mintpolish asked:

Yo! will you please ship me with Got7, Bts and Block B ... I'm 4'11 I'm half African american and half Norwegian. I have light brown eyes and curly thick hair ( i just shaved underneath lol ^*^) My friends often come to me for advice on life. I'm never scared to bust a move in public. I love reading, learning and volunteering. I'm very nurturing and caring, yet crazy, sassy,and outgoing.I love making people smile and feel happy. i play tennis and do gymnastics (5 years yo) THANK YOU LUV U BB

Now sorry about how long it took us to reply to this but we decided that all shipping would take part on Saturdays so here it is THE FIRST REQUEST FOR SHIP -IT SATURDAYS congratulations~~~~ you win a free hug from Admin A *huggles*

Anyway you’re a babe ok? You sound really exotic and fun to be around so for Got7 I ship you with Jackson. The two of you together would be such a fantastically crazy couple. I mean Jackson would totally dance with you in the middle of the street and everything. As he’s a sportsman himself he would be really supportive of your tennis and gymnastics and he would always come to watch and cheer you on if you are competing. And as well as that, you two could crack each other up with dumb jokes

Now for Bangtan, I ship you with J-hope he’s my bias so I hope you feel honoured haha ok so he’s Mr. Eternally-Happy and you could be Mrs. Eternally-Happy. Hoseok is a really playful person and together you would volunteer to do things together and you could take part in some extreme things together(bungee jumping???) He would be very encouraging of your learning and interests and would probably join in enthusiastically too! And he’d probably try and copy your gymnastics so yeah CUTE >.<

i ship her with park kyung -Admin B

Admin B has her reasons which she will explain later when she comes online

-Admin A


Fab tutorial of our newest colors from #MintPolish. @polishedjess shows you how flawlessly these water marble! Colors used are “Slumber Party”, “Paradise Found” and “Jet Set”!