your fandom is problematic- carry on

-all a bunch of pyromaniac nerds
-so gay
-there’s only one otp
-not enough smut because everyone is so smol
-but when there is smut wOaH
-too many coffee shop AUs
-the writing is too good
-the art is too good
-it’s hard to get mint aero bars in the US
-what do you do if you’re allergic to cherries?
-heated intellectual discussions about the sexual orientation of a fictional gay wizard
-we are all Cather Avery (thus socially awkward social recluses who have dance parties and wear odd sweaters)
-is Agatha aro or is she meant to be with Penelope???????
-the ask blogs
-too nice
-too supportive
-will literally message you to try to cheer you up if you even allude to having a bad day
-cries all day because snowbaz

I just wanted to take this moment to say that the Mint Aero, through all the changes and upheavals of my life, has been the only chocolate bar that has consistently satisfied me, every time, since the first time I remember trying it when I was six.

Mint Aero.  Staying delicious since 1987.

  • [ Kevin ]
  • i want a mint aero
  • i'm getting one
  • [ Shaz ]
  • in your vagoo?
  • [ Kevin ]
  • yes
  • in my vagoo
  • [ Shaz ]
  • a chocolate mint douche does sound lovely
  • it'd be all velvety smooth, with a fresh aftertaste
  • [ Kevin ]
  • ^_^
  • [ Shaz ]
  • what the hell do you make me think about...