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Bought a new swimsuit & I’m in love! It was so hard to find a cute top in my size, but I lucked out with this simple one (^O^☆♪ I’m definitely going to customize it later to look more mermaid like. This is the first time in 10 years that I’m going to the beach, and the first time I’m wearing a 2 piece since my weight gain 9 years ago. But hey I still look cute ;P Well at least I feel that way xD


(For the Rune Factory Spring Fever Event, theme 4: An apology.  LeonxFrey??)

Leon never apologizes.  

His meaner jokes are never meant in earnest, after all, and it’s not like he ever says anything terribly offensive.  A comment here and there about Amber’s never-ending enthusiasm, a quip about Doug’s height, a prod about Lin Fa’s inability to carry a stack of plates without dropping at least two — all things that are undeniably true, and he won’t apologize for telling the truth, especially not when it’s so funny.  

But there comes a day in mid-summer where he finds himself wondering if he has somehow crossed a line.  The sun is hot, and the day is wet — the weight of his fox-tail scarf sticks to his neck when he tilts his head so that his face is toward the window.  Just as he is about to settle down for a nice long nap to try and sleep away the torture of sweltering in the upper floor of the Inn, Lin Fa drops by and mentions something about the young adults of the town organizing an impromptu “beach day.” 

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Its been both work AND play in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Selena Gomez these last few days. Her friends instagrammed these cute pictures of her wearing Bettini’s Crochet Flare Pants in Black. These pants are from the label’s 2014 collection so unfortunately they are now sold out. 

She wore it with a Mint Swim Swimsuit. We’re looking for her Kimono

Get the look with these Crochet/Lace Flare Pants

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