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𝕪̲̅𝕠̲̅𝕦̲̅ 𝕔̲̅𝕒̲̅𝕟̲̅ 𝕤̲̅𝕖̲̅𝕖̲̅ 𝕥̲̅𝕙̲̅𝕖̲̅ 𝕤̲̅𝕒̲̅𝕞̲̅𝕖̲̅ 𝕖̲̅𝕪̲̅𝕖̲̅𝕤̲̅ 𝕚̲̅𝕟̲̅ 𝕕̲̅𝕚̲̅𝕗̲̅𝕗̲̅𝕖̲̅𝕣̲̅𝕖̲̅𝕟̲̅𝕥̲̅ 𝕡̲̅𝕖̲̅𝕠̲̅𝕡̲̅𝕝̲̅𝕖̲̅

had to take a quick break from commissions/requests to sketch out a rough design for a new d&d character for a campaign my friend is dm’ing for his birthday! he suggested the concept to me because i am, in fact, a bird person (a pigeon whisperer) so this dude is a weird kind of odin. can you tell i kind of based his design off the vagabond, lol

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Lmao how is she pushing for this to be about harry??

“Wonder how many girls he had left and left haunted, but if he’s a ghost I can be a phantom” - He literally just released Two Ghosts as a single. Plus his shitty ass team was always pushing the womanizer image.

She also says “younger than my exes” - Harry is younger than a lot of her previous beards. Minus Conor, but the song isn’t meant to be pushed like it’s about him.

I mean, this song isn’t ~technically about Harry, but you bet she’s going to try and make it seem like it is. She’s had 5 years and 3 beards in between though, and she just can’t seem to stop drawing off of that 23 day stunt. It’s… strange.

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43) Dean Ambrose

#43- “I don’t think you understand the term ‘dead or alive’, because I don’t know if this thing IS dead or alive” (Dean Ambrose)

From drabble list #2 here

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**I got carried away with this. Sorry.**

           If I didn’t have to use the bathroom, we wouldn’t have been wandering in the woods in a small virus infected town. Dean and I had driven down a foreign stretch of road in a distant part of Arkansas. The only things greeting us on this long trip were the frequent rolls of tumbleweed and the calls of crows flying overhead. There had been an abandoned rest stop three miles earlier but the electricity and plumbing had been cut with very little food left on the shelves. Dean grabbed them up as I kept a close eye on our surroundings: shotgun gripped tightly in my hands and two revolvers strapped to my waist, ready and load to shoot.

           “Baby, I can’t have you not eating. It’s not good for you or the baby.” His arm snaked around me, onto the growing bump of my stomach, uttering a quick apology when I flinched in surprise and placed my finger on the trigger. “Don’t shoot! It’s just me.”

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it was me. i was your barista. …with. ya know. my wig. and everything… um. *kids bop version of The Twilight Zone theme begins softly playing* -arin

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AAAAHHHH—!!! QuiObi, 10 from kiss meme?

This is for @kettish as well, who also asked for ObiQui #10. So here, have some post Hardeen, Qui-Gon lives au

ObiQui 10 – ‘You nearly died’ kiss

             It felt…strange, being back in his own body. Not, of course, that he had ever actually left his own body, but for the past month it hadn’t looked like his body, moved like his body. Hells, even his voice had been different.

             And now, once again looking, and moving, and sounding like himself, albeit minus the beard, Obi-Wan felt rather….odd. Unbalanced. He frowned, shaking his head and rubbing his bare chin. His frown only deepened at the feeling of bare skin instead of hair. He felt…naked, without his beard. Exposed in a way he had not been since he was a Padawan.

             Perhaps, he thought, moving silently down the halls of the Jedi temple, hood up and trying to shake the distinct feeling of being an outsider in his own home, it was fear. Anakin’s reaction to his revelation had been….bad, to say the least, and he had yet to approach any of the men. Or Qui-Gon.


             Obi-Wan closed his eyes, just for a moment, and made his feet turn down a new hallway, following a familiar route to familiar rooms.

             He had…no idea how Qui-Gon would react. Honestly, he had not let himself think about his lover’s reaction to this whole mess until that very moment. He had done what needed to be done, and letting himself get lost of possible futures before the mission had even begun. But now…

             Now there was no running.

             He reached a familiar door, and hesitated, just for a moment, and took a deep breath. He could do this. He had to.

             One more deep breath, and then Obi-Wan raised his hand to ring the buzzer.

             For a moment, nothing happen. Then, the door slid open with a near-silent hiss, and there he stood.

             For a moment, Obi-Wan’s heart lurched in his chest. Qui-Gon was so beautiful, standing there in the doorway, eyes wide.

             “Obi-Wan,” Qui-Gon whispered, and Obi-Wan gave him a tiny smile.

             “Hello, Qui―”

             His greeting was cut-off abruptly, as Qui-Gon jerked forwards, grabbing hold of the front of Obi-Wan’s tunics and pulling him into the room. As the door slid shut behind them, Obi-Wan found himself pressed tightly between the wall and Qui-Gon. The taller man was pressed closed, covering Obi-Wan’s own, smaller form, and kissing him like a drowning man takes in oxygen, upon breaking the surface. Qui-Gon’s fingers were shaking as he cupped Obi-Wan’s face, and a bewildering, slightly intoxicating mix of grief and joy and bone deep love swirled around them, making Obi-Wan’s head spin, though that might have just been the lack of oxygen.

             Finally, Qui-Gon broke the kiss, but he didn’t let Obi-Wan go. Instead, he simply pulled Obi-Wan closer, crushing him in a tight embrace.

             “I’m home?” Obi-Wan asked softly, a little ashamed. He hadn’t….hadn’t thought his ‘death’ would….

             “Never do that again,” Qui-Gon whispered, his words muffled in Obi-Wan’s newly regrown hair. Even like that, his voice was rough, and he sounded far older that Obi-Wan remembered. “Please. Never again.”

             The only thing Obi-Wan could do in that moment was nod. Nod, and curl further into Qui-Gon’s arms, and project his regret and apology, for all the grief he had caused.

Harry’s Lookalike

(Gif not mine)

Pairing: Harry Potter x Reader

Content/Warnings: Fluff

Words: 257

A/N: I really need to start writing things in advance. It’s been a busy few days, sorry about the lack of content, guys. Unfortunately, school is more important than writing fanfiction (no matter how much fun it may be). This was a request from anon for 15 and 76 with Harry.

Spooky prompts are OPEN!

It was time to go to the DA meeting. For once, it was purely fun: Harry had thought it would be a great idea to have a Halloween party. The group could even have costumes, as long as they weren’t too obvious. You knew exactly what you were going to dress up as, already in costume as you walked down the halls with Neville.

“I still can’t believe you’re going as Harry,” Neville said with a laugh. He was dressed up as Merlin - minus the beard, which was stuffed in his robes.

“It’s hilarious,” You defended. “I can’t wait to see Harry’s face.”

Needless to say, the boy-who-lived was both amused and exasperated by your choice of costume, especially when you marched up to him and exclaimed, “I’m you for Halloween! Lightening scar and all!”

“Where’d you get the glasses?” Harry asked curiously.

You grinned mischievously. “There’s a black market.”

“C’mon, really. Where’d you get them?” He pressed.

You shrugged. “I had them owled to me.”

“You would,” He said with a roll of his eyes. “Are you good friends with Neville?” He asked suddenly.

You shook your head in answer, puzzled as to why he would ask. “Not very, why?”

“It’s just… I would have walked with you, if you would have asked,” Your boyfriend said, shuffling his feet.

You’re jealous of who? Neville?” You asked with a laugh. “You have nothing to worry about Harry, believe me.”

“Good,” He said, looking relieved. “Now let’s go get drinks, before all the butterbeer is gone.”

I was watching my husband walk around the apartment and had one of those “oh… duh” moments when I realized one of the big reasons I like the Tron Uprising style so much… I’ve got a 6′3″ spouse who has a passing resemblance to a young Jeff Bridges…  so it’s kind of a no-brainer that I’d love watching a show with a bunch of tall lanky men running around, LOL.

Back when Legacy came out, we were already big Tron fans, so when Disneyland had their (temporary) Tron land in California Adventure, I took some time, and our leather jackets, and outfitted them with led lights.  I definitely got all geeky about it because, minus his slight beard, my hubby totally reminded me of a young Flynn… You know you’re a nerd when that’s the kind of thing that makes you go “ooh-la-la”  XD  and he got quite a few compliments near Flynn’s Arcade where we hung out.  

And of course I had to add a little something to my own jacket as well, lol  We made a pretty good matching pair!

I miss ElecTRONica at Disneyland… something really fun about being in that lightshow when you yourself also light up, haha.

We Will Survive- (Carl Grimes x POC!reader)



WARNINGS: Normal TWD warnings (swearing, death, etc)



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The rain was not helping her.

Her springy auburn hair had only prevented some of the rain from getting on her face, then again, her hoodie had also helped. Yet the rain still had managed to get on her face, and into the laceration across it. She winced at the pain radiating from the deep cut. Shit, she thought bitterly, at this rate, my own stitches might have been the best option, are they even still alive?

Shaking her head, she continued running through the woods. Before the world went to hell, the town would have been the first place she’d go to in this situation; but now, the Greene Farm was her best shot at staying alive. As the rain decreased, the blood pouring out of the wound increased. The cut itself stretched from above her left eyebrow, diagonally across her nose, and ended on the right side of her jaw. The blood covered her left eye, disrupted her perception and caused her to stumble across tree roots. She cursed under her breath as she slowed down, panting,and leaned against a tree. Walkers were dispersed throughout these woods, their groans echoed off the trees.  The sun beat down on her deep brown skin, causing sweat to build and mix with her blood. She gritted her teeth and pushed off the tree, and continued towards the farm. The string of her bow dug into the skin of her collarbone, and the strap of the quiver rubbed raw a patch of skin on her neck.

Soon the masses of trees became thinner and a field came into her view. Her gait became slower as she saw the unfamiliar RV, and the people walking away from it. Her eyes widened at the mere sight of them. Why are they here? Where is Maggie? As she got closer to them, she noticed two men still standing there, an older one, much like Hershel-minus the beard-,  and a younger one, most likely around Maggie’s age. Before she could call out to them, the older one walked away, obviously in some sort of distress.

Before the younger one left she yelled,a garbled noise as she choked on the blood Startled, the korean man turned towards her. She stumbled over her feet and fell flat on her face. The little sight she had left blurred and went out and she faintly heard the man cry out for someone.

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George Harrison at a Sgt. Pepper recording session, Abbey Road’s EMI Studios, 22 February 1967, photographed for The Beatles Book (image courtesy of Beatles Source)

“George strolled in with his Civil War moustache, but minus beard. A long black Mississippi gambler’s jacket and black moccasins set off his moustache.” - The Beatles Book


Summary: Corinne’s dealing with Sebastian being away and she gets quite the surprise.

A/N: Stay tuned tomorrow for a delicious sequel! 

With Sebastian being gone, filming and doing whatever he does, I had to keep myself distracted. So, when I’d woken up this morning, I went for a run. I slipped my tennis shoes on and grabbed the dogs, taking them to park to run with me.

As I ran, my mind cleared from the thoughts of missing my husband and I was able to wave to the regulars in the park. Suddenly, I noticed a man who seemed out of place on a hot day like this. He was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and blue reflective sunglasses. Kind of like Sebastian’s. I thought to myself. It felt as though his eyes focused on me and I felt a chill run down my spine, uneasy at not being able to see his face behind the beard.

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Can I please ask you a favor, Tumblr friends.

My dad looked almost exactly like this when he was young. Same hair, same beard, blue eyes. 

As most of you know I’m pregnant, and I REALLY want my baby to look like this when he comes out (blonde hair, blue eyes, minus the beard). But the father of the baby has dark hair and dark brown eyes, and so do both of his parents. I’m sort of dark blonde with brown eyes. So the odds for this baby to look like that  👆  aren’t very high. 

I need every one of you who are at least a little bit religious to pray for the baby to come out looking a lot like this fine young man above. Do you think you can do that, Tumblr friends?

I’m not asking for too much, I just want what every mother wants for their child. For him to be healthy, happy, and to look like Sam Heughan. Thank you.

Leather and Lace Makes Everything Great (A Happy Lowman imagine)

Request: Imagine the reader being a female mc member who is a tomboy. After losing a bet they make her wear a dress or something sexy for the whole next day. And when a random Joe lol gets too pushy Happy beats him up because he likes you. 

Let’s face it, you loved the tomboy life. You have since you were a toddler always making a fuss whenever your mom forced you to wear a dress or anything girly for that matter. Ever since you joined the MC Tig had been on your ass about your dressing sense. Today while waiting for Church to begin nothing was different. “Y/n baby, why are you always dressed like the mini version of Opie minus the Hungarian beard?” Tig questions you. “Tig, kiss my ass I -”

“oh, I’d love to” Tig cuts you off in response. You pause to give him a look and then continue, 

“I happen to like my style and I’m comfy." 

"Listen up baby girl I’ll make you a deal. If you win against me at a game of darts I’ll leave you alone about your wardrobe for good, but if I win, I get to dress you for tomorrow.” Tig winks. 

You didn’t notice, but at this Happy looked up and towards you. 

“Uh, no thanks.” You shrug. Tig is always coming up with insane ideas. 

“Oh come on! Don’t be such a girl about it.” Tig laughs. 

After much coaxing, you finally gave in, and guess what? You lost…. 

Damn Trager. 

Let’s just say that night, your outfit consisted of a lot of black leather and lace. A crop tankini top, and a short leather skirt that accentuated a waist you never knew you had. 

As you walked into the clubhouse with the heads turning all around you, you could not help but feel weird. Thank god you had on comfortable shoes, though. You were not willing to negotiate on not wearing heels. 

As you walked passed a few of your club members i.e. Tig, Kozik, and Juice they cat called and whistled out of pure amusement. You flipped them off and smirked walking towards the bar. 

Once you got there some drunk decided to put the moves on you. 

“Hey baby, why don’t you come home with me tonight?” He slobbered over himself in his drunken stupor. 

“What the fuck do think I look like some goddamn crow eater?” You asked in disgust. 

The asshole gives you an up and downward glance. 

“Could’ve fooled me.” He responds.

 "Ugh.“ You spit out as you turn around, the drunk fucktard slaps your ass. Before you can turn fully around to smash your bottle of beer over his head you hear a crack, a scream, and Happy’s low voice. 

"I suggest you leave before you end up being another one of my happy faces.” Happy growls at the man with his fingers all bent out of shape and screaming. 

You were shocked. You’ve seen Happy in his element before and it was 100% sexy but in reality, you two barely had any association with each other besides a few glances here and there every now and then. Now all of a sudden he’s pulling your hand to the back section of the clubhouse where the dorms are located, and before you know it he has you up against the wall.

 "Happy, what was that all about?“ 

"What did you think it was about?” He growls out holding your hips tighter. 

“I don’t-” Happy cuts you off with a hard kiss on your lips.

 "From now on you only wear this outfit for me.“ He whispers against your lips. 

Yes, sir. 


A/N: This was for @prettybabythings . Honestly, IDK lol. I tried to go by what you requested I hope you enjoyed it.