mints muse

Bleak Wisdom To Ignore

…and this time, I will live; I will build and make these dreams
Come to life and be real; sew together these broken wings
That is needed to fly on high and when I plunge to not scream
Now knowing, what climbs also dives; keep hoping things
Will taper off; reach an even keel, but then why try or bother
Life is made, through our losses, the dark reveals the light
Remember as you get closer to the sun it will burn hotter
Heavy is the head that wears the crown; a never ending fight

Don’t believe, wait and see; someday the world’s weight will be on your shoulder
Its burden will weary and then you’ll see clearly; this wisdom comes as you get older

Great power, comes with a price, the responsibility to do what is just
A king of any ring, must defend his title; even from those he trusts
A sour taste akin to vinegar, when those wrong doings bubble bust
When friends and kinsmen desire to reign as you do; beginning to lust
For what is yours, that you gained, yourself through impure ways
Everything comes full circle; tomorrow always comes from yesterdays
The only certainty is the uncertainty that will plague all you ever feel
Because you know, all good things must come to an end; this is life’s deal

Don’t believe, watch and learn; the tallest buildings burn and crumble in history’s pages
Nothing lasts forever, so never think otherwise; the wise have seen this through the ages

…and this time, I will live; I will build and make these dreams come true
Then when the time comes, I will watch as this world tears them down too
This cycle never ending, but forget breaking or bending; I’ll stand and fight
Even though I know this bullshit is right; Again and again I’ll stand to fight

Still don’t believe, good, please keep up the fight; it’s your lease on life, so go out and live it
Just keep in mind sometimes you will find what was said here is true; so try not to be livid
Ignorance is bliss, what I know, I know I have no chance to ever let it go and forget
Sweet ignorance, what bliss, the things I have learned I wish I could forget every last bit of it

Series: In-Lighting-Mint
Artist: Artist X (Justin Roman Cain)

stormingginger  asked:

19. //for the World Ahead!

Twenty Questions for Mun or Muse

19. Mint, cinnamon or bubblegum?

(for The World Ahead)

“That is not such an easy answer, I think…I can certainly eliminate bubblegum off of my list of favorites, however.  I don’t quite understand the appeal.  Nor do I understand the appeal of that ‘Big Red’ flavor that they call cinnamon…it is very clearly not cinnamon.  I don’t see the appeal of any mint flavoring that claims to be mint but it not mint, either.  However, there are few things more pleasant than the warm flavor of cinnamon in tea or mulled wine, or a nice cup of peppermint tea–or a fresh sprig of mint in those interesting alcholic drinks…what are they called.  Mojito?  Yes, I think that’s it.  …At any rate, I certainly prefer flavors found in nature to flavors manufactured by Man.”