minty fanfarts

Iwaizumi: We’re not the ones with a quiz tomorrow
Matsukawa: We only tagged along.
Oikawa: But-
Hanamaki: Profiteroles are on SALE.

In which Oikawa is in a different class to the other three. They’re all fairly clever, but I like to think that Oikawa is in a higher college-prep class. 

For Seijou Week Day 4 - Third Years

Finally done with this KyouHaba mini-comic!

For hqrarepairweek, supposedly Day 1 Beginnings (and this is extremely late lol) this got a little longer than I thought.

In which Kyoutani and Yahaba spend detention together.

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Wth tumblr, what did u do with the img quality

My fanfart sketches for this really awesome fanfic by shouhinata! This was their third day of entry for kagehina week, and the prompt being “sparks”. Its such a beautiful Synesthete!AU set where Kageyama and Hinata are now university students, the latter being able to see colour in sounds. It’s so cute and really nice and aww– , everyone should go and read it!! So far, shouhinata has done 5 fics for kagehina week, all of them are wonderful reads. This one has been my all time favourite, so I decided to do some fanfart for it.