minumum wage

Please fire me. Every morning the pilgrimage to the metro starts with an empty stomach and a march alongside thousands of equally condemned lemmings and eunuchs of a working fate. Like zombies praying for death, thousands of people march through the station with faces exuding expressions of hopes and dreams that had been murdered by life.

And here’s my real problem, the goddamn law office I worked in. It was the largest law firm in the country. And no, I am not a lawyer. I was a PR and internal communications Director at my age of 27. It is the most bulls#*t profession I can imagine. It’s basically selling other people’s vanity at the expense of your time, effort and nerves. Those buggers at the top were never in the office to give me the information I needed to promote them and their frickin’ company, nobody cared to explain what they even wanted and every effort I made at initiative was rewarded with accusatory glances of “Why the hell are you working?”

When initiative in the professional field is not being rewarded, but scolded and frowned upon, all that remains is to beg to be fired.

I don’t know why people think raising the minimum wage is a good thing. People must not know anything about inflation. What they need to regulate  people earning more than what they need to survive on. Politicians who make 3-4 times than the  average person makes, who’s probably been groomed their whole lives trying to tell the other 90% what a living wage isn’t logical. 

Okay, saw this on my timeline and it absolutely infuriated me. My feelings on the military notwithstanding, lets take a look at some numbers. I’m about to drop some knowledge y'all.

This will be operating solely off of mcdonalds pay, other places will have different numbers. Also, a lot of this will be average prices and rents, obviously different situations. Also, feel free to correct my math.

An E1 in the military apparently makes 18 thousand a year. At current pay the average starting pay at Mcds, is 8 bucks an hour according to google, because it recently gave employees a ten percent raise. So, assuming that everything is perfect in lalaland, every mcds employee manages to get 40 hours a week every week(Which isn’t a thing that happens but lets assume) So, if an employee making 8 bucks an hour gets 40 hours a week, times four weeks in a month, times 12 months, then the math looks like 8x40x4x12, which equals out to 15360 a year.

Now, the average price for a two bedroom apartment is $650 a month, plus internet, cable, ect. average phone bill is about 100 bucks, average cable/internet is about 90. average electric is 90. So, that brings monthly bills to $930, not counting food. So the yearly cost of simply living in the united states is $11,160 Average grocery costs is an additional 6,443. So if we take those together, we end up with……..$17,603. what was the perfect yearly wage again? $15,360?

Now, an E1 in the military makes about 18k a year. Which is over the yearly costs as demonstrated by my previous math. However, if you subtract the 650 dollar rent and the 90 dollar electric bill, as the government pays for those if you live on base, then monthly bills for someone in the military is only 190 plus food, which if we take away 10% because of military discount, it ends up being 6003 dollars. SO, 130x12+6003 dollars ends up being. $7563. A YEAR That still leaves the military guy 11K TO SPEND. versus the mds worker who can’t even make enough to come out even?

Now, I’m no mathematician, but something here doesn’t match up.

And this is for a single person living alone, on perfect mcdonalds wage. Now, obviously this doesn’t account for two incomes, or kids, or people living in a single apartment, which usually costs less, and people who’s job doesn’t give them a perfect 40 hours, and I’m not going to go into things like car insurance, medical insurance, ect because that’s even more, but in general I think this makes my point.

Now, this thing says that if someone made 15 bucks an hour, they would make $31,200. I don’t know how they got that number, because 15x40 hours a weekx4 weeks a monthx12 months only adds up to 28800. So in order for someone to make 31 thousand a year they have to work over full time in order to get that much. which isn’t a thing that happens often. 

Now if we have $28,800, and we subtract the $17,603, we end up with 11,197. Which If you notice, is about the same amount the military E1 had after expenses. Now, lets say that Mcds employee doesn’t “Deserve” to make enough to be equal to a member of the military. Fine, whatever,

My point still stands, that, its not just about yearly wages, people deserve to have enough to live off of, to be able to participate in the american economy, and to come out ahead, regardless of the job. So, i say to Jennifer Harris and anyone who agrees with this, how about you think beyond basic numbers before you say stupid things.

*mic Drop.

*pics mic up

EDIT: So several people have pointed out that I, unsurprisingly, did get my math wrong.I want to thank everyone that noticed and make the excuse that I’m a psych major, not a math or accounting major. I just want to add in some corrections here

at $8 bucks an hour, times 40 hours a week, times 52 weeks a year , at perfect minumum wage with full time, actually adds up to $16640. WHich is still under the very basic required amount.

and the $15 dollars an hour at 40 hours a week times 52 weeks does make it $31,200.

But this does not change my point guys. 

Today an older man started ranting at me about how entitled our generation is and how when he was our age he worked for $3/ hour and had no benefits or unions and how kids these days expect to be paid $15/hour for ‘shit a monkey could be trained to do’

He then let it slip that when he turned 20 he bought his first house for $7,000. Hmm if only things other than living expenses increased 10x+ since then…

Ikea’s U.S. division is raising the minimum wage for thousands of its retail workers, pegging it to the cost of living in each location, instead of its competition.

The 17% average raise, expected to be announced Thursday, is the Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture chain’s biggest in 10 years in the U.S.

The pay increase will take effect Jan. 1, 2015. It will translate to an average wage of $10.76 an hour, a $1.59 increase from the previous $9.17.


Graduated Minimum Wage Idea?

I know I’m late… but sometime in the last month I heard talk about Min Wage being raised. Why not a graduated Fed. Min. Wage?

Graduated Fed. Min. Wage by age? 4 stages: Under18/18-25/26-31/32 and up? Start at $6 for Under 18 and add $2 for each stage after.

Under 18: $6

18-25: $8

26-31: $10

32 and over: $12

Think about it, generally, people of the various age groups have different needs. most under 18 have their needs provided for so they don’t need to make the same as an adult trying to take care of a family?

You know what else could help the minimum wage people pay for their living? How about if you don’t tax them so damn much. I make minimum wage, and while I don't need money to support my family, I worked 15.75 hours and got paid $126.00, after taxes it was only $102.00. While that’s enough for me, what about all those people who need to pay everything off of their minimum wage jobs? They just lost $24 dollars that could have been used for food, or to buy their children a small birthday present, or new shoes. That’s BS

Not actually hired

So I spoke to soon on that last thing. It turns out the position was unpaid and right now id rather focus on you guys here if i’m not  getting paid.

This however was an eye opening experience for me.  The gaming industry sucks so bad because of the things writers have to put up with. Many sites including note worthy ones like Duel Shockers don’t pay you and then require 3-10 pieces a day. So you work for exposure, are expected to work more or less 24/7, have to spend your own money to get the stuff, and come up with stuff to write about. Now I understand why so many sites report on a game being 1800p when that isn’t news worthy. Your job as a game journalist isn’t to post relevant stuff but to make posts and pray people will follow. 

So i’m left sitting around thinking why do people let this happen? Why do people work for no pay? People are so desperate to get games a week early every now and again that they will work months with no free games for a shot at free games and E3. Then before you get review copies or if you don’t you have to buy the games you review. So making no money you got to spend money to work for people.  Honestly, this kind of stuff should be illegal.  I get that this isn’t a 9-5, I get all that stuff, but why are websites treated different then other small businesses. If I went to go work at my local comic shop id expect minimum wage, sure they guy doesn’t rake in the big bucks but that’s the law and he won’t hire more then he can afford. 

The fact of the matter is right now every site is looking to bluster the amount of people they have working for them. E3 demands tons of coverage and actual news comes out then worth a damn. However, it’s impossible to cover everything as one person and for some reason covering everything is super important. So they are looking for people like you and me to work for them, they are looking for people who are massively skilled, but we aren’t going to get payed a dime (and it most likely cost you to keep working). If we do get paid it will be pretty damn close to a dime too. I was willing to put everything into the site but I just can’t in good conscious work for nothing. 

All I really have left to say is Via La Bloggers. The thing is we can’t expect things to improve because unless we get together form a union and demand equal protections we won’t get equal treatment. Yet, that is going to be near impossible because some kid in high school will always be willing to work for early access to some video games since mom and dad are footing every expense. Sorry about the rant but this is really bothering me and I could go on for days at this point.