Birthday boy cake adventures!

Post summer 2015. Paul and I are playing Game of Life (we love boardgames)
One of the cards asks Paul to describe his dream cake.
“A mint aero flavoured red velvet cake!”
I immediately got my brain to thinking howo I could make this work for hiss birthday (end of November)

The time came, I baked, I almost conquered, and the above result emerged!

Having never made a cake using real chocolate or even attempted a red velvet cake, I has thrown myself in the deep end here!
The resulting cake was a little too moist, but the icing came out great, I’m almost pleased with my handwriting!

Paul accidentally matching the cake on the day was a nice toucch too!

As you can see, Paul looked as please as punch with his cake, so I’m calling this a success!

I just wanted to take this moment to say that the Mint Aero, through all the changes and upheavals of my life, has been the only chocolate bar that has consistently satisfied me, every time, since the first time I remember trying it when I was six.

Mint Aero.  Staying delicious since 1987.

  • [ Kevin ]
  • i want a mint aero
  • i'm getting one
  • [ Shaz ]
  • in your vagoo?
  • [ Kevin ]
  • yes
  • in my vagoo
  • [ Shaz ]
  • a chocolate mint douche does sound lovely
  • it'd be all velvety smooth, with a fresh aftertaste
  • [ Kevin ]
  • ^_^
  • [ Shaz ]
  • what the hell do you make me think about...