So I ordered a Mintyboost DIY Phone/USB battery-powered charger off of cause I always QQ when my phone runs out of battery. It was pretty fun making it heheh, besides the accidentally burning my finger twice part LOLL.

The kit comes with an unassembled pcb board and you solder all the parts on yourself. It’s supposed to be used in an empty altoids tin but I decided to make a Lego case instead :3.


built this neat little portable usb charger. it’s based around the adafruit mintyboost usb charger, and a li-ion battery pack.

if i’m correct with my calculations, then this little thing once charged fully, can recharge my phone twice! (phone has a 2100 mah battery, and this has a 4400 mah battery)

also, made a time lapse video while i was putting it together.


The Minty Boost is up and running, I love it! It was easier to put together than I thought. Took me less than an hour. Man I love this thing! It recharged my phone in 2 hours and fits in my pocket! It uses the AA batteries really quickly, good thing I use rechargeable batteries, and of course I charge them using my solar array. Yeah green energy! :)