and steal Oswald’s attention back.
who has the most embarrassing taste in music: I guess Ed? He loves 50s jukebox tunes and loves singing along to Big Band stuff. Oswald is into The Clash and the like so his taste is more modern and therefore more acceptable, I suppose. Ed also loves classical music.
who collects something unusual: Oswald collects information, seemingly insignificant but which he could possibly use to his advantage one day. Ed collects knowledge, of every variety. They round each other out. Of course, that’s not to say that Ed doesn’t pay attention to people’s likes and dislikes, but really only for people he cares about. Ed used to have trophies from his victims but Oswald broke that habit, thankfully.
who takes the longest to get ready: Oswald, but only because his hair and makeup take longer. Ed fusses with his hair and clothes for a while but he usually finishes before Oswald and then wants to help Oswald with his routine and tends to delay him longer fussing with Oswald’s clothes.
who is the most tidy and organized: Ed. Neat freak. Unless he’s having a serious breakdown but that doesn’t count.
who gets most excited about the holidays: Ed. Oswald has very little enthusiasm the first few years because he used to spend every holiday with his mother. Eventually Ed gets him into the spirit though, every time.
who is the big spoon/little spoon: When they spoon Ed is the little one. He usually likes cuddling on top of Oswald though, because Oswald sleeps on his back.
who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: They’re both super competitive, but definitely Ed. He has to win whereas Oswald is more cool with losing because it’s just a game. He doesn’t like losing, but it doesn’t bother him like it bothers Ed.
who starts the most arguments: Tough one… but Ed. Usually it’s because Oswald says something and then Ed will contradict or correct him and Oswald gets fed up after a while because why can’t Ed just let him finish speaking? Ed can’t help himself but it does piss Oswald off sometimes when the only thing Ed appears to be doing is undermining what he’s saying by challenging the validity of it.
who suggests that they buy a pet: Ed. He likes having something soft to hold and pet, it’s comforting to him. He uses it as a kind of stim. Oswald doesn’t want any animals in the house because they’re ‘dirty’ but he loves Ed more than he cares about a mess and he knows Ed will clean up after it.
what couple traditions they have: Takeout and Wine. Ed likes to joke that he forgot the entertainment, then he and Oswald will go out and find one of their enemies to kill. It’s really very sweet.
what tv shows they watch together: Game of Thrones. Ed forces Star Trek on Oswald and Oswald makes Ed watch his soaps when he can’t so he stays caught up.
what other couple they hang out with: When Ivy starts dating, Oswald always crashes them or brings Ed on a date to the same place, what a coincidence? When she starts dating Harley, the kid actually is pretty desperate for more friends and wants Ed and Oz to join them. So it starts.
how they spend time together as a couple: Usually it’s business related if they’re out to dinner, but they really enjoy cultural experiences like museums, exhibits, galleries, theater, opera.
who made the first move: Oswald, but Ed tricked him into it.
who brings flowers home: Edward more often, but if he has time to stop by a florist Oswald will.
who is the best cook: They’re both really good cooks, actually. They just specialize in different areas. Oswald is very skilled at cooking ‘poor man’s’ food. Goulash, noodles and cabbage, etc. Whereas Ed’s over here making a five course meal with like ingredients like lobster, difficult items like a soufflé, and fondue as an appetizer (Meanwhile explaining how the temperature of the cheese alters the shape of the proteins to give it its distinct texture. Nerd. I’m so sad the show never let him elaborate on this I personally know way too much about fondue for someone who’s never done it.)

Nerves - Malia Tate

Malia sat in her car, in your driveway, staring at your front door.  She wondered if she should check the time, but she didn’t want the reality of her having sat there for twenty minutes.

She made sure that she’d arrived early, wanting to impress you with being on time.  But now she’d sat in the car for so long, she wondered if she was late.

The nerves of her date with you went away, and the new nerves of you being upset with her settled in.  Malia scrambled out of the car, and up to your door, knocking rapidly.  Her stomach made flips as she anxiously waited for you to arrive.

And when you did, it flipped faster.

“Hi” You said happily with a sweet smile.

“Am I late?” Malia rushed out.  You giggled, and pulled out your phone.

“Actually no, you’re a few minutes early” You said, and she let out a sigh of relief.  “Want to come in?” She nods, and you step aside to let her in.  Malia looked around curiously, having never been in our house before.

“It’s quiet” She commented.

“Yeah, my parents and sister are out, they went to see one of her performances or something” You waved your hand dismissively and walked off to the kitchen.  Malia followed behind you.  

“Cool” She commented, growing more nervous than before.

This was your second date, your first having been a double date with Stiles and Lydia.  But this one was just you and her.  And that made her really freaked out.  Malia hadn’t dated anyone else really, not that she’d like to count.  In fact, Kira and Lydia were the ones to push her into admitting her feelings for you.  But when you’d told her that you reciprocated those feelings, she’d gone over the moon.

Now, she was hiding behind the moon.

“I haven’t finished making dinner yet” You told her.  “I hope spaghetti is okay? It’s really the only thing I know how to make” You said sheepishly.

“Yeah, I love spaghetti” Malia replied, and sat at the dinner table.  She watched you from behind, as you stirred the boiling noodles and checked on the sauce.  She didn’t know what else to do, so she just kept watching you.

Malia quite enjoyed watching you, she liked watching you sway, knowing you only did it so your skirt would twirl around your legs.  She liked watching the little bouncy dance in your step as you moved through the kitchen.  She liked watching the intent and determined look on your face as you did the simplest tasks.

“You want me to turn on some music?” You asked her, and she nodded again.

“Yeah sure” You smiled, and she couldn’t help but smile back.  You turned on the radio, and went back to work cooking.  Malia stood up, walking into the kitchen with you.  “Anything I can do to help?” She asked, and you thought for a moment, pursing your lips.

“I’m almost done, so I think I’m good” You said.  She nodded, and rocked on her feet.  You caught her lick her lips and look around.  She was on edge and you knew it.  “Lia? You okay?” Her eyes met yours and her brows raised momentarily.  You gave a soft smile, and set down the ladle in your hand, then held out both of yours.  Malia looked at your hands questioningly.  “Dance with me” You said, and reached for her fingers.  

The moment your skin touched, it was an instinct for her to lace your fingers together, and she found comfort in your joined hands.  She gave you a smile, and swayed you back and forth slightly.  You blushed when she twirled you.

Malia found her confidence, and pulled you against her.  Her hands stayed in yours when she wrapped her arms around your waist.  You flickered your eyes up to hers.

“Are you wearing mascara?” You murmured, shock evident in your tone.

“Maybe” Malia mumbled.  “Lydia said I should look nice for you” You giggled quietly, and her heart fluttered at the sound.

“You didn’t have to” You said.

“Yeah, but you look nice and I didn’t want to disappoint”

“Malia, I don’t think there’s anything you can do that would disappoint me” You whispered.  It was quiet for a few moments, and you realized that you were leaning closer to her, and she was to you.  Malia’s mind was running wild with thoughts and questions.  Do I lean first? Does she lean first? Where do I touch her? Where can’t I touch her? Oh my God she just looked at my lips- oh my- oh shit- God I want to kiss her… is that’s what’s happening?

Can I kiss you?” She blurted, then her eyes went wide in fear and embarrassment.  “Oh my god I just said that out loud” She muttered, and you giggled as she blushed deeply.  Then leaned on the tips of your toes and pecked her lips quickly, barely making contact.

“You may” You granted.  Malia’s grumbled ramblings and curses stopped, and she looked at you.  And suddenly. it was like she knew everything she needed to do.  Her hands pulled on your hips fiercely but carefully, tugging your body against hers, and her lips covered yours in warmth.  You made a moan of astonishment at her burst of confidence, and your hands shot up to bury in the locks of her hair as you moved your lips against hers quickly.  In seconds, she shuffled you back, towards the fridge.  Your back his the surface, and you gasped slightly in shock, a quick break between kisses, but soon enough the heat of the moment caught up with you, and her hands traveled down to your upper thighs, bending slightly, she hoisted you up, and sat you on the counter.  She stood between your bare legs, your skirt having rode up enough for her to be right up against you.  Malia moved her hands up from your legs, her lips never leaving yours as they ran up your back, then behind your neck, her fingers ending up tangling themselves in your hair.  You moaned into her mouth, which only made her kiss you harder.  Your fingers had just slid under her shirt when she pulled away, fully this time.

“Something’s burning” Malia said, nose wrinkling. 

“OH MY GOD OUR DINNER!” You hopped off the counter and scrambled to turn off the oven.  You moved the pot over to the sink, the over flowing boiled water going down the drain.

“Careful don’t burn yourself” Malia said, coming over and taking the handle from your hand.  A few splotches of water dripped on her skin, making her hiss at the bright red mark it’d leave behind.  But in an instant her body would heal and her skin would be smooth and clear again.  You groaned, running your hands through your hair.

“I’m sorry, I totally forgot about the spaghetti” You said, brows knit as sadness washed over you.

“Nah don’t be.  I still don’t understand my microwave at home” You laughed a little, plopping into a dining room chair, and leaning on the table.  “What if instead we order a pizza and watch a movie? Ignore the cliche of cooking dinner for your girlfriend” Malia smiled and sat next to you, and you turned to face her.  An expression on your face that she couldn’t recognize.  “What?”

“You just called yourself my girlfriend” You said.

“O-oh, I’m sorry- I’m sorry-” You shook your head in laughter, and cupped her face in your hands, bringing her lips onto yours.  This kiss much more soft, and sweet.

“Don’t apologize” You said with a cheeky grin.  “I like it” A slow smile spread on Malia’s lips.

“You do?”

“I do” You said, crinkles forming by your eyes as you continued to smile wider.


You were both curled up on the couch together.  Two pizza-free pizza boxes, as well as two emptied glasses were on the coffee table in front of you.  You were sitting on the sofa, feet also setting on the tabletop.  Malia was laying across the cushions, head in your lap, legs curled at the other end.  Your fingers combed through her hair gently, smoothing out the soft locks.  Neither of you had really said anything since you’d started a movie.  A small laugh or comment on something dumb a character did here and there.

About halfway through Malia sat up.

“You okay?” You asked, hand falling from her hair to your lap.

“I’m fine, do you want to lay down?” You smiled sheepishly and nodded.  Her arms opened wide as she moved sideways, and you laid in between her legs on your side.  You pulled up a throw blanket that you’d pushed to the floor earlier.  Malia adjusted it over the both of you, and you sighed out a content hum.

“This is nice” You told her, and she agreed with a nod.

“It is” She told you, and you tucked your head under her chin.  “Your heart is beating really fast” Malia said, and you blushed a little with a nervous laugh.

“Yeah I’m sure it is” You said, voice a little shaky.  Malia just chuckled, fingers ruffling into your hair as you laid against her.  “You’re petting me now I see” You said softly.

“Mm it felt good so I figured you’d like it” You nuzzled your nose into her shoulder.

“It does” You hummed.  This continued for a few more minutes.  Her fingers massaging your scalp with one hand.  Your own reaching for her empty hand laying on your leg.  You slowly intertwined them together in a comfortable and warm position.  Once you reached this goal, you let your eyes flutter shut.

“y/n” Malia said your name in a soft call, and you raised your head from her chest.


“Roll over” You did as told, shuffling to lie on your stomach, still pressed against her.  You were both slightly sitting up, your body in a strange angle but not uncomfortable.

“What?” You asked eyes flicking to hers.  Malia just shrugged and smiled.

“I just wanted to kiss you” She said with a childish smile.  You giggled, and leaned forward a little.

“Well then what’re you waiting for?” You asked, and she sealed your lips with hers in a soft but dominant kiss.  You made a small sound in the back of your throat in joy, hands reaching up to clasp at the back of her neck.  Malia’s grabbed your hips for a moment, and in the few kisses to come, her hands ran up and down your back.  You tilted your head at an angle, and she followed you.  She slid down slightly, your body still lying atop hers as you laid in a better position.  Your hands moved from her neck to splay around her cheeks.  One of hers came to your jaw, continuously pulling your lips down to hers.  Then she quickly flipped you over, hovering over your frame as her lips pressed to yours hungrily.

Another noise came from your throat when her tongue swept over your lips, silently asking for entrance.  You happily obliged, and soon your tongues were in a feisty battle for dominance.

You were losing the battle when Malia pulled away.  She stared down at you, eyes wide and she swept her tongue across her lips.

“What?” You whispered beneath her.  “Why are you staring at me like that?” Malia smiled, raising a hand to trace your temple and jaw with her fingers.

“You’re just beautiful” She whispered, and you blushed under her gaze.  “So beautiful”

“You’re beautiful too” You murmured back, giving her a sweet kiss.

You fell asleep in her arms that night, both of you a tangled mess of limbs on the sofa.

And Malia? Well, her nerves were still present every time she looked at you, but she was no longer afraid.

this is something i wrote a while back that i just finished, but i feel like i haven’t posted enough so here’s an extra present <3
xoxo ~ Jordie

as i mentioned, i have an interview tomorrow (i’m clearly diligently preparing – go ahead and yell at me @jeeno2….). eeeeep. and it’s intolerably hot and humid here this week, so let me tell you how very much i am not excited about wearing a suit in this weather.


but it’s still better than my skirt, because crotch sweat. hello. nerves and panic + this weather????? 

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Yesterday I was introduced to an adorable vlogging couple, and a recent video of their’s was a rather interesting event. Then I was prompted to turn it into a CC ficlet. Fluff. Attempted humor. ~2,100 words.

Darren instinctively pulled his hands away, as his laptop screen suddenly slammed shut.

“Chris, what the fuck?”

“You need a break,” Chris stated, without missing a beat.

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Healthy Hair Growth Challenge (courtesy of Nappturalistic Beauty)

Basic Guidelines to Follow (in addition to the Sub Challenges):

  • Make sure your hair has a good trim before starting the challenge & ONLY trim at 6 month intervals if needed
  • Wash/Cleanse your hair 1x per week
  • Always do Hot Oil Treatments before (pre-poo) or after you wash your hair
  • Always Deep Condition after every Wash & Hot Oil treatment followed by a Leave In Conditioner
  • Blot hair with a t-shirt & Air dry the hair 99% of the time
  • Remain FAITHFUL to Moisturizing & Sealing your ends at least 3x a week to prevent breakage & split ends.
  • Wear protective or low manipulation styles 3-5x a week
  • No heat (blow drying, flat iron, curling iron, etc.) 
  • Take a hair growth aide or multivitamin if you choose to benefit the health & growth of your hair & body.
  • ALWAYS protect your hair at night with a silk/satin scarf and/or bonnet. Sleeping with a satin pillowcase will be beneficial as well.
  • Eat a healthy diet, eliminating fast food and as many processed foods as possible.
  • Exercise at least 2-3x a week, whether it’s walking, running, jogging, aerobics, etc. Do something that will get your heart pumping & get your blood flow circulating.
  • Drink PLENTY of water.
  • Keep your hands OUT of your hair when you’re not styling or massaging it
  • Every day, look in the mirror at yourself & say a positive affirmation about yourself to motivate yourself.
  • Take a picture of your hair before starting this challenge. At three months (December 31st), take a picture and do a length check to track how your hair is coming along. Post a picture to the Wall whenever you are making progress for your encouragement and others encouragement & inspiration as well.
  • Periodically post how much growth you’ve had.

Sub Challenges

1st Sub Challenge is “Deep Conditioning”, “H2O” and “Scalp Massaging" 


  • Deep Condition your hair with your favorite Deep Conditioner at least 1x a week.
  • If you’re wearing braids or weaves, deep condition 1x every 14 days (2 weeks).
  • Gently detangle your hair in sections, working your way from your ends up to your roots with a wide tooth comb and then 2-strand twist each section.  Rinse your hair with the twists to keep your hair from tangling all over again.
  • Use your preferred method of (with plastic cap) Hooded Dryer, Hot Towel, Heat Cap, No Heat or Steamer (no plastic cap) to assist your deep conditioner for better penetration & absorption
  • Deep Condition for a minimum of 30 minutes every session
  • Do a protein conditioning treatment 1x every 4-6 weeks (if your hair allows it).
  • Drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water or more everyday
  • Post a starting picture at the beginning of this challenge and a final result picture at the end of this challenge.

Scalp Massage Requirements:

  1. Beginners: Massage scalp 3-5 minutes daily 
  2. Intermediate & Advanced: Massage scalp 5-10 minutes daily 

How to do Scalp Massages

You can massage your scalp, using the pads of your fingers with any oil of choice or none (if allergic or scalp doesn’t like oil). 

  • Pour some oil into a bowl and warm the oil by placing the bowl in some hot water. The oil should be warm but comfortable to the touch.  Or you can just use your favorite oil straight from the bottle.
  • Using the pads of your fingers, apply the oil little by little to different parts of your scalp, parting your hair as needed.  Then, using the pads of your fingers, work the oil into your scalp, using circular motions. Slow, deliberate movements are relaxing while steady but vigorous movement helps enhance energy and circulation.

Sample list of oils for scalp massages

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Emu Oil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • *Burdock Oil
  • *Basil Oil
  • *Tea Tree Oil
  • *Lavender Oil
  • *Peppermint Oil
  • *Rosemary Oil

*Essential Oil that should be used with a carrier oil such as Jojoba, Castor or Olive Oil.


Information for Scalp Massage Challenge

You must note that most essential oils are very strong and should be used only after diluting it with a carrier oil. Remember, essential oils are VERY concentrated and shouldn’t be used directly on the skin or hair.  Before using them you must also consult your health care provider as some oils could cause irritation and allergic reactions in the body.

Betty's on her Period (Part 2)

Hey guys!!! How’s everyone doing? Good? Well that’s fantastic!! Bad? Aww… I’m sorry love, I hope your day gets better!!! BACK ON TOPIC: THANK YOU FOR LOVING THE LAST IMAGINE!!! IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT, CHECK IT OUT ON MY TUMBLR!!!

Ship: Bughead (Betty and Jughead)
Warnings: Mentions of Periods. Menstrual Blood.
Fandom: Riverdale

Betty’s phone has been ringing all day long. The buzzing against the coffee table was driving her insane. Jughead excused himself real quick as he had to go upstairs and use Betty’s restroom. Betty was on the verge of exploding. Her while face was starting to turn red in anger.

The phone rings once more. Betty snatches her phone and presses Accept.

“HELLO!” Betty shouted,

"Um… hey B. Everything ok?” She heard a familiar voice on the other end of the line. It was Betty’s River Vixen Cheerleader buddy, Veronica Lodge.

"Oh… um hey V. Sorry for yelling” Betty said, in a hushed tone of voice.

"Me and Archie were wondering where you and Jughead were. You didn’t show up for school. The both of you aren’t answering your phones.” Veronica said,

"It’s nothing Veronica. Just not feeling well today. Jughead is taking care of me while my mom is away to Chicago” Betty exclaimed,

"Oooohhhh. Are you guys planning on doing something?” Betty can hear the smirk forming on Veronica’s face.

"The two of them just started dating Ronnie. Give them a break” Archie said. Veronica had Betty on speakerphone this whole time.

"Hi Arch. Look guys, everything is cool. I’m just under the weather.” Betty said.

"How about me and Archie stroll by your house later on tonight?” Veronica suggested,

Thanks guys, but I prefer to get some rest and get better. I’ll be back to school in a couple of days. I’ll talk to you guys later.” Betty said,

Veronica and Archie agreed that it was the best option to let it go. They said ok and Veronica hung up the phone. Just then, Jughead walked down the stairs.

"Who was that? Your mom?” Jughead asked,

"It was a certain red head that lives next door alongside a raven haired princess. They called to see why you and me didn’t go to school today.” Betty answered.

Jughead hummed as a response to her. Betty let out a little groan. She has been sat on the couch all day long. Her legs were completely killing her and were starting to cramp up.

"Juggie, can you help me up? My legs hurt.” Betty asked, trying her best to get herself up.

Jughead hopped to his feet and held his arms out for his Juliet. She grabbed on and he lifted her up. The feeling inside Betty did not feel good at all. She felt wetness down her thighs. A cramp hit her hard and she gripped onto Jughead’s arms.

Jughead started to comfort her, but his eyes went down to the couch where Betty was sitting in, covered in more blood.

"Oh god… um Betty? The couch.” Jughead said, adverting his eyes away from the couch and wishes the memory to be erased out of his head. Betty looked behind her and let out a muffled “fuck” between her teeth. She quickly waddled up the stairs to go fix her situation. She knew the reason why this happened: Jughead didn’t get the right kind of pads for her.

The blood Jughead saw on Betty’s bedsheets earlier in the morning wasn’t as bad as this. It looked like a crime scene was committed. Jughead didn’t know how to clean this sort of stuff out of the couch cushion. His sister, Jellybean, is only 10 years old. She hasn’t gotten her period yet so he doesn’t really know how to handle situations like these out.

But thank god for the internet. Jughead typed into Google “How to clean up period blood.” He looked at the instructions and ran into the kitchen to try to get the blood out of the cushion.

After 5 minutes of scrubbing, most of the blood came out. He quickly washed his hands and threw the cushion into the washing machine. He put Betty’s sheets into the dryer and threw in 2 fabric softeners.

"Jug!” He heard a scream from upstairs. He hurried up the stairs to the closed bathroom door. The cramps made Betty feel like her uterus has being stabbed and mangled.

Can you go into my room and get me some bottoms and underwear?” Betty asked. Jughead could sensed how uncomfortable and embarrassed Betty must be feeling right now. Jughead walked into Betty’s room and opened several dresser drawers. He finally reached the drawer that contained her panties.

Different colors. Ones with Lace. Some Girl Boxers. And some regular plain ones. He chose one that he thought would look cute on her. He smirked and little and closed the drawer. Jughead’s book bag laid on Betty’s bedroom floor, he was supposed to have gym today.

He reached in his bag and pull out a pair of grey sweatpants. He went and knocked on the bathroom door. Betty opened it slightly and she grabbed her undergarments and sweatpants. The sweatpants looked different. Are these Jughead’s? In the meantime, Betty is just gonna have to use her mothers tampons. She got situated and finished her business.

Betty stepped out, the sweatpants dangled at her feet. Jughead escorted her back to the living room. Betty carefully laid down onto Jughead’s lap. He smelled so good and and always had a warm touch. Jughead reached over and rolled up the pant legs on his sweatpants. He saw dry blood on her ankles.

"Hold on Bets” Jughead said. Betty got up from his lap and he went into the kitchen. He grabbed a couple paper towels and ran them under cold water. He returned and asked Betty to sit back down. She obeyed and Jughead pulled up the pant legs up to her thighs.

He started cleaning her ankles, up to her calfs, and all the way up to her thighs. After wiping her legs off, he quickly dried them and got some lotion off of the light stand. Betty’s mom always longed for soft skin, so she kept small bottles of lotion around the house.

Betty watched as Jughead got some Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and squirted some in his hands and rubbed them together. Jughead started to massage Betty’s legs. Betty sighed, she felt so relaxed after the period mishap 10 minutes ago.

Jughead massaged Betty’s ankles all the way up to her thighs. Jughead made no facial expressions. He just admired the way Betty was feeling. He smiled a little, knowing that he is the only one he can make her happy right now. After the massaging was over, Jughead leaned over and gave Betty’s inner thighs a little kiss.

Betty was in pure bliss. She loved the feeling. She laid back down and cuddled into Jughead’s chest.

"Thank you for dealing with me and my feminine problems all day today. I feel bad. I feel like a burden. I made you miss a day of school” I am so sorry Jug-“

Betty was interrupted when Jughead kissed her. They stayed like that for 10 seconds. They pulled back and looked at each other.

"It’s ok. Things like this happen. And I will always be there to take care of you. I can’t bear to see the girl that I love being in pain. Just know that I will always be here.” Jughead exclaimed, giving Betty a kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you” she responded.

“Is there anything you need?” Jughead asked,

“Um… those pads you got me… they’re the wrong size. I need overnight ones. But I’ll keep those when I get near the end.” Betty said,

“Ok. I’ll walk to the dollar store around the corner and get them for you. Leftovers from Pop’s is in the fridge. I’ll be right back.” Jughead said.

He went and got the right ones for her. Although it was embarrassing for him when he had to cash out at the cash register. But he didn’t mind, he would do anything for Betty.

He got home 10 minutes later. Betty was munching on some vanilla ice cream cream again. He took the package of pads upstairs and placed them in the bathroom. He came down the stairs and heard shuffling.

“Jug, quick question? Titanic or The Notebook?” Betty said. She wanted to watch one of the 4 movies Jughead got at the store.

“Um… I don’t know. The Notebook?” Jughead chuckled. They watched the movie and the both of them shed some tears. Betty eventually fell asleep on Jughead and he fell asleep soon after she did.

(OH MY GOODNESS GUYS! ITS FINALLY DONE!! Sorry I wasn’t able to upload straight away. I had to study for exams and I had a concert for my school and had rehearsals and everything. THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT! PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND IN REQUESTS, IM STILL TAKING THEM! ❤️)