ok but im so happy bc this sebcon was so nice and wholesome and everyone was nice asked him nice questions he was so smiley he signed a winter soldier dog he did pushups and squats while being giggly everyone sang happy birthday for him and he was like “noooo” and then he found out about MintMint’s seeing eye donation and knows we’re naming a puppy after him for his birthday and just???? THIS IS WHAT ALL CONS SHOULD BE LIKE OKAY IT’S ALL SO WHOLESOME AND PURE AND IM 2000% HERE FOR IT

Recently I’ve been reblogging peoples art and writing in the tags to check them out… I thought I’d make a list of artists that I recommend because let’s spread the love!

@inaheartbeat-film: Two animation students are making a cute lgbt+ film (X) If you wanna see a small video about it.

@inkeros: this persons OCs are adorable. They’re called ‘hims and hems’.

@thetwelfthpanda: Do you like the original Star Trek? This is the blog for you. They also draw other stuff.

@opens-up-4-nobody: I love the cartoony style this artist uses.

@mintmintdoodles: Chibis and Chris Evens for days.

@thacmis: Everything is so cute!

@joanacchi: Their original art is beautiful. and their Chibis are so cute!

@garnetquyen: Their original Victorian circus looks amazing… and Cherik.

@geothebio: They have a redbubble and storenvy… just go and buy their stuff please it’s amazing.

@imrisah: So many things… and a dragon age comic too! (warning it is shippy)

@archiaart: *screams* I have their two johnlock comics and they have written another one called ‘god in the field.

@snowunderthestars: Their art looks so soft… not sure why but ah well.

@anotherwellkeptsecret: If you like johnlock this artist is for you. Her art is amazing and cartoony and… *screams*.

@elizabethseagrave @lizziebylife: She’s my best friend and I’ve seen her art grow over the years (She once combined the war in Afghanistan and War horse for her final Art GCSE project)

@kuravix: One of my college friends. She draws One Piece stuff so if you like that go there! (And ZoSan)

I think that’s everyone I follow… If it’s not I’m sorry… oh and if you want me to change your pronouns let me know and I will do so… YAY Go see these peoples art and follow them… Artists (and Writers) need love!


When your Society6 and Redbubble @mintmintdoodles purchases all come at the same time! Do I have a problem? Maybe