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Captains reacting to their s/o making a cute couple scrapbook for the both of them? Love your blog!!

Daichi: He’d laugh good-naturedly and engulf you in a hug. He’d kiss you and thank you for the present, because he was touched. 

Kuroo: He will flip through the book with this unreadable expression, and you think he hates it at first. He’s quick to correct you, grinning happily because you made something so special for him. 

Moniwa: He’d blush a little and sit next to you while flipping through the book. 

Oikawa: He tears up a little that you went out of your way to make something like this for him and he just kisses you over and over again. 

Bokuto: He thanks you and thanks you again and kisses you over and over in his excitement. 

Ushijima: There is no indication of his delight minus the tiny smile playing on his lips. He kisses your cheek in thanks, and flips through it in front of you.