minus saga

Hey guys, let’s have some fun!

If you have twitter and you like Star Wars, it would be awesome if you could answer to: this poll. 

The thing is: I plan on saving 3 (maybe 6) evenings of one of the following weeks, to livetweet and livedraw the entirety of the Star Wars saga (minus episode 7). 

I say “maybe 6″ because I plan on watching the 4th, 5th and 6th first, and the others if I have enough free time and people like it enough. I HAVE SET MY MIND ON THE ORDER I WANT TO WATCH.
When I say “livedraw” I mean that I’ll also post (humorous/stupid) drawings live about the movie while I’ll be watching.

(like this, maybe without colors. It’ll depends on the time I have)

I am making a poll because I want to do something that will please and amuse you and I don’t want you to get spammed if you don’t want it. Also I need to organize myself because I still have my work to do and this will take time.

I personally think it could be fun and interesting for both fans of the saga and myself, as I have never seen the movies before.
 I’ll give you a planning with the days and hours I plan to do it, and I’ll use the #MaryneDrawsStarWars hashtag so you know where to look on twitter and tumblr, if the results to the poll were to be positive.

This could stay a minor project between my followers and I, but could also interest other people who aren’t familiar with my art and want to see someone react to their favorite movies for the first time so:

I am encouraging you to share this post and RT the poll as much as you can.

If you have no idea who I am and what my artworks looks like, and you need that to see if you are interested, you can either go check out my original comics about my adventures in Canada here, or browse my (very gay) art tag on this blog, which is also my personal blog.

Various information:

  • This would only be happening on twitter, not on Tumblr. I will post news for it on both twitter and Tumblr, under the same hashtag.
  • If you don’t want to see anything about it, you can blacklist the hashtag on tumblr, and mute me on twitter (if you are following me) at the days and hours I’ll tell you the livetweets will be happening.
  •  If you see this post  and the poll is over but you were interested, just search for the hashtag #MaryneDrawsStarWars WITHOUT SPACE BETWEEN THE WORDS on twitter and tumblr for news.

That will be it for now, don’t forget to answer/share the poll and this post and to follow the hashtag! You can also use it now on twitter to tell me what you feel about this!

Love you all nerds,

- Maryne.