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Introduce a Thunderstone to a Kanto Eevee and you get a Neon Jolteon. While its other Kanto Eeveelutions, Flareon and Vaporeon have obvious changes to their pelt, its hard to tell which Jolteon is shiny and which  isn’t .

 On top of that, The light green tint is the only difference to a shiny Jolteon, making it look like it had been wiped by a green highlighter. Its actually one of the pokemon that was the inspiration for the whole mintyshiny breeding program.

This still doesn’t stop pokemon trainers to evolve their shiny eevees into this fast powerhouse of a pokemon. They say when it uses pin missile, it looks like a rain of glitter. 

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Last Summer I talked about my headcannon on Pokemon Genetics. I like to think that not all pokemon are cookie cutter like the anime and the games make them to be. Depending on their parents, a pokemon could look very different. 

I mean check out these eevees! Bet you can  tell me which pokemon was used as their father. [ Some are PAINFULLY obvious, I know. ] 

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Pikachu Project #3
voiced by various actors. art by alachatte.
Pikachu Project #3

[voice actor] The Battle Chateau is the place to be when you have more than enough free time and  money to blow. This pika and her fabulous owner, A Grand Duchess, are always happy to test out trainers who are trying to go up in rank. If her pikachu is happy after the battle, then the Grand Duchess rewards her opponent with an extra expensive gift. 

Designer Breeders like to breed pokemon with beautiful and interesting traits. This pikachu is spotting a marble pattern for her stripes. 

[voice actor] This poor pika’s got his work cut out for him. He was hoping to come home after defeating the elite four to some rest and relaxation. But nope! As soon as he gets home his trainer’s younger sister is leaving for HER journey. And guess who gets to come along? 

Upon leaving home his trainer gave him the big responsibility of looking after his little sister. The same little sister that likes to get in all sorts of trouble and has a short tempered Treecko as a starter. So much for rest and relaxation! 

[voice actor] Pink flamed Rapidashes on her sweater and Skeleton clips in her hair. Pink and green Curls and black lipstick. Yup, her trainer is pastel goth through and through.  This trainer makes a point to catch cute and creepy pokemon. While a good chunk of them are dark and ghost types, she couldnt help but to catch herself  an adorable, chubby pikachu. She may not be the most goth on her team [ she has such a cute voice and waddles when she walks!] but she wouldnt trade her for anything. 

[voice actor] While some pokemon are just naturally picked for working in the medical field [I’m looking at you , Chansey ] ,any pokemon can be properly trained to lend a helping, healing hand. Hart here is an EMP , an Emergency Medical Pokemon. He goes out with his trainer during emergency calls to help save the day when a hospital or pokemon center is just too far. 

Hart has been doing this job for years now and it shows in the greying of his fur. But he loves every moment of it, whether its helping to console scared baby nidorans while their father gets patched up, or to  help get a Garchomp bite victim to the ER. 

[voice actor] Juan is a travelling mechanic from Mauville City. He goes around the region to help fix machines with his team of electric and steel pokemon. Ray may not be the cutest Pikachu on the block… and he has very little patience, but he is Juan’s star player. This pikachu is naturally soft spoken.. but dont take his silence for being timid. Ray’s quick to speak his mind and let anyone, trainer and pokemon alike, when they’ve made him upset. 

[[ Thanks to all the voice actors who participated in my pikachu project. I apologize to all those who submitted recordings but didnt get to hear theirs in action. My heart and energy is in other projects right now but I really liked this one and wanted to get to a place where I can put it down. Complete the triforce.  ]] 

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Work Doodles [[ 4/12/2014 ]]

Notes: I like to think that pkmn, like people, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. 

My headcannon is that the ‘saurs can have different flower bases. As bulbasaurs their bulbs look pretty much the same, but they blossom out as ivysaurs they can have different colors, petals and smells.