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Arrow Season 5 Thoughts

Right off the bat, I can tell you all that I give this season a C-. Also, that’s a generous grade. Being positive doesn’t mean I turn a blind eye to glaring issues about the show, I’ve held off on some aspects because they weren’t pertinent to each episode. Let’s dive into the WTF, okay, and good moments of the season.


Third Parties with NO follow through

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Billy Malone, let’s start with the nice guy nobody. He was literally for 1 to 2 scenes an episode, and we’re supposed to believe his death was the straw hat broke that camel’s back for Felicity’s dark arc? No. Not happening. Literally unbelievable. Okay dude, but bland vanilla.

Susan Williams: Initially, she’s depicted as this shady character and that pushed through the end of her story, but the fact that she tried to exploit Oliver, that had no resolution, it was just dropped like a piano in old school cartoon. Creative Writing 101 every story needs some sort of ending.

Also, personally, I didn’t go into journalism for my own reasons, but I do know there are such things as journalist ethics. Where were hers? Because she broke every damn one in the book. To put it nicely, “conflict of interest”. Her presence made Oliver blind, ignorant, and a close reminder of his party boy past.

The only thing I thought was good about that story line was the frigid breakup. It’s difficult for me not to laugh when I hear or read the phrase “my apologies”.

Cringe-Worthy Moments

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  • Fridging another female character Evelyn, and using her as basically childhood prostitution bait. The villainous side I get, but as a woman in general, let’s be better and fix that shit A.S.A.P.
  • Breaking another healthy relationship, especially one that has inclusive representation for POC, LGBTQ characters a.k.a The Holts. Curtis has become my least favorite character, and that’s not cool. It came out of nowhere.
  • Any scene with the reporter.
  • “Spectre of the Gun” as a whole. Hands down my least favorite episode. It was full of heavy handed cliches, and Oliver’s legal solution again had not much a follow-through. Fix-it aspects still require some sort of explanation.

The Okay

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