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the newest Gay Thing™ is chewing gum. doesn’t matter what kind. bubble gum? mint gum? fruit flavored gum? the gum in the center of a blowpop? it’s all gay. gum is gay.

“You’ve Done Me Wrong” Revenge Curse

For those who have done you wrong, a curse of revenge if the universe’s power of retaliation isn’t working fast enough for you.

Originally posted by hannabalxmarie

What You’ll Need

  • A taglock or blood root
  • A poppet
  • A black candle
  • New moon water
  • A small bowl
  • Bindweed
  • Henbane
  • Dead, dried mint leaves
  • Lime

What To Do

  • First and foremost, pour your new moon water into the bowl for later.
  • Take your taglock or blood root and put it into the poppet of your target.
  • Next take your henbane and dead mint leaves and stuff them into the poppet as well.
  • Wrap your bindweed around the poppet while saying/thinking “You’ve done me wrong, you’ve done me harm, now you see what you have done. You will suffer the ways you’ve made me.” take your lime and squeeze/rub it’s juices on the poppet while finishing with “So mote it be.”
  • To seal the curse drip black wax over the poppet to “pin” the bindweed onto the poppet and briefly dip the poppet in your new moon water.
Three for the Planet

“Make a wish,” Gansey holds the fragile dandelion stem between two fingers. It’s positioned near his lips; he’s smiling, flashing brilliant teeth that are either a god-given gift or the product of thousands of dollars.

Blue and Henry exchange a glance, grinning. They lean in, their lips close to each others, to Gansey’s, and they blow. The seeds fly up and out, into their faces. One gets caught in Blue’s eyelashes and she laughs and laughs, Henry trying to free it. Gansey gets one in his mouth and he gags and spits dramatically. While they’re preoccupied the other seeds float away on the spring breeze.

It’s a gorgeous day: the sun shining, the sky blue, the mountaintop meadow green and dotted with colorful wildflowers. They’ve been traveling the globe for close to a year and they’re getting near to home. Blue insisted on a reunion with Adam and Ronan at the Barns to celebrate St. Mark’s. She also has her obligations, watching the Corpse Road with Maura. It’s been nearly two years since she first saw Gansey’s shade on the Road, nearly two years…

Gansey flops down on the rainbow picnic blanket that Henry bought while they were in San Francisco. It’s large and soft, vibrant, and smells like hundreds of campsites. Blue pounces on Gansey and Henry joins the pile. They’re a mass of arms and legs, their laughter loud and bright.

“What did you all wish for?” Henry asks. He’s wearing his circle shades from their festival days. His skin has darkened a little due to all of their camping but neither he nor Blue can come close to matching Gansey’s deep tan.

Blue hooks her arm around Henry’s neck and pulls him in for a quick kiss. “You can’t reveal your wishes,” she scolds, “that ruins the magic. Duh.”

“Oh, pardon me, Miss Lady,” Henry teases, kissing her nose.

Gansey thinks, “I wish that this would never end.”

Blue thinks, “I wish we could stay together forever.”

Henry thinks, “I wish for a thousand more days like today.”

Gansey kisses Blue’s cheek, leans across her and gives Henry a peck on the lips. They’re giggly, giddy. It’s impossible to believe that their grand journey is drawing to a close. They’ve spent every day and night together for almost a year, separating is inconceivable.

Blue laces her fingers with Gansey, with Henry. They watch the clouds, assigning shapes, interpreting meaning. They’ve done this countless times before, they are expert cloud watchers.

“That one is definitely a hippogriff,” Gansey observes. Blue made him listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks while they drove.

“Pshaw,” Blue refutes. “You don’t even know what a hippogriff looks like, Gansey.” She steals some of the mint leaves from his pocket, passes one to Henry. They’ve picked up each other’s habits.

“Hmmm…that one is probably a wish-granting fish,” Henry points to a floppy, vaguely fish-shaped cloud.

“Wishes everywhere,” Gansey muses. He props himself up on an elbow and looks down at Blue and Henry. He hasn’t planned what to say, though he’s thought about it often enough, at night while Blue and Henry sleep and texts Adam or calls Ronan; he still isn’t the best at sleeping. “How would you two feel about staying together? With me?”

Blue sits up and Henry does, too. It’s a serious conversation, a sitting up conversation.

“I think I would love that,” Henry says earnestly.

“Yes,” Blue agrees, “but how?” She’s still practical Blue Sargent, she needs to hear the plan.

“College,” Gansey says, “yes or no?”

Blue and Henry nod. Yes, yes they want college.

“Where?” Henry asks.

Gansey grins. “Adam’s?”

Blue snorts. “Oh he would love that.”

Gansey nods. “He really would. Ronan will be so jealous.”

Henry plucks a bug out of Gansey’s hair. “They have the program I want to major in. What would you study, Blue?”

Blue is quiet, studying the magnificent view, the layers of mountains fading into the horizon. Being one with the planet, finding her roots in the earth and her dreams in the stars is her way. Does she need college?

“I’ll figure it out,” she replies, leaning on Henry’s shoulder.

“We can get an apartment, or a house,” Gansey schemes. He gets to his feet and begins pacing. “Maybe Adam can move in, too. We’ll study and have parties and travel. Blue, we’ll get a place with land. There will be a room for you to create. Henry, what do you think?”

Henry climbs to his feet, grabs Gansey’s waist and twirls him, laughing as they waltz around Blue. “It’s marvelous, Sir Richard. And you know it.”

Gansey blushes a little. Henry kisses him, hands buried in Gansey’s hair. This is how they are, comfortable, happy, the three of them best pleased when they show each other love and affection. Blue is smiling just as much as Henry, as Gansey, when they pull her to her feet. Holding hands they spin in circles. Henry calls on RoboBee to play “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Blue requests “Feeling Good.” Gansey rounds out their dance party with “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”

Their dance party attracts the attention of the other outdoor enthusiasts and before long there is a small crowd, dancing and making requests.

“Heeeey.” A guy with dreads and a Phish shirt says, addressing Blue. “Is this like for Earth Day?”

“That’s today?” Blue is surprised.

“Yeah, man,” the guy says. “Pretty awesome, right? This is like the most chill week ever. I’ve been smoking ever since Thursday.”

Henry and Gansey and Blue smile and politely decline the reefer he tries to share. They watch the impromptu celebration unfold, the eclectic group coming together around their rainbow blanket.

“Good times,” Gansey murmurs and pulls Blue and Henry to him.

And it was.