Hallo Minty, I’m your Secret Santa!! I know you saw this already from, but I wanted to post on here too hehe– 

I also wanted to do the “100% meme” that I noticed a few friends did a while ago, where you upload snapshots of your work at 100% pixels. I tend to work with a pretty large canvas–this one specifically was smaller, a little under 4000 pixels wide due to large layer use LOL /cries at my lack of memory space. I tend to get really caught up in detail work that gets lots once I save the png at 1920x1080, so I wanted to take the chance to show some thumbnails!! Though, the rapier thumbnail was still…scaled down…due to image size restraints of Tumblr T v T

In case I don’t manage to draw something else for the holidays, I wish everyone a great holiday season!!

Wallpaper/HQ vers available for download on my dA here!