minute maide

“The thirst is real”- a line I heard when I walked smooth into Wendy’s and filled a deer park bottle up with minute maid without even placing an order

I’m sure this is going to be riddled with far more significance when viewed with context of the story, but even from my perspective, it’s kind of hilarious. These self-important “governing” members of Rosedick High’s council – who themselves seem to be in the control of another organization – begin this scene talking about chickens breaking out of world shells and starting revolutions, AS I’M CONVINCED THEY DO APPROXIMATELY TEN TIMES DAILY. All these implications of being puppet masters pulling strings and it’s all so ominous.

And they’re playing Old Maid.



But beyond funny, I start thinking. It’s seen as a child’s game, at least in my experience, which may be saying something about the players. Even more than that though, since they’re playing with more than two people, nobody truly wins, someone only loses.


[Reminder that I’m watching spoiler-free, and am not looking for any details beyond what I’m learning myself as I watch. Please be mindful of any comments!]

Cherry Cola Slice, a member of Pepsi’s 1984 answer to Coke’s Fanta line. Okay, Wikipedia says it competed with Coke’s Minute Maid line, but with the spectrum of flavors that Slice came in – lemon-lime (which was replaced by Sierra Mist in 2000), apple, fruit punch, grape, passionfruit, peach, Mandarin orange, pineapple, strawberry, pink lemonade, the above cherry cola (which was replaced in 1988 by Wild Cherry Pepsi), “Red”, cherry-lime, and Dr Slice – the Fanta comparison, but with actual fruit juice, is more approrpiate.

Slice is still produced in some places and in diet versions but I haven’t seen it in ages, plus as noted this particular flavor was discontnued 28 years ago.

Brown in every shade turning deeper in the grave
Peep the keepers of the maze holding keys to the cage
We’re the pillars to this place, yet they kill us for our race
Say they don’t see colour, that’s cuz all I see is shade
Maids in California just to taste that Minute Maid
Turn a brand new page for a new name for a slave
They say that we’ve been brave, society’s depraved
Crash-landed on her island, got carried by a wave
Now my only friend is Wilson, pray the first name isn’t Slade
Her purses all designer, her personality is fake
Said the past is all behind her but history is a snake
Lady Ouroboros tell me how much will it take
Cuz no amount of money and no matter what you crave
Can undo all the damage and the bed that we have made
So while I’m dancing with the devil I’ll pretend my heart is tame
Despite the fact that I’ve pent up all this fire and rage
—  Nav K, BROWN

Seriously, like, 50% of Tohru’s character is about her reevaluating all her preconceived notions of the world, humans, and even herself, and learning to decide for herself what’s important to her and what she’s meant to do with life. The other 50% is her being instantly infatuated with a human she just met despite the aforementioned preconceived notions and her upbringing, and deciding the best way to show this is to constantly violate said human’s boundaries. It just doesn’t make any sense?? Like the series just quite happily plugs along with her constantly being self-contradictory as if everything were fine. I’m pretty sure the author of the manga the anime’s drawing from doesn’t actually know shit about character writing, and just stumbled into a mostly-winning formula by happenstance.

Chronological list of events in this fandom

So I think we need a timeline for everyone that might be confused about what happened but I don’t remember /was involved in everything so it might be missing stuff but here we go!

1:Reeses and kitkat tussle

2:The awakening of the official candies from their corporate slumbers

3:Minor fights but friendship for the most part

4:the bleach invasion and the soda getting aggressive

5:diplomatic resolution to pwI (product war 1)with bleach joining our cause In kindness

6:kindness is returned to the land for a short period of time and clorox collaborating with many candy blogs

7:the FDA attacks, trying to stop the love of yorkie and clorox

8:the FDA realizes that the only thing the products want is to bring happiness to the consumers

A lot of stuff happens after the FDA becomes our friend but I don’t remember exactly what happened In what order but I know minute maid was pressured and pulled a gun on us, windex was kind but also possessed and their S/O sandwich was murdered presumably by pushpop,
The FDA performed a seance to Summon sandwich from the beyond to see who killed them but sandwich was just alive again?… Idk, krill happened and yelled at all of us and a lot more I’m probably forgetting… I could use some help filling this in so product blogs please help me in this endeavor


“I ain’t being no Maid of Honor! Don’t ask me again.” Happy growled at you and slammed a shot back. You’d been after him for the last 30 minutes about being your maid of honor. You’d already told him that he didn’t have to wear a dress or anything, just to be on your side but he wouldn’t listen. You’d never really been someone that had a lot of friends and even less female friends. You didn’t know anyone that you were close to enough that you wanted at the wedding. You looked to Juice for some help.

“Come on Hap. No dress or flowers or anything. You just stand there. I’ll be like you’re the best man.” “Why can’t I be that?” “Because that’s not what it’s called. It’s called the Maid of Honor. Come on Happy. She doesn’t really have any women that can do it. Help her out. We’ll owe you one.”

Happy’s scowl returned and he took another shot. You looked to him innocently. “So….will you do it for me? I won’t even call you my Maid of Honor. It’s already a biker wedding, we’re thinking out of the box. I want it to be you Happy. Please? Pleeeeease?” You wrapped your hands around his forearm and rested your cheek against the back of his hand, looking up at him.

“You really don’t have anyone else?” “Not really. You guys are kinda  my only friends…” For a man who had no feelings, that pulled on his heart a little. It was true. He never saw you out with anyone that didn’t have a cut on their back. He knew you weren’t going to ask a Crow Eater or a girl from Cara Cara to step in for it. You wanted the wedding to be small and simple. His only friends were from the club too but he liked it that way. You did too but he could tell that at times like these, you wished you had other people to call friends.

Happy shook his head and grunted. He looked over at your face, cheek squished against his hand and your bottom lip jutted out. He looked forward again and rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I’ll do it. Jesus Christ.”

Your head shot up quick enough to give yourself whiplash. “What? You’ll do it? Seriously? You promise?” You hadn’t expected that to work. You’d actually seen it going more along the lines of throwing your head into the bar.

“Yeah whatever. I’ll do it. Now leave me alone.” You smiled from ear to ear and grabbed his face, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek and sneaking away with Juice.