minute maide

“The thirst is real”- a line I heard when I walked smooth into Wendy’s and filled a deer park bottle up with minute maid without even placing an order

i decided to give maid dragon a chance today bc the designs ive seen from the show are super cute, but i saw a promo for it and honestly thought it was going to be terrible u_u

[spoiler maybe? its in the first few minutes of the first ep haha]

but the premise being that the main character walked into the woods drunk off her ass, met a dragon, drank more w the dragon, and then was so wasted she said “hey wanna come to my place some time” aND THEN THE DRAGON SHOWS UP

About a Girl [Epilogue]

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Ever After.

“Okay,” your make up artist looked back at you to admire her own work. She gave you a big smile. Your bridesmaids crowded around to see the finished product. By the expressions on their faces you knew you didn’t look like a clown. The makeup artist, Eunha, picked up the mirror and clutched it to her chest. “Are you ready to see?”

You took a deep breath as the anxiety in the pit of your stomach grew. “Alright, let’s see it.” Eunha turned the mirror. Seeing your reflection you were surprised just how lovely you looked. It wasn’t overdone, it was tasteful. Your skin looked flawless and your eyes popped thanks to the perfect eyeliner and fake lashes. You touched your cheek lightly, “Wow. This is incredible Eunha, thank you!”

You reached out to bring her in a warm embrace. You didn’t know how to adequately express your gratitude with words so this was the next best thing. She laughed as her arms wrapped around your waist. “I’m so happy you love it.” 

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“Heirs: Family Bonding”  (Chapter 3)  - [A Jeremy Irons/Tom Hiddleston/Sebastian Stan  story].

Written by: A.Wölf.

Previous chapter(s): 1: “Heirs: The Scent of Revenge”.  // 2: “Tiptoed love”.

Notes: NSFW  //  Let this be another one of those repetitive reminders. No disrespect to any of these actors, they are just portraying these crazy characters of mine.


The morning sun filtered through the curtains, awakening Tom.

The balcony door had stayed ajar the whole night and the ocean breeze had grazed his wife’s naked back. Tom stared at her and it was impossible for him not to let a warm smile spread across his face, invaded by an optimistic feeling for the first time in months. He felt strong and better than ever, having finally slept by her side after making up and making love. He got up carefully for her slumber to remain undisturbed and walked into the bathroom.

He looked at himself in the mirror, and his beard reminded him of the pain he had endured in the last weeks, and his self-destructive behavior. He opened the mirrored cabinet and grabbed his razor; it was time to shave.

“Good morning”, said Jeremy at the sound of Sebastian joining him in the dining room.

Jeremy didn’t even glance up from the newspaper he held in front of him, and his son could only see the cigarette smoke floating above it. His father, as usual, was sitting at the head of the table, so he sat to his left. The maid walked in to put a plate in front of Jeremy; eggs, sausage, and two pancakes. This at last, made the businessman put down the paper and put out the cigarette to take a sip of his black coffee.

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