minue the bear


Just because I miss Jooheon’s thicker thighs.

Spotify started playing an artist called Minus The Bear and I thought it would be awful trash but….. Dare I say I’m actually enjoying this???

This is the same thing that happened with From Indian Lakes too, like how does Spotify recommend me repetitive pop followed by pleasant soft tunes???

On a side note, I’ve been listening to From Indian lakes for quite some time and they’re so good??? Like how??? They’re my favorite but it was recommended to me from Halsey? Like???????? Whattttt??????

(Lowkey telling you guys to check out From Indian Lakes and maybe Minus The Bear 👀👌👍)

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playlist: first date with tyler

you’re friends with tyler for two years before either of you realize you’re meant to be togehter. your first date with tyler would be all “indie” music. he’d want to take you on a simple date, because he knows that you just want to be with him. fast food in the car, driving around at sunset with the windows down, he’d even take you to the park to push you on the swing set when night falls.

- big white elephant by in-flight safety
- coal war by joshua james
- heartbeats by the knife
- pachuca sunrise by minus the bear
- revelry by kings of leon
- disorder by joy division
- cat like thief by boxcar racer
- i do know by david cronenberg’s wife
- pa pa power by dead man’s bones
- the horror of our love by ludo


bring back the others of org. xiii for khiii 2k15

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playlist: car rides with Josh

josh would take you on dates, he knew all of your favorite places to hang out. but he also knew that one of your favorite activities with him was driving around town with him, blasting good tunes and holding hands. he’d play songs that would remind you how much he loves you, songs to make you laugh, and songs to make you dance.

- monkey!!! knife!!! fight!!! by minus the bear
- midnight city by m83
- your love by the outfield
- congratulations smack + katy by reggie & the full effect
- alive with the glory of love by say anything
- glósóli by sigur rós
- disarm by smashing pumpkins
- time to dance by the shoes
- wannabe by spice girls
- one & only by timbaland ft. fall out boy

So Roy totally fought a bear for Ed once. 

when they were trying to find their way back to civilization from the isolated lab they were held in, they encountered a failed bear chimera that had escaped as well. Without his automail arm Ed couldn’t transmute and the muddy ground didn’t help with drawn circles as they were washed away quickly.

It was the first time Roy actually had to fight like an animal in order for them to survive, and while they managed to scare the bear off, Roy was a bit taken aback at how savage the chimerization had made him.

Edward however told him to not worry about considering they were almost eaten by a giant freaking monster bear. 

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I'm really into many things I been listening to alot of sad music like citizen and frank ocean and balance and composure!

I think you might like Black Bear then. My fave song is idfc. Also almost any Drake song tbh lol
Odesza, Jmsn, xxyyxx.
Minus the Bear, Pinback (specifically Autumn of the Seraphs album), The Front Bottoms. Oh and Fleet Foxes, and Daughter.

I was tagged by @imaginexmyxdragon 😘😘

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Pillowtalk- Zayn
Frijoles- Aesop Rock
Pachuca Sunrise- Minus the Bear
Last Chance to Lose your Keys- Brand New
Art is Hard- Cursive
Red Dress- Motion City Soundtrack
My Shot- The Roots feat. Busta Rhymes
With or Without You- U2
Mother May I- Coheed and Cambria
Our Lady of Sorrows- My Chemical Romance

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my angel of fate; a rindea fanmix

“i long to hear your voice, sweet like a spring breeze. let it speak my name, and i shall die a happy man.”

[listen] - [cover]

excuses minus the bear; kiss the girl colbie caillat; you’re the one that i want olivia newton & john travolta; something that i want grace potter; change of seasons sweet thing;better together jack johnson;look after you the fray; something about us daft punk; the garden of everything maaya sakamoto feat. steve conte; little talks of monsters and men; fly me to the moon cherry poppin daddies