minuet to hell

“the books are not technically canon with the audio dramas” SMH

  • The Zygon Who Fell to Earth references The Bodysnatchers
  • Sam is in a list of the Doctor’s old companions in Minuet in Hell (many people think this was retconned with Samson, but that doesn’t work because of the mind wipe in Terror Firma)
  • Fitz’s Story?!?!
  • Mary’s Story has the Doctor mentioning Compassion and Trix
  • This doesn’t really count but the whole “Imperiatrix Romana” thing is 100% based on how she’s portrayed in the EDAs
  • Yes Zagreus tries to show the EDAs in a different universe but what they see doesn’t even match what happened in Adventuress of Henrietta Street soo
  • The Tomorrow Windows (I think) even shows something that looks like Storm Warnings in the Doctor’s future