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….does anyone else suddenly have the powerpuff girls theme song stuck in their head

late happy new year from the eientei side! no seriously, it’s just so happened i drew a pic that fits new year’s feeling :^) i’m not particularly happy with how the picture turns out, but must go on..!

for a planned touhou fanbook about after party, sometime this year..! stay tune for more information if you’re interested

anonymous asked:

I came to see Kisame in dresses, mini skirts, booty shorts, heels, lingerie, and belly shirts. 👀👀👀

^^ You are a good person and I will FITE to serve these requests ^^

“Good work, kid.”

Oh Jesus, I wanted to be done with this before I even started the final lineart for it. Anyway, I was inspired by therecyclablekid and boxprize (two amazing artists that you should check out!) to draw Crimson Riot (who I especially hated drawing. I just basically copied therecyclablekid’s colors since he has only been shown once) But yeah, Kiri being praised by his hero who I totally HC as having some form of hardening quirk himself (only a hardboi™ would have a hairstyle like that)

Tagging spoilers just for people who are anime only just to be safe.