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today i got my first fine 'cause i took an autobus without ticket (i deserved it) and the only thing that is distracting my from the incoming rage of my mother is knowing that today ur gonna update. thanks for making my day less shitty

Poor anon, you fought the law and the LAW WON!

Fortunately, Caretaker AU is here for renegades like you. Look for the update in 40 minutes!


Monty & Miller in Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2 


Sometimes when  I’m feeling down about my art I like redrawing old pieces. It reminds me that even if my art isn’t very good it’s still a lot better than it used to be ^-^

The first was my very first picture on tumblr back in December. I decided to do the second one in MsPaint just like the first one for proper comparison. 

They’re both big images, so sorry if they’re a little blurry on  tumblr (つд⊂)

So who have we got here, we got, Minty, Srippin, Rythian, Martyn, Sips, Hannah, you, me, Duncan, Sjin, Nilesy, Zoey… Some guy? and Sparkles*

Simon Lane

Toxic Hospital

That awkward moment when yo can't identify Parv.


I’m working on a couple big projects at the current moment, which means I won’t be able to upload much art here for a little bit. However, to keep my art tag from being totally dead, I decided I’d upload some ancient Yog doodles from my insomnia journal. A lot of them are really really bad because they’re really old/drawn at 3 in the morning/pen doodles (or because I’m a really bad artist). A couple of them are pictures I drew with the plans of redoing them digitally but never got around to.