minuet to hell

Something Inside

Eighth Doctor: Oh, it’s you. Again. Thought you’d given up on me. Should’ve known you’d be back for more. I suppose you want me to talk? Tell you everything? Well I won’t. I can’t.

Rawden: You know what will happen if you don’t answer my questions, Doctor.

Doctor: Yes, yes, I know. Physical violence, pain, torture, what have you. But I’m bored with that. Aren’t you bored with all that?

Rawden: Well there are other forms of torture besides the purely physical.

Doctor: Ah, mental torture. Boring.

Big Finish Ten-word Reviews

I’ve listened to all of Charley’s adventures with Eight now, so I thought I’d compile a list of ten-word reviews.

Storm Warning: Nothing special except it’s got zeppelins, Charley and Eight in.

Sword of Orion: This is more like it! I understand the fuss now.

The Stones of Venice: I liked this a bit better than Vampires of Venice.

Minuet in Hell: Insanity, politics, demons, and torture. Thank goodness for the Brigadier.

Invaders from Mars: I giggled throughout most of it. In a good way.

The Chimes of Midnight: Among the best Doctor Who that’s ever been produced.

Seasons of Fear: Oh look more torture. Still most interesting Nimon story ever.

Embrace the Darkness: Big Finish does high-concept sci-fi quite well, it turns out.

The Time of the Daleks: Whose idea was “Daleks do Shakespeare?” Give them a medal.

Neverland: A creepy atmospheric Gallifrey story. Honestly, what’s not to love?*

Zagreus: Not so much high concept as delightfully bonkers. Tearjerker ending.**

Scherzo: Intriguing concept, perfectly suited to the medium. All the feels.

The Creed of the Kromon: I get what they’re up to, but I hate it.

The Natural History of Fear: A story even more confusing than Zagreus, and less fun.

The Twilight Kingdom: Like Heart of Darkness, but the jungle eats you. Unpleasant.

Faith Stealer: Kind of still on the fence about this one, honestly.

The Last: Miserable thought-provoking soul-sucking joy-crushing nihilistic torment executed extremely well.

Caerdroia: After hearing The Last, this was exactly what I needed. 

The Next Life: Lots of plot threads tied up, more or less neatly.***

Terror Firma: The TARDIS team returns to our universe with a bang.

Scaredy Cat: It’s hard to come up with ten words for this.

Other Lives: I really enjoyed this historical, aside from the C'rizz torture.

Time Works: I’m still thinking about this one days later. Cracking good.

Something Inside: After the first few minutes, hate hate hate hate hate.

Memory Lane: LEGO. ICE CREAM TRUCK. Mostly harmless aliens. I LOVE IT.

Absolution: I’m not happy with this slightly inevitable ending for C'rizz.

The Girl Who Never Was: I’ll probably like this more once I’ve gotten over it.

*Except Rassilon, who is a monster I don’t even love to hate.
**Seriously, I hate him so much